Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wrapping It Up

This past weekend was a busy one, indeed.  What with the welcoming of the new family member, Todd out of town overnight Friday and all day Saturday, a snowstorm, the chess tournament, making cake, changing my hair color yet again (I'm going much lighter this time), the boy's birthday, church, teeth were falling out of kids left and right, grandmas came over for cake.  It was craziness.  And exciting!

One of the highlights of the weekend was Joey's and Tommy's first ever chess tournament.  The boys found out a few months ago that their school has a chess club and immediately began begging to join.  I quickly taught myself how to play chess and then introduced them to the game slowly.  On Saturday they decided to test out what they know.  

Joey had been apprehensive because chess is hard.  And he doesn't like losing.  Put those two things together and the kid wasn't sure he wanted to be in chess club anymore.  Still, he had already signed up so I told him he needed to follow through with the tournament anyway.  I'm so glad he did.  Joey ended up winning 4 out of his 6 matches and finished in the top 10 in his division (out of over 40 kids).  He was so proud of himself.  And of course, I was proud of him too.  I was most impressed with the grace in which he handled his losses and how he kept on trying.  It was awesome.  Our school took home 1st place in his division.

Tommy did wonderfully as well.  He won 3 matches, had 1 draw, and 2 losses.  He came in 12th out of 38 kids in his division.  He was thrilled and I was very happy for him and proud of him too.  Our school took home 3rd place in his division and his teacher allowed him to have the trophy for the weekend. Eureka!

It was a long day.  We started at 8:30 and got home from the tournament around 4.  I think they were mentally drained by that point.  I also have to give special props to Ben (who played chess all day while he waited during his brother's matches) and Grace for being such patient, well behaved little monkeys through it all.  I was a proud mama all around that day. 

Sunday was Joey's birthday, as you all know.  We usually try to let the kids pick a special activity for their birthdays (Ben picked sledding and Tommy is contemplating all his options for his birthday next month) and Joey chose to go bowling.  

I have not been bowling in many, many years.  I have never been a good bowler.  Down right bad, actually, but I was game to give it another try.  Who doesn't love bowling?  

After we all found the right size shoes and bowling balls we got to work.  Surprise of all surprises, I bowled the best game of my life and ended up with a 128.  How I managed that I will never know. The next game I got a 74 (a more normal score for me) and all of the boys ended up beating me. Oops. 

Joey won the first game for the kids and Ben won the second game.  Everyone was a good sport and had a lot of fun.
Todd has the perfect form, doesn't he?  Good bowling form, too.  hehe!  Of course Todd whooped us all, but he also pulled a muscle in his back.  And my arms were sore the next day.  We're getting old.  Bah.

After bowling the grandmas came over for some cake, presents, and baby Joey videos.  Joey got his coveted B29 Superfortress model airplane and at the end of the day he said this was his best birthday ever!  Then he remembered his big swimming birthday party at the indoor water park last year and said it was a tie.  Still, I'll take it!  Yay!

It was a great weekend all around.  


Mom24 said...

Congrats on the chess success, very exciting! How on earth did your boys learn to bowl so well? When we go my kids are lucky to get a 35, with bumpers!

Where is the picture of your hair??

Riahli said...

Because I'm on facebook too much I wanted to hit a like button, haha! Looks like you all had a bunch of fun! I think I'm going to introduce my boys to chess, they just might like that, didn't think about it before. :)

Kat said...

Mom24- Because my hair was so dark it will take a while before it gets light enough to make a difference. I'm starting slowly. Next week I'm going to get a little haircut and I think I'm going to let my stylist lighten it a bit for me too. That will make the process go faster as I usually just do it at home myself. :)

Dawn said...

Way to go for your little guys at the chess tournament! I still do not know how to play chess. I'm glad it was such a great birthday for Joey.

Tabor said...

It seems that both Mom and son learned about being optimistic for new challenges. I am such a coward in team or competitive sports and yet as a child I loved them!

lime said...

sounds like it was busy but fun. bowling is great because even if you stink it's still fun.

Peruby said...

You a good mama!

Bijoux said...

What a fun birthday! I always loved bowling and took it in college as one of my PE courses. Love the photo of your family around the table at the alley.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Our kids LOVE bowling...even the girls who are just about to turn 3. It's so cute to watch them and love the pics you took:) Birthday fun for all! And bravo to you for teaching them chess! I don't know how to play, but think it's great that you learned and taught them and I'm amazed at how well they did in the tournament! Nice job boys!!!

Enjoy the snow day today:)

Kat said...

Riahli- Yes! I bet they'd love chess. I think it helps them with critical thinking too. Thinking ahead.
WI Girl- Our family loves bowling too. We don't go often enough. Even I love it, and I stink at it! ;)

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