Friday, November 16, 2007

A Hunting He Goes

Daddy's gone hunting
The boys are feeling weepy
Mumma has a plan

Bundle up the boys
To the movie store we go
Each can pick just one

Cookies are baking
The boys bundled in blankets
Happy boys once more


Todd is off hunting for a week so I am pulling every trick I have out of my hat to keep the boys happy. They always miss their Dad when he is gone, but for a week straight it gets rough. Todd keeps telling them that when they are a bit older they will go hunting with him. If I were them that wouldn't be any consolation. I'd be thinking, "Um, okay, I get to go with you but I have to shoot something?" Course, I lack the testosterone that is apparently essential for hunting.
Is it even possible that there will come a day when all the boys will be hunting with their Dad and I will have the whole house to myself? I can't even imagine. What would I do with such free time? I could take an hour long bath with no yelling, screaming, or frantic knocks on the door. I could sleep until 8, no wait, make that 9 in the morning! I could go to church and listen to the sermon. I could go to multiple stores without having to drag three kids in and out of car seats at each stop. I could even shop ALL DAY if I wanted to. I could have a meal and actually be able to eat the WHOLE THING without shelling out half of it to the boys. I could read a book, maybe even two! The possibilities are endless.
My husband promises it will happen, but we'll see. I will probably be working full time by then, so I'd better not get too carried away with this daydream. Not only that, but by the end of the week I'd be begging my boys to hurry up and get home. I'm sure all that free time would get boring after a while. Right?
In the meantime, I'd better go check those cookies.


Serina Hope said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope that you guys have a great time. Great haiku!

painted maypole said...

ha ha. it is both fabulous and hard to be away from you child(ren)for that long - and in your own house!

Family Adventure said...

When you finally get that freedom, you'll be missing them like crazy. And you'll no longer be able to sleep in, even if you wanted to. Your body clock will be so conditioned to getting up early.

See - we really can't win!

Have a lovely weekend with your boys. Hope the cookies and the movies went over well!


Kellan said...

My kids have finally reached the age where there are days that I get whole days to myself and it won't be long for you - it's coming, just hang on. I liked the Haiku = have a good weekend. See you soon.

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A new day that you have never lived before.
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