Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Mission- Post as a Script

The scene opens with a family of 5 sitting on the floor in a child's room. The mother holds a squirming 9 month old on one knee, and a cranky 2 year old on the other. The father holds an overly excited 4 year old.

Mother: (said in a sing-song manner for effect) "Good prayers, boys. Hop in bed now."
Everyone starts to get up. The baby heads over to the books. The 2 yr old starts to play with toys.
4 yr old: "But you didn't ask what I want to pray for!"
Father: "We just said all our prayers, it is bedtime now."
4 yr old: "Ask what I want to pray for!"
The mother and father exchange knowing looks and say in unison, "Who would you like to pray for, Joe?"
4 yr old: The parents mouth the words as the boy says, "I want to pray for a green tractor with lellow nug nuts (yellow lug nuts) and lellow wheels."
Mother: "Okay, do you want to pray for a person too?"
4 yr old: "Um, Santa!"
2 yr old: Now playing with toys, "I wanna pray for my lamby. And Daddy."
Mother: "That's very nice. Now hop in bed, please."
2 yr old: "I have to go pee-pee!"
Father: "You just went pee-pee. In bed!"
4 yr old: "I need water!"
Mother: "No more water!"
2 yr old and 4 yr old together: "I need water, I'm so thirsty!"
Mother and Father: "No more water!"
Father: "In bed!"
The boys slowly start to drag themselves over to the bunk beds. The 9 month old is now crawling out the bedroom door to the top of the stairs. The mother runs to get the baby.
2 yr old: "Daddy, can you throw me in like a sausage?"
4 yr old: "Oh! Throw me in like a sausage too!"
The Father picks the boys up one at a time and chucks them into their beds.
2 yr old: "NO!!!! I wanted to get in BY. MY. SELF!"
The 2 yr old starts to cry and crawls out of bed again.
Father: "You said you wanted to be thrown in like a sausage!"
2 yr old: "I don't want to!"
Father: "Alright, get in bed."
2 yr old: "Can you throw me in like a sausage?"
Mother: "Thomas, that is enough now."
2 yr old: still crying, crawls slowly into the bed. "I don't want to go to bed!"
Mother: "I know."
The mother, holding the 9 month old, climbs up the ladder to kiss the 4 yr old while the father tries to tuck the 2 yr old in.
Mother: "Good night, God bless you, I love you."
4 yr old: "Mom, I'm gonna dream about a green tractor with lellow nug nuts and lellow wheels."
Mother: "I know. Go to sleep now."
The mother and father trade places. The mother sets the 9 month old on the floor and tries to retuck the 2 yr old in the blankets.
Mother: "Good night, Tommy. God bless you, I love you."
The mother leans in to the 2 yr old to give him a kiss.
2 yr old: "NO! I don't want a kiss!"
Mother: "Okay."
The mother turns, runs after the 9 months old who is again at the top of the stairs. The father gives the 4 yr old a kiss and goes to turn off the light.
Father: "No talking now. Right to sleep! Goodnight!"
Mother: "Goodnight boys!"
4 yr old: "Goodnight!"
2 yr old: Starting to scream and cry, "Momma didn't give me a kiss!"
The mother goes back in the room, kisses the boy, and leaves.
4 yr old: "I want to kiss Benny!"
The mother brings the 9 month old to his brother and lifts him up so the 4 yr old can plant a kiss on the top of his head.
2 yr old: "I want to kiss Benny, too!"
The mother ducks down to the bottom bunk bed and lets the 2 yr old kiss his brother.
Father: "Quiet now. No more!"
The father closes the door and the parents and 9 month old stand outside of it listening.
4 yr old: "I love you, dad!"
Father: "I love you too, now go to sleep!"
4 yr old: "I love you, mom!"
Mother: "I love you too, go to sleep!"
2 yr old: "I love you, mumma!"
Mother: "I love you, too, now quiet!"
2 yr old: "I love you, dad!"
Father: "I love you, too. Quiet!"
Mother: "Quiet now, boys!"
The mother and father look at each other and roll their eyes. After there is silence for a few beats the father heads down the stairs and the mother proceeds to the baby's room.
Lights fade out.


the dragonfly said...

Oh my made me dizzy!!

Kellan said...

Kathryn - I just love the "lello" tractor!! What a cute script - but exhausting! Good night - so cute and so glad it was you and not me :-)

painted maypole said...

getting 3 to bed sounds much more difficult than getting ONE to bed! you two deserve an award!

Rose Daughter said...

wow, what a night. my two are bad enough.

Amy Y said...

That could easily occur at my house on any given night... Wow, 3 boys!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Family Adventure said...

Now *this* could be reality TV!

I know it well... :)


Jen said...

Lord, woman. I want to have someone throw me in bed like a sausage, too :)

Brittany said...

Wow. That is CRAZY! I thought it was hard getting ONE kiddo into bed. Brave mommy (and daddy!).

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