Monday, January 28, 2013

Must Love Kids

I am constantly surprised by my kids.  They are always doing things that completely take me aback and make me think, "Man.  I love this kid."  Whether it is saying something funny, or doing something helpful, or talking about a passion, or snuggling up to me, there are so many times I am caught off guard.

I'm really in love with my kids, and this surprises me.  I mean, I'm their mom, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I like them as much as I do but it does surprise me.

I've always loved babies.  Since I was a tiny kid I've loved babies.  Kids are another story.  I never really had a strong fondness for kids.  They are loud, and dirty, and troublesome, and worrisome, and they can be sassy, and rude, and exhausting.

As a matter of fact my mother recently reminded me of a conversation we had when I was very young.  I told my mom that I wanted to have lots of babies when I grew up (and I didn't want to share them with my husband) but that when they got to be about 3 years old I wanted to give them away.  Nice.

Boy, has that changed.  Thank God!

I am still baby obsessed, but I can't believe how much I am really enjoying my kids.  I really, truly like them as people.  And this surprises me.  I thought that once the baby phase was over I would just have to endure these little people but I am so relieved that is not true.  I am a woman who will always miss having babies, but now I am also a woman who really freaking loves kids.  

Having kids is like having a huge present that you are unwrapping very, very slowly. It is a mystery what is inside.  You get tiny little glimpses here and there.  Little by little you get to see who they are.  Who they are becoming.  Who they will be.  It is exhilarating.  And when you like what you see it is even more exciting.

This past weekend was just one of those weekends that really let me see how much fun and joy my KIDS bring to my life.  They are funny, and most of the time on purpose.  They are easy going.  They are helpful, sometimes even without asking. They are kind.  They try hard.  They are fun.

My kids didn't have school on Friday and were pleasantly surprised to get some snow on their day off.  As we sat in the library going over homework Joey noticed the neighbor across the street was shoveling a little path off her driveway.  He immediately said he wanted to go and help her and hurried through his homework to get out there as soon as he could.

By the time he was dressed and ready to go the neighbor woman was inside her house so Joey and Tommy decided to do our driveway first.  People, we have a HUGE driveway and they did an amazing job.  I was shocked and how thorough and neat they were and what pride they took in their work.  As soon as they finished our drive they moved on to the neighbor's.  Man, this having kids thing is really starting to pay off!  ;)
Ben and Grace helped me make cookies for the boys' hard work.  Tommy and Joey came in to warm up, eat some cookies, and dry their clothes.  Before I knew it Joey was saying he wanted to shovel another driveway.  All three boys put their gear back on and went back at it.  When all was said and done the boys shoveled three LARGE driveways.  I was so proud of them.

When their work was done all four kids went in the backyard to play while the rest of the cookies were baking.  When their faces couldn't take anymore cold they were all back inside where I had started a fire and made some fresh popcorn on the stove.
After dinner the boys were sufficiently rested and insisted on playing chess.  It is their new obsession and I figured that after all the work they did for me that afternoon I'd oblige them with chess.  It is scary how good they are at the game already.
On Saturday Todd and I decided to take the kids to the Boat Show in Milwaukee. The kids had a blast checking out all the boats and going in some pretty big yachts, but I think their favorite part was watching Twiggy, the squirrel, water ski. Very cute. After that it was dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fuente.  It was a long day and the kids were exhausted by the time we got home.

Sunday morning the kids got up and played chess (again).  I told you they are obsessed.  It won't be long before they are winning every game against me.  Egad. Thank goodness we couldn't play long because we had to get ready for church.

After church it was time for some serious frolicking in the snow.  Mother nature had finally given us some good, packy snow.  I can't remember the last time we got a decent snowman-making snowfall.

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling great so I took a nap with the littles while Todd took the older boys out for a little bonding time.  The nap worked wonders for me and I got the kids up early so we could head outside to make our snowman.

I don't know why my kids will never make a snowman on their own.  They always insist on my help.  Luckily, it was a warm, winter day and I really enjoyed myself.  I didn't even realize how long we had been outside until it was pitch dark and time for dinner.
It was a very good weekend.  I had so much fun with these smart, funny, kind, entertaining, kids of mine.  Sure there was arguing and fighting and craziness, and a time or two I may have wanted to pull all of my hair out, but I wouldn't trade them for all the babies in all the world.

***Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post.  You are all so sweet and supportive and lovely. I was nervous about posting the story but I am glad I did it. It seems that good deeds are spreading. Elaine posted her good deed story here and it makes me bawl all over the place. I'm sure because of her story others will go out into the world with their eyes open to opportunities to help and serve as well. Good deeds, like smiles, are infectious. Keep spreading the love!! God bless!***

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Tabor said...

What a great vignette of a family weekend. Be sure you print and save this for years to come. Your kids are going to be great citizens in this world.

Dawn said...

Ha! That's a funny story from your childhood. That sounds like something I would have said. I never imagined just how much I would love my kids either, sometimes it still shocks me how deep that feeling is. Cute snowman!

Mom24 said...

Man! I wish we were neighbors. ;)

Really though. That would be awesome, I wouldn't even make your kids shovel our driveway. LOL

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I love the times when my kiddos make it easy and fun to do things.

And, when I saw the photo of the boys shoveling on instagram. You are doing good:)

Redhead Baby Mama said...

Really eventful weekend. I'm glad to hear that the boys are doing such good. Reflects well on the mama ;) Visiting from MMM!

That corgi :) said...

Made me smile with you writing about your kids and enjoying spending time with them :) They look like wonderful kids and are compassionate towards others too!!


Bijoux said...

I was never a kid person. Hated babysitting as a teen and as an adult! But I sure do love my own. Great pics!

Elaine A. said...

Aren't they fun? I mean, yes, they all have their moments but I am enjoying mine more a lot lately too! Maybe potty-training K has something to do with it - ha!

Also, B and I played some awesome games of UNO the other day while his sister was napping and his brother was at a party. They just really are even more fun to hang out with as they get older... :)

Verna Lantz said...

What a great reminder, Kat. As a fellow baby lover, I sometimes struggle with the kid part. I have to take the time to slow down and just enjoy them.
And sometimes, I just need the reminder. :)

Kat said...

Verna- We all need the reminder. Today was actually a tough day with the kids. I thought I was gonna loose it a couple of times. I just have to come back to my blog and read this again when it gets tough. ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I endured my babies because I DO like kids and mine in particular. Even when they're awful they are better than taking care of babies!
Adore the shovelers! What big hearts!

Charmaine said...

Hey from SA :) cool kids u have there !! keep up the good work :)

Julie Maloney said...

I totally understand what you mean. I'm a stay at home mom so spend so much time with my kids I'm usually frustrated by five when my husband comes home yet I find myself taking time with each of them every night to watch a TV show or read a book with them. Even when I think I've had enough I seemingly want more!

Riahli said...


Words To Live By

Be grateful for each new day.
A new day that you have never lived before.
Twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours to use usefully and profitably.
We can squander, neglect, or use them.
Life will be richer or poorer by the way we use today.
Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could;
some blunders and absurdities crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day.
You shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be
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-Ralph Waldo Emerson