Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Surf City?

In the small little county where I live we are known for our brats, cheese, and toilets. What people may not know is that my tiny midwestern city is also known as the #1 fresh water surfing site in the world.
Just a few miles down the road from my house is a beach where surfers like to catch some waves.
I drive by the beach pretty much every day as I take Grace to and from her ballet class, go to a yoga class, drop the boys at school, or even just run errands.
Most mornings Grace and I sit at the lake and read in between the boys' school drop off and her school drop off.
No matter what the weather, how early or late in the day, if there are waves there are surfers.
The kids and I comment how we would like to learn to surf. So far the cold water has kept me away. Cold water, but no sharks, so I guess that is a pretty good trade off.


Anita said...

Nice to have such a massive body of water so close by. It seems to give you much pleasure. I think I've seen it in other posts and pictures of yours. What lake is it?

I hope the new school year and schedule have started off well.

Kat said...

This is Lake Michigan. I'm kind of obsessed. I have a ton of pics of it under my Lake Michigan label on my sidebar. ;)

Bijoux said...

It's weird to me, since I've never heard or seen anyone surf on Lake Erie. The two times I've stayed on Lake Michigan, in July, the water was unbearable to me!

Hilary said...

I suspect we'll be seeing photos of your surfing before too much longer. I give it a year.. two tops. It's in your head now. ;)

Tabor said...

Interesting! Lake surfing. Surfers are addicts!

betty said...

I like the concept of no sharks, LOL :)

Do they do surf camps during the summer for kids?


Unknown said...

That's really neat! Looks at all of them out there - wow!

Wisconsin Girl said...

Fun fact that I didn't remember! Lucky that you get to enjoy it every day. I imagine you could sit there for a long time and watch:)

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