Monday, October 6, 2014

Randomly We Go

-I went outside to the backyard to check on the kiddos and found them stalking around their fort with long pointy sticks in their hands. And no shirts on. I asked them why, in 60 degree weather, no one had their shirt on and Grace told me, "We are playing 'Naked and Afraid'!" Hmm... I suppose I should be grateful they still had their shorts and shoes on.

-Is anyone else super spooked out by the fact that Facebook automatically tags everyone in a group picture? That completely freaks me out. How on earth do they know who the people are simply by the images? And all the of the names on the tags were correct! CREEPY!

-It is pretty funny how much time Todd spends going hunting and seeing NOTHING when every night we come home there are deer eating my flowers in our front yard. Last week I looked out the front door and saw approximately 20 huge, big, fat turkeys walking across our lawn. The other day it was geese. I feel like we are living in a wildlife reserve or something. All these animals seem to KNOW they are protected and they aren't even afraid of us. They actually look indignant when we walk by them.

-We finally broke down and turned the heat on this morning. I almost turned it on yesterday when the inside temperature read 63 degrees but I made a fire instead. It worked. However, the husband, being the smart man that he is, knew I wouldn't be able to get out of bed this morning without the furnace kicking in. I guess this clinches it. Crisp fall weather is here.

-Life is moving faster than I can keep up with. Tommy just wrapped up his last football game on Saturday (an undefeated season!) and though Joey and Ben still have a few weeks of football left I can almost feel our schedule easing up. Just in time for my choir rehearsals to begin. And basketball season. And Boy Scouts (anyone need popcorn?). And deer hunting. And... oh just nevermind.

-I have been avoiding cyberland lately. There always seems to be such negativity swirling around. You can't read a silly article without someone making a nasty comment or people exploding into political arguments and such. It is exhausting. I have such little free time lately that I don't want to waste it on the computer. It seems the more time I spend away from the computer the happier I am. Coincidence? I think not.

-Yoga, yogalates, and running take up a bit of my mornings now, then errands (grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning) and before I know what happened it is time to pick Grace up from school. If I have any spare time while Grace is napping (usually scarf down lunch, yard maintenance, clean up some more, and take a shower) I grab a book and read for a little while until the boys get home. Once the boys get home it is homework palooza around here. Helping three boys simultaneously takes every bit of energy and patience and understanding and strength I have in my body. The homework is not easy and there is always plenty of it. For now I'm just glad I can still help the 6th grader with his math. Soon enough that won't be the case. By the time we are done with all the homework it is a quick dinner and then off to football practice/games. Run, run, run. And people wonder why I never look forward to school starting. Ugh.

-As I mentioned, I've been reading a lot lately. I just finished Gone Girl. Interesting book, but I have to say, the ending ruined it for me. I hated the ending. Loathed the ending. I would really like to see the movie but I'm afraid of the ending. I've heard the ending in the movie is different from the book but I don't know if it is different enough to satisfy me. What did you think of the book? Loved it? Hated it? Indifferent? What about the movie? Have you seen it?

-I am nearing the end of my list of "must reads". I need to make a new list. Any suggestions for me? What have you been reading lately?

-The kids were eating some leftover fortune cookies and Todd read Grace her fortune.  "You will be unexpectedly successful in business." Todd recited. Grace worriedly complained, "Is this for real? So, I have to go into business now?"

And this concludes my strange and random rambling. For now.

So, what is randomly going on with you?


chrissy said...

I enjoyed hearing all of your "catching up" miscellany. It's what we would probably talk about if we could meet for coffee. It has gotten cooler here, but so far only cool enough to be at the 'turn the AC off, hallelujah' stage. The house was 66 the other morning and everyone was complaining, but no way am I turning the heat on. I need some non-expensive utility time. :)

Bijoux said...

I've missed you! I know what you mean about the negativity....yikes!

The wedding was Saturday, so I've been busy with that. Relaxing now, though my other two have some school issues we are going through.

I cracked up at the Naked and Afraid.......I caught my two younger ones playing Survivor one summer......peeing in a bucket in the backyard!

I've been reading lots of Sandra Dallas books, if you enjoy historical fiction.

We turned on the heat two hours ago.....

betty said...

Fun to read your update. I won't say it was in the 90s the past weekend with a little cooling expected this week. I heard mixed reviews about Gone Girl; I haven't read it, probably won't until I can get it free some place.

I love the kids playing Naked and Afraid, cute imaginations!


Wisconsin Girl said...

Enjoyed your random thoughts...
Reading the 4th of 5 books in a series by Richard Paul Evans called the Walk Series and am really enjoying it.
Naked and Afraid! Ha! Makes me fell a bit more normal about the crazy things my kids come up with around here sometimes:)
Enjoy all the beauty and crispness of fall. I am soaking it all in and am in denial of what is to come next!

Mom24 said...

I know exactly what you mean about the computer. Smart lady. I need to follow your lead. I disengaged from a neighborhood moms group, sounds innocent enough, right? I have been much, much happier without it. I need to try and step away.

I have not read Gone Girl. I've tried, but it just hasn't grabbed me. I want to try again, but then I hear how dark it is and I'll think, "who needs that"? We'll see.

Sadly, no good recommendations for books, I'm in a dry spell, so if you do find some goodies let me know. :)

I so wish I did not work, your days (up until the homework and running) sound like I would love mine to be. I know it's not perfect and I'm sure there are days that make you crazy, but I miss those days when I was not doing home childcare. That being said, since I do have to work, I'm thankful that it's something where I can be home keeping things rolling for my family. Julianna may be staying home today ill and I'm very thankful that it won't create a problem for me with work.

Thanks for taking the time to share. I always enjoy peeks into your life. I can not even imagine where you live, it sounds very cool. I've only seen one wild turkey in my life, twenty?? Amazing.

Tabor said...

Totally understand how all the negativity on the Internet can keep you away. Everything is black and white. I try to keep my liberal views in check but I do get so angry when someone posts things that are just totally not true. We had an 8 point buck greet us at our driveway this evening. He just stopped and stared as did we for several minutes. Such elegance. Because of the hunting season several of our hiking trails are closed for a while. And our hunter friends has the same issue as your husband. Our few turkeys are all gone, probably due to a fox. So sad!

Unknown said...

Gone Girl ticked me off at the end too but I liked the twist. The unexpected. I thought it was pretty brilliant. I do want to see the movie.

And yes to #7. ;)

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A new day that you have never lived before.
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