Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, hmm. How shall I say this?

This weekend wasn't great. The boys were sassy in the car, didn't sleep AT ALL the first night there or for their nap, it rained on Saturday instead of snow which is definitely not as fun to play in, were rotten in church, and horrid in the car on the way home. They were grouchy and sassy and very difficult all weekend.

By the time I got home this afternoon all I could think about was my rotten children. How the best behaved child this weekend was my youngest and he doesn't even know any better. How I despise always being the heavy in this family. How I am sick of my own shrill voice shrieking at my children all the time. And, how I just wanted to run away.

So I did.

I threw on my running clothes and took off. I haven't run in almost a week because I have been feeling under the weather and oh what a week does for me. The first few blocks I just flew. I couldn't believe how strong I felt. It was as if my body was a running machine. I ran, and ran, and ran.

My run that was supposed to just be 20 minutes stretched into 40. I ran as the sun was setting. I watched as a few snow flakes floated down and landed on top of the bright orange and yellow leaves on the grass. Even though I really didn't want snow just yet, I had to admit that it was gorgeous landing on the mulitcolored lawns.

And I remembered the obvious.

Nothing is all good or all bad. It may seem that way at times, but I must pull myself out from underneath the heap of life and see the situation for what it really is.

There were moments this weekend. Of course there were. The boys were tromping through the wet woods in their snow boots like little men, quiet as could be so they wouldn't spook the deer. They followed after daddy and grandpa and did their best not to trip on the big logs. Even Ben wouldn't accept my hand to help. It was a moment.

And then there was the excitement of the first snowfall of the year. The boys squealed and danced as they saw the snowflakes fall. Sure, all the fun started just a short while before we had to leave, but it was pretty nonetheless.

And there were other moments too. Though I know they got lost in all the chaos.

I came home from my run refreshed and rejuvenated. And so grateful. Not only for the good but the bad too. Because sometimes you just need the bad to make you appreciate the good.


Danielle said...

AWWW!!! So true.. the bad (at times) seems to bring the good to light!!!
And running does wonders for stress!!!

Laura said...

You are sooooo right.

Sorry you had a terrible weekend...glad you had a good run to clear your head and got everything into presepective.


Hilary said...

We can't always find that balance at the height of our frustration and disappointment. Kudos to you for seeing it.. and in such a poetic way too.

Mom24 said...

Great perspective. I hope the week is better.

Tammy said...

Glad your run helped you feel less stressed. I ran today too! Saw snowflakes. Felt great.

tweetey30 said...

Very true... Glad the run helped you realize that. Those are the nights when we try to leave the girls with someone and go realize it together... Not often but sometimes.

Tonya said...

I agree! Great perspective :)

Feener said...

well of course now i want to go for a run....

Elaine A. said...

Sounds like a great run and so glad you feel better after the fact.

I hope to be able to run as far as you someday...

Here's to a great week ahead friend!

Roxy Wishum said...

Time with family.
Weekend at the cabin.
The ability to run.
Friends that are eager to hear your story.
What a great life!

Of course, I have different hormones.

Dawn said...

You have such a great attitude. I'm sorry the weekend didn't go so well.

Kristen said...

So sorry to hear that your weekend was not relaxing.

But I agree with you and the perspective change during your run. There truly is something to be said for getting away and "clearing your head" for a while. (Thanks to the inspiration from you to start running)

Glad to hear that what remains is the memories of the great kids you have !!

Here's to a much better week!

Anonymous said...

So true! And you really make this running thing sound good...

Robyn said...

It is easy to lose perspective sometimes, esp with non cooperative ones. I'm glad the run made you feel better.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I wish I could hire somebody to yell in my ear "GO EXERCISE!" whenever I'm having a time like that. It always helps. Always.

Courtney said...

Oh how life can fool us into believeing that everything is just horrible. I good run or even a scenic walk can do wonders as you just look at all of Gods creation and see that you are just a small stone in a huge lake. Our problems our so dismal compared to the universe. I am glad things fell into perspective for you!

Cyndi said...

Man, I've had times like that when I just feel like my kids are rotten. I hope this week goes a lot better!

Kelley said...

Good point. I'll remember that.

Maryeliz said...

Oh, what a great post. So glad things turned around with the chance for some exercise and exercise-fueled reflection. BTW, I've started running regularly again and that's all thanks to you and the inspiring pointers you shared. So, on days that I have a good run, you are among the things on my mental "things to be grateful for" list.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ah yes . . . perspective! That's the ticket out of this maze of issues that have completely swamped my joyful life.

[And with that she grabs her car keys and runs out to the cafe for a tasty treat to stimulate the economy -- like a good american -- and change her perspective. Of course wider hips may not have been the changed perspective she was counting on!] : )

Kelly said...

Well said!! I think running is good physically but it's also good for your soul! I hope you have a better week!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hear you about the frustrations--and like you, I get perspective with a long solo hike outdoors. Life is good & bad--and sometimes best appreciated from the distance of a run!

maggies mind said...

So glad the run helped to clear your head. It's really easy to see only the annoying parts, and I think that's human. Being able to come through the other side to appreciate the good parts in spite of the annoying parts is not something all humans do. But you do, and I love ya for it. :)

wright said...

So true! I need to remember this more as well. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that the weekend was mostly chaos, but thankful for those moments you were able to capture. Good for you for taking that and turning it into something good for you like going for a run.

lime said...

nothing is all good or all bad,...if only we all could remember that.

so glad you had the run that refreshes.

ewe are here said...

I hate being the yelling heavy most of the time, too.


Sounds like you had a lovely run... and some nice moments over the weekend.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hey, when did you sneak this post by me?

You're good this way-- you always manage a positive outlook after a rough spot. I could use a Kat seminar if you're ever holding one :-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You have to have the rain, to see the rainbow! You have a great outlook.
I love the new blog look!

a said...

How'd I miss 4 posts? Okay, odd. I hope the reader isn't crapping out on me again.

I'm glad you were able to run away to get perspective. Good for you.

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A new day that you have never lived before.
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