Thursday, January 24, 2008

Head Buttin' Baby, My Sickies, & An Award

Each of my boys has their own favorite way to show affection. Joey loves to give Eskimo kisses and get back rubs. Tommy loves butterfly kisses on his cheek and lots of snuggling. My Benjamin? Well, he is a little different. Benjamin loves to head butt. We call it bonking.

It really isn't as bad as it sounds. It is actually very sweet. He is very gentle when he does it and we have all come to love it.

I think it all started by accident. I remember asking for a kiss one time and he accidentally bonked my head. I, of course, started laughing and from that moment on he was hooked. Now he bonks everything he likes. His favorite Moo-Moo Cow-Cow? Head bonk. His sippy cup? Head bonk. Daddy coming home from work? Head bonks. His brothers? Definitely worthy of head bonks.

It may look like he is just crawling on the floor in this pic but he is actually looking for a head bonk.

Tommy knows he is getting a head bonk in this picture so he is leaning down to make it easier on his little bro. Joey was very sick yesterday (it was his turn in our house full of sickies) and I think Ben could sense it. He was giving him head bonks all over the place. And Joey was happy to take them.
Here he is pleading for another head bonk. Can you see the lean forward? The slight head tilt? Go ahead give him a head bonk.
How can you refuse this face? Wouldn't you want to give him a little head bonk? Just look how happy it makes him.


Like I said before, Joey was sick yesterday. It was simply his turn. We've all had it in this house. The achy body, slight fever, upset, vomity stomach. It is just nasty. It started with Benny last week. He had a fever and just seemed achy. He didn't want to eat much and just sat around in my arms all day. Very unusual for my little energy machine.
Next in line was Tommy. You all saw the pics. It was not good. The poor little guy couldn't stop puking. It was so hard on him. I really think he had it the worst. It lasted almost a week. Every time we thought he was all better he would throw up again.
On Friday night we went out to dinner. We were all having a blast. The boys were so well behaved for the entire 45 minute wait for a table. When we finally got a table they played so nicely waiting for their food. Then, the minute Tommy's food arrived he got a funny look on his face. "I haffa bomit, mumma!" Thank God we were in a back corner away from any other patrons because I scooped up my fajita bowl and caught the vomit just in time. It was pretty nasty. Todd walked the bowl all the way through the restaurant to the bathroom and washed out the bowl so that our waitress wouldn't have to take care of it. Tommy promptly turned around and ate his food. HA!
Then, as you all know, Todd got sick just in time for the Packer game on Sunday. I don't know how he made it through the whole game feeling like that. Seriously, it was bad. Doesn't that make you want to vote for him? Go on! Go give him more votes on my sidebar, he deserves it!
I had it on Monday and Tuesday. All I wanted to do was lie around and whine. Every time I get sick after my kids have been sick I think, "This is how you felt? This is horrible!" They are always such troopers. And Ben! He couldn't even tell me how awful he felt. He just sat there. I am so thankful that I gave him medicine because I sure wanted to take every medicine I could get my hands on.
Now Joey has it. He lounged around all day yesterday saying, "I'm just so sick, mumma. This stinking cold." Poor kid.
The one thing the boys like about being sick? Sleeping downstairs on the futon with daddy. Todd has been taking the sickie to the futon so that they don't wake Ben with their constant vomiting. Then I have the other kid in bed (so he doesn't feel left out) with me while listening for Ben. It works well, and the sickie loves the one-on-one cuddle time with daddy.
Just after Joey had gotten done puking he went to lay back down on the futon with daddy. He was quiet for a minute, then turned to Todd and said, "Man, that freaking fridge is loud!"  HAHAHA!! Since when did he start sounding like a teenager?
So ANYWAY, this vomit bug has now run through our family. I really don't think it was the flu. The fevers were low-grade and it wasn't respiratory at all. It must just be some nasty virus. Besides, the boys got the flu shot and we all know how well those work, right? Right??
I was hoping this would be the last nasty bug we got in a while but now Ben has a runny, stuffy nose and is having trouble sleeping because of it. Let's hope this one doesn't make it's rounds through our house too.


On a positive note, I've been given an award by Sandy at Momisodes. Thank you so much! She is a really fun read, with a beautiful little girl. Go on over and check her out!I'm passing this along to Melissa at SuchSimplePleasures. She is a newer read for me and I just love her. She is hilarious and real, and really does make my day.
I'm also giving this to Dawn and Renaissance Mom. She is so creative and crafty. Plus she is always so uplifting. You have to check her out. Oh, and look at these adorable little gnomes she made and sent to my boys! Those little gnomes really helped cheer them up when they weren't feeling good. Thanks, Dawn!


Don Mills Diva said...

Congrats on the award. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Brittany said...

yay! An award! Congrats!! :)

The bonking is SO cute! I had a little brother who was like that too, as a baby. He loved to bonk heads!

The sickness... it is sticking around here too. I can't clean enough...and it just won't go away! AH!

Hope you are all better soon!

Anonymous said...

You know, I totally love sleeping on the futon when I am sick.

Congrats on the award!


OHmommy said...

Congrats on the award. Well deserved!

The head bonking is so cute. I almost wanted to bonk my head on my computer when I saw his sweet face! LOL.

Laura said...

head bonking - I love it!!! what a cutie!

Hope you all feel better soon...we are all sick at the Fringe also...not fun!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!


PS - I love your music selection with each post!

suchsimplepleasures said...

oh...i love you too!!! you're a must read for me!! xoxox
btw...sick or not...those boys are future chick magnets...if they aren't already!! look at those peepers!!
anyway, thank you! so much!!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

p.s...i hope everyone feels better SOON!!!

Sandy C. said...

Awww....poor thing..I hope everyone recovers soon! The head bonk is so cute. I nearly bonked my monitor when I saw his cute pic ;)

girlymom said...

I hopw your WHOLE house is healthy again soon. You were all very quick thinking on the restaurant sickness- bravo to you! And congrats on your award too- much deserving!

Dawn said...

Awww, that's no fun being sick! I hope everyone feels better soon. I love the head bonking thing- how sweet, and all the pictures are just precious.
Thanks you for the award! That makes my day ;) I'm glad the gnomes cheered up your boys.

wright said...

Head Bonks - it made me want one. He is sooo adorable!!!

Give my best to the sickie. Hope you all stay well for the rest of the season!

Family Adventure said...

I'm sorry (some of) you're still sick, but hope everyone's back to being healthy and happy soon.

That little Benjamin boy of yours is just adorable. I love the head bonks!

Congrats on the award. Very cool :)


Family Adventure said...

I'm sorry (some of) you're still sick, but hope everyone's back to being healthy and happy soon.

That little Benjamin boy of yours is just adorable. I love the head bonks!

Congrats on the award. Very cool :)


Jewelgirl said...

I hope you all feel better soon!
You & Todd are such troopers.
I never had to take an upchuck
(at a restrarant no less) bowl
to wash it out. Ugh! Kids, gotta
love them head butts!!! I am looking for a teen drama by mom blog, have you found anything on
your wanderings??

Kellan said...

Oh, I'm sorry about all the sickness! We are passing what sounds like the exact same virus around in our house right now - Chloe had it and now Alexis has it (was up all night throwing up). Hope you bunch gets better soon.

I love the head butting - how adorable and all the pictures - so cute!!! Your kids are so adorable!

Congrats on the great award - you so deserve it!! Take care and I'll see you.

Love the music playing - Kelly Clarkson - love her!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

If rubbing noses is an Eskimo kiss, eyelashes make butterfly kisses, then I guess head-butting must be future Packers star kissing? Maybe?

Congrats on the award and I hope this is the end of the sickies for you all!

Jenni said...

Man, for a second there, I thought your comments were singing.

Anyway, congrats on the award.

Your story reminds me of the first thing my oldest (3 at the time) said when his new brother was born, "Mom, I can teach him to head butt!"

MamaGeek said...

Congrats on the award fellow cheesehead. Your boys are SO adorable. That face! OOOOoooooh.

Hope everyong is feeling better soon. That is so going around right now.

painted maypole said...

i don't have the "bomit" part - but I was down for the count today with a 102.5 fever. it broke enough now that I can sit at the ocmputer ofr a bit, but I think I'll be back in bed shortly.

melissa said...

The head bonking is soooo cute! But he'll need to get over that before he starts dating. :)

Glad you guys are on the mend.

Ashley said...

I hope everyone's feeling better now!!

Kelly said...

I love the head bonking. My guy, Jack, does it. We call it Kebunk! My dad taught it to him when he was a baby, now he gives Kebunk Kisses all the time. Kids So Rock!
Nice blog ya got here.

LaskiGal said...

Awwweee . . . I'm such a baby addict. They are so adorable even when they are battling the sickies. Hope all is well soon. Congrats on the award! Isn't it awesome when you find blogs you love and when others find you to be a blog they love!?!

Anonymous said...

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