Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do Your Duty

This morning:

Me: "Come on, boys. We have to get our coats on. Let's go!"
Joey: "Where are we going?"
Me: "Mumma has to go and vote."
Joey: "We are going on a boat?"
Tommy: "Oh! A boat!"
Me: "No, no, honey. Mummy is VOTING today."
Joey: "Boating? That's what I just said!"
Tommy: "YEAH! A boat like up north? I love that boat!"
Me: "No, sweetie. I said va, va, va, voting. Not ba, ba, boating. Voting. Remember last time? At that school? The ladies gave you flag stickers?"
Joey: "I want to go boating!"
Tommy: "Are we going boating?"
Me: sigh

I don't know why we have this conversation every time I take them with me to vote. I've literally taken them with me at least a half dozen times already in their short little lives, and yet the conversation is always the same. Poor kids. A flag sticker is just never as exciting as boating.

I was pretty excited to see the turnout, however. There were far more people there than I expected for a primary. It was so good to see. No matter who you are voting for you have to be pretty excited about the interest in this race. For the first time ever we have an African American AND a woman running. That is exciting stuff! Little by little, we are getting there, my friends.

As much as I think it would be amazing to have a woman president I have to admit that I've never liked Hillary Clinton. I don't agree with her stance on most issues, and to be honest, she is a little scary. She always reminded me of a crazy neighbor I had growing up. I think it stemmed from those grainy videos of her in a crazy fist-shaking, screaming match from the late 70's, early 80's. Yipes. I know she has toned that down quite a bit, but you can tell it is still there.

Then we have Mike Huckabee. Maybe this is unfair, but do you really think we would ever have a President Huckabee? I mean REALLY. Come on. Huckabee? Sheesh. How do you get any respect with that name? You might as well be President Fudd. Okay. That's a little harsh. Huckabee seems like a genuinely nice guy with a great sense of humor. But I just don't see it. Of course, Bush isn't exactly a great name either, now is it?

Next up is Barack Obama. It is a bit disturbing to me when I see people crying uncontrollably and passing out at his rallies. Just strange. I'm sure he is a great man, but he is not the second coming. He is a politician running for president. Breath people. Obama is just a bit too liberal for me and my conservative ways. But I do get a kick out of his campaign commercials. They crack me up! I actually saw one that said something like, "I will fix our broken school system, and I will solve our medical crisis, and I will end global warming." Hehehe. I thought that was funny. What about putting my kids to bed every night? And maybe shoveling everyone's sidewalk in America? Or better yet, why don't you just guarantee that it never snows again. Can he do that too? He is amazing! ;)

That brings me to John McCain. I am a John McCain supporter. I was rooting for McCain when he ran in the primaries 8 years ago. I feel (and always felt) that he is the only person who has a record voting on a cause by cause, policy by policy basis. He doesn't just tow the party line. Democrats like him, and Republicans like him. We need someone who can bridge the gap. I think he is that person. I don't agree with all of his ideas (I don't know if there is such a thing as a perfect candidate), but I'm on board with the majority. If there will be any change in this country it will have to be made by bringing the two parties together first. No change will be made if there is such division among us. And yes, the man is almost elderly, but if he can keep up with these crazy primary schedules I think he could handle anything.

I used to get my undies all in a bunch when my candidate didn't win. I would throw temper tantrums and stomp my feet spewing how the country is going to hell in a hand basket. But the truth is that each and every one of these candidates are all just trying to do what they think is best for this country. I do not believe anyone will ruin this great country. And I do not believe anyone will be the savior of this country. They are each just trying to do what is right, though they have different ideas of what that might be.

And yes. I know I am putting myself out there by saying I am conservative (big surprise) and a McCain supporter. I know the majority of you are Obama supporters. I'm just hoping that even though you don't agree with me, we can all just get along. No matter who the new president turns out to be I hope we can all just buck up and give that person the respect that the position deserves. And no matter who you want to win, just get out there and VOTE!

Do I have something on my nose?

I'm starting a new trend.
Okay. So you have to be "cool" to start a trend, so what. And, yes. I know I'm a nerd. You don't have to tell me. I'm perfectly fine with it. Really, I am. Sniff, sniff.
And, um, please excuse the hair. I had a hat on for half the morning.

Disclaimer: Please know that I take my voting privilege very seriously, and would never pick a candidate solely on their name or whether they are a bit scary or not. I was just trying to add a smidge of humor to a touchy subject.


MamaGeek said...

Oh yeah - definitely a new trend. The stickers that is, not the boating. We went and boated today too. :)

wright said...

Right on! Go vote! And think the sticker trend will catch on. . . really!

imbeingheldhostage said...

You're so cute-- and smart! I know you were really taking the plunge with this post and I think you did a great job! And what a great point-- they are all doing what they think is the best for our country!(why am I shouting?) If more people would suck it up when their candidate loses and support the person elected the U.S. would have a lot more respect. Have a great day! (shouted again, sorry. Hope the kids weren't napping)

Lisa said...

Thank you for the reminder. We have a local sales tax vote today - so when the girls wake up...to the voting booth we'll go.
Even though you didn't vote for the right person (ahem...so sorry you're a conservative!!! kidding, friend, kidding) and I'm still over here fainting over my main man, Barack, you did get the vote out. So important, I tell ya!

My Life With Boys said...

Ha,ha, my kids were saying the same exact thing! They really thought I was going 'boating' too. They just didn't get it! Kids...too funny. Oh, by the way- I love the look! Why did you get 'two' stickers? I only got one. =(

Kristen said...

Great Blog!!! As a former American History Teacher, voting is so important!! Don't complain about the state of affairs people if you aren't going to go have your voice heard!

And, it's ok, I grew up in the midwest, and even my conservative roots are hard to kill. :-)

Nap Warden said...

Good for you...the sticker trend, I don't know if it's gonna make Vogue, but good luck:)

Brittany said...

hahahah Yes, my friend you are a nerd! But at least you didn't post a video of yourself, in a hot pink shirt, dancing, while driving... right? I mean, who does THAT?

I too, am a McCain supporter! I don't like to talk politics, with people because it always seems to go south. Therefore, I usually keep that to myself. Butttt since you seem to think the way I do, I thought I'd share!

Oh... and Hilary scares me too! I can't get past her hair, and her lips when she talks. Watch her lips. They contort in ways I've never seen. ::Shudder::

Maria said...

Great post!
I think McCain is the best Republican candidate but I'm extremely liberal most issues so he's not quite for me.

Really, anybody but Ron Paul is good for me. :)

Laura said...

My dear blogging friend...I have tagged you with an EXCELLENT AWARD...well deserved!

Dawn said...

Today was voting day in Washington state also although I voted absentee. I liked what you said about none of the candidates being able to save/ruin our great country, they are just people doing the best they can.

OHmommy said...

Sassy mommy! So sassy!

I was listening to the radio this morning and they mentioned that it "was all in the hands of the cheeseheads"

LOL. You are one sassy cheesehead. BTW, I don;t know if you ever had a chance to dine at the Lake Park Bisto in Milwaukee? My husband and I worked there throuhgout grad school. Oh, how I miss it.

girlymom said...

Kathryn~ You crack me up. I am sitting here "watching" the political crap on the news and you are by far more interesting. I made my Hubby look away from the tv long enough to read this...he was cracking up too! Happy boating!

Just Joni said...

Love your post and I do think you might start a new trend...in the very least the smidge of humor was much appreciated...thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I do wish your sis-in-law the best of luck with her adoption!

I'll be back :)

Beck said...

You're the best looking woman I know with stickers on her face...
I'm so glad not to have to vote in the American elections! Of course, Canadian elections aren't much fun either, but they're lower key.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm more conservative than you are...I'm not upset to have voted for G Dub not just 2 but 4 times and will be voting for Paul next week.

Don Mills Diva said...

Good for you for being part of the process!

krissy said...

I'm with you sista! Wow....another big surprise! We cheesheads think alike!

And seriously, Clinton is scary! Have you ever looked into her eyes??? I thought I was going to turn to stone!!!

And I so see your point with Obama! His name reminds me of Bin Laden! And what a freaking cheezer!!!

Dude, you totally look like a bonafide football player in that last picture! I'm calling you KatFarve!!! He is so my next hubby!!!!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

You owe me new pants because I just pee'd in mine from laughing so hard! Hilarious post...and I really couldn't agree with you more. Oh, and I double dog dare you to get some photos of you wearing the stickers out in public. I think that would be a fun post! hehehe


Kellan said...

My mother is one to get her panties in a bunch and stomp around if her candidate does not win - we love messing with her! I don't ever say who I am voting for - just makes things easier all around. I'm proud you voted and I loved the whole boating conversation - too cute - I wish you could have gone boating after voting - that would have been fun for the kids. Take care - Kellan

Jeni said...

It is really a momentous occasion this year with the election process, isn't it? A woman, a black man and a strong man of conviction -all vying for the same office. Much as I would love to see a woman elected, I won't vote for one simply because of gender. Nor will I vote for someone who is black simply because of the race factor -although we are long overdue to have a black leader in office too. I don't have to worry about voting for either McCain or Huckabee in the primary though because I am a democrat so I will have to decide which of the first two will get my vote for the nomination. I like McCain, respect him very much too but this darned war thing just has my panties in a bunch and I'd like to see someone in office who will get us out rather than getting us in further. But can any of these candidates promise that and fulfill it? Come November, it's going to be a rough decision to make for me regardless who the two left standing may be.

suchsimplepleasures said...

love the stickers on both cheeks...perfect look!!
you're sickeningly beautiful!!
and...i'm not even going to make a comment, regarding anything political...because i don't want to sound like a horses ass...which, i happen to excel at...

Nissa said...

Love the cheek stickers- too cute!

But I have to disagree about democrats liking John McCain- We USED to like him (back in 99-00)(I mean war hero!! and a moderate!!) but he's changed almost all of his stances to ultra conservative in hopes of getting the far right(which I still don't think he can)... I see something really wrong with that.

And Hilary is definitely scary! :)

I'm glad you, too, take voting seriously. I'm hoping many more Americans will start to realize how important it is.


Chrissy said...

You are cute and I love your orange kitchen. I'll be voting in our primary in a few weeks, for the same fella as you probably. I do like Huckabee, but let's face it, he will lose massively if he is the Republican nominee. So McCain it is.

Great post!

painted maypole said...

McCain? I can no longer read your blog.


some of my favorite pics of MQ as a child have her wearing those little I voted stickers. ;) We missed the vote here since we had to reroute our plane and didn't make it home until several days later, alas.

Anonymous said...

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4 Little Men said...

Love the pictures of you! Too funny!

LaskiGal said...

You are so cute!!! Stickers and all. You good citizen, you! I'm with you in so many ways on this. This is an huge moment in our history. Can't wait to see what happens.

Amy said...

I like your trend! Since I watch everything on Tivo, I rarely see commercials. So the other day I happened to catch an Obama ad and man do they portray this man like a rockstar! And you are so right as much as I would love to see a female president, not her!

Ashley said...

You are just too cute...I think it's awesome we have a non white person running and a woman...although I happen to not want either of the two as our president (not because of their sex or race/religion). I WISH Ron Paul was higher up in the polls...but as is, McCain is my 2nd choice.

Jenni said...

I struggled with whom to vote for in the primary. I ended up voting for Huckabee simply to try to push McCain a bit more right. But I really wouldn't be comfortable with Huckabee as President (my husband's with you on the name thing).

Anyway, I voted (all 4 kids in tow) and turned in my paper to the old man at the table. My oldest says, "mom, can I tell him?" I said, "sure" thinking he meant can he tell the man we voted.

"My Mom voted for HUCKLEBERRY" he screams across the room.

Thank God there were only 3 old ladies there.

Magpie said...

we don't get stickers where i vote. in fact, i've NEVER gotten a sticker.

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