Friday, August 10, 2012

I Told Him To Duct Tape Me To A Chair!

The last time I chopped all my hair off I loved my new cut.  For about an hour.  After that first hour past I kind of regretted the decision.  Yes, it was a cute cut, but it made me feel old.  And not so cute.  And dowdy.  I don't know.  I just missed my long hair.  I always feel better with long hair (insecure much?).  

So, after that last time I told Todd that if I ever get the urge to chop all my hair off again that he should duct tape me to a chair until I come to my senses.  

Todd did not follow my directions.

So, I haven't gotten my hair cut in about 8 months.  And even then it was just a trim.  I've had my hair long for a couple of years now (that is a long time for me to stick on one hair style- see this post for my crazy hair history) and ultimately I've been getting bored with myself.  However, I can't remember the last time my hair was quite this long.  I think maybe I was a child.  I don't know.  I'm talking looooooooooonnngggg, people.  Long.  

I made a promise to myself a while back that if I ever grew my hair super duper long then I would chop it all off and donate it to Children With Hair Loss.  It is something I've always wanted to do, but never got my hair to a length that would lend itself to getting 8-10 inches cut off at one time.  Until now. 

Unfortunately for me, I really, really like my hair right now.  It has finally gotten to the point where I can throw it back in a braid without it coming undone every 5 minutes.  When I have some place dressy to go I can put the sides back and the curls cascade all the way down.  I have been loving my hair lately, and that is not something I am used to.  

But, a promise is a promise, and vanity serves no purpose.  Right? 


I had Joey take a before picture of me-

 From the front.  See how long?
From the side.  It looks even longer here, doesn't it?  Ugh.  I didn't even fix it up that morning.  You should see it when I have it all curly and stuff.  *sigh*

I still wasn't sure I was absolutely going to donate.  Some info said they needed 10 inches and other said 8.  If it was 10 inches my remaining hair would be way too short, but I figured I could swing 8.  I decided that if my stylist told me they would take 8 then I would do it.


I got to my hairdresser and she asked me what I wanted.  Knowing that August is the salon's month when they take donations for Children With Hair Loss I asked her how many inches they needed.   Eight.  I told her to chop away.  She asked if I was sure, we discussed hairstyles, and I showed her the picture of the styles I liked.

(I also asked for her to try and make my face look like either option too, but that was a no go).  :(

She told me the styles would definitely work with both my curly hair or if I straightened it and ran off to get the rubber bands before I had a chance to change my mind.

Turns out we had to take about 9 inches off just to clean up my ends a bit so my hair ended up being shorter than I expected, but I think I'll live.


this is the new me.
I wonder how long it will take to grow it back out again.

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chrissy said...

Oh, I love it! I'm thinking of doing something similar, like a curly bob, but I can't really do bangs without them curling up in the air like the 80s. You look absolutely adorable! Love it!

Tabor said...

Next summer it will be too long once again. I like it long or short or any length on you. You have beautiful hair surrounding a lovely oval face.

MamaB said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning Kat!!! No lie you look like a knock-out and what a wonderful thing to do, God has given you a gift of goergous hair no matter the length and now you have given a child something they don't have or can't grow.

Jill Wellington said...

Oh, GOSH...I love the new cut! But I also understand the long-hair issue.

Kelly said...

Way to go! You made a good choice so pat yourself on the back.

Hilary said...

That's a lovely style for you, Kat. But with such a pretty face, how could you go wrong. So kind of you to donate.

Siobhan said...

Is never seen you with long hair. Love the cut!

Allison said...

Super cute, though!!!!!

ewe are here said...

Well done. And it's a nice cut. ;)

Kat said...

Aww. Y'all are very kind. It is a nice cute, but the trick now is trying to get it to look like this again. I think my stylist is much better at it. ;)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said... looks super cute.

I haven't had a cut since August. Longest my hair has ever been. I actually did a terrible braid the other day (really, it was horrible). But some of it stayed up!

And, I waiver because I have curly frizzy hair..and I like that I can pull it back. I don't even remember the last time I flat ironed it.

Okay, I'm rambling..but I still haven't decided what to do. But, I'm going to check out that link..I could maybe do 8", but certainly not 10!

Riahli said...

Ha ha you are so funny, that's totally something I would say after getting a hair cut! It looks really cute by the way!!! My son Banden has decided he wants to grow his hair out for Locks of Love as well, I'm not so keen on him having 10 inches of hair but so far he is really determined. We went on to the website and read all about it and he's really excited that he can do something to help other kids. He's not so excited about getting his hair brushed and he is only 6 so we will see how long this last... I get bored with my hair now too, I've had it super long {past the waist} and super short {shaved, I kid you not} so I've tried it all. :) I'm going for super long again, but we will see if that last, especially if I keep waking up with my hair wrapped around my neck, uggggg! When I chop it I want to donate it as well, such a great idea, and I love that you were brave enough to do it!!! :)

Mom24 said...

It looks beautiful and what a great cause. When you let it grow long again are you going to keep it?

Cyndy Bush said...

It looks REALLY good! And I'm not just saying that! Good for you for donating.

Rima said...

Gorgeous! You did a good thing! And, I think you would look fabulous with any hairstyle.

Rima said...

Yay! I can post again!

Tonya said...

it is really cute!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE it! See, I of the opposite thought process...I think shorter hair is "young and hip and funky". At least on me I know that's true! LOL I look like a dowdy old woman with long hair! Regardless, you look fab. :-)

Unknown said...

You look lovely. And you did a REALLY good thing, my friend. xo

lime said...

it's a very flattering cut AND you did something good in the process. i think you should feel good all the way around.

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