Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look, Look, Look!!!

Nothing like getting a package in the mail to put you in a good mood. Look what I won from Jenny at Daily Dose Of Motherhood! They are the most amazingly beautiful scented candles I've ever had. And they are wickless! Jenny has her own company and MAKES the wickless candles with 100% soy. And let me tell you people, they are AMAZING! When I opened the package Tommy said, "Oh mom! They smell like the holidays!" And that, my friends, is the highest form of praise from my boys who love nothing better than the Christmas holidays.

Jenny sent me two wickless candles, a warmer, and simple instructions on a festive card. I can't tell you what an awesome gift this was. All I can tell you is that you HAVE to go and visit her store and order some of these candles for yourself. Pamper yourself! You deserve it! Or if you are feeling generous buy some as gifts for the hard to shop for sister, mom, or mother-in-law on your Christmas list. Jenny has a long list of delicious scents to choose from and I'm sure there is one there for every palate. The scents I chose are Very Vanilla and Cozy Home and they are heaven. HEAVEN, I tell you!!!

I am going to use the Cozy Home candle for my next open house and I just KNOW that it (and St. Joseph, of course-though still not buried) will seal the deal and we'll sell the house.

Can you tell I am excited about these? I NEVER go on and on about a product, but these are that good. Love them. Thank you so much, Jenny!

Now what are you waiting for? Go get some of these AWESOME candles!


Rick said...

These blog prizes are always a candle or something like that. Why can't they send something from Black N Decker, or some kind of tool?

Kat said...

Rick- HAHAHA!! That's funny. Actually there is a site that gives away amazing items that are all made in the USA. I won an awesome thermal sleeping bag for my hubby. He was so excited.
Here it is:

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Silly Rick. Candles are for everyone.


Lovely, Kat.

Karen MEG said...

Very nice... I love the smell of vanilla... it's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I really need to enter more contests!

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

Thank you Kathryn! You are just the sweetest thing ever. I'm so glad you're enjoying the candles!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! now go light them by a nice hot bubble bath!

Cara said...

I love wick less candles, I am going to go check out her shop. I love vanilla and lavender candles

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Between those candles and your sweet husband, you've had a great weekend! I shall check out these candles, now.

Robyn said...

You have talked me into it. Well, I will check them out at least.

Kelley said...

Hmm, my husband has asked for a scented candle for Christmas. Maybe this'll be it. Thanks for the referral.

Kelley said...

I just ordered one. :)

Anonymous said...

My friend just told me about scented candles the other day and how she was going to sell them from a company in a little store she's opening. I should send her THAT way to the site.

It's great winning stuff, isn't it? And what an endorsement from your boys!

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