Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snowed In

By now you've all heard of the massive snow storm that came through the midwest yesterday.  Snow is not a huge deal in Wisconsin.  We are used to it.  However, I can not remember the last time we got this much snow in one day.  The was some massive snow.  And the problem began when the meteorologists only predicted between 3 and 5 inches.  As Tuesday night wore on I could tell we had already received at least 6 inches.  Before I went to bed that night I took this picture:
The next morning school was cancelled and we all did the happy dance.  Except for Todd.  He was too busy trying to plow us, and the rest of our neighbors, out.  We had already gotten about 14 inches and the snow continued to fall.  Trees were so laden with snow that branches were breaking left and right.  I freed as many branches as I could to save my trees but others I just couldn't get to.
Todd literally spent all day long on his snowblower.  When he was done with our driveway he moved on to three of our neighbors as well.  It was slow going because the snow was extremely heavy and the snowplows hadn't even gotten to our street yet so Todd and to plow his way through the street to get to the neighbors' drives. Not to mention that the snow had drifted so much in some spots that the snow was close to 3 feet deep. When Todd was done with our street he loaded up the snowblower and went over to his mom's house to do her drive as well.  When he came back around 3 o'clock the plows had finally come through.  So, he jumped back on his blower and plowed out the entrances of all the driveways again.  He didn't stop plowing until dinner time.
Of course the kidlets were thrilled.  They spent much of their day making tunnels and forts.
Gracie actually spent a fair amount of time crying in the snow because it was up to her armpits and she could barely move through the snow.  She pretty much sat in the same spot until her brothers finally made a little path for her from the tunnel to the playset.
The boys were so proud of their tunnel.
And Grace was pretty happy with their work too.
Unfortunately, the dog also loved the tunnel and jumped right on top of it.  The kids were not pleased.  Still, the playset is super fun in the snow.
It was a long, snowy day.  When all was said and done we ended up with 18 inches of snow (and that is where it wasn't drifting).  And, the weathermen are predicting another 3 inches or so today.  Oh boy!

I guess the decision to buy the riding lawnmower/snowblower last year turned out to be a good one.


Dawn said...

Oh, wow! All that snow looks so beautiful, like something in a fairy tale. We never did get snow here in Seattle this year. Rain....we've got lots of that!

Tabor said...

Beautiful photos even though the storm is expensive and a terrible inconvenience for many. This brought back memories of when I was your children's age and made tunnels in the 4 foot drifts one winter in the mountains in Colorado.

Emily said...

Holy Moly that is a lot of snow! We get excited with an inch here in GA! And, oh my goodness, I cannot get over how big Grace is. They grow up too fast!

Elaine A. said...

I cannot EVEN fathom that much snow. Seriously. Glad the kids had fun though. And that is ONE hardworking man you have there!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Your pictures are beautiful
and brings back memories of
my growing up in Michigan, ice skating and sking.
Now I can hardly take the cold, rainy weather here at the edge of Tennessee by the woods.
Children love snow :)
Spring has got to be on the way...

CC said...

That's crazy to me!! We had about 1/4 inch of snow this year. I can't imagine having enough snow that I needed a riding snow blower!!!

Mom24 said...

Wow! That is amazing!! and beautiful, but I can't shake the 'better you than me' feeling. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats quite a bit of snow! To be young again and enjoy it :) Although I guess watching kids enjoy it is almost just as fun. Stay safe!

Bijoux said...

I'm so glad that's not us right now! I remember loving all that as a kid. Now it's just a big pain. We will often get lake effect snow like that where two feet of snow is dumped on us in less than a day, while one hour south of us barely gets an inch.

Hope you are able to get out and about today.

Verna Lantz said...

Wow! That is crazy! Snow is so much fun. Even if I am a wuss and can't handle the cold too much, I would still like paying in it for a while. I will enjoy it vicariously though you, I suppose. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow! Snow cream party at Kat's! ;) That should all be melted by... June?

christopher said...

Yes...excellent investment with the riding snowblower.

Back in November the tree in front of our house and the neighbor's across the street were both lost in a heavy snow that snapped branches and even the trunk.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Snow tunnel! How fun! We may have to try this after our next snow storm tomorrow. It just keeps coming, doesn't it?!?!? We did some sledding in the backyard yesterday and I couldn't believe how deep it is. After tomorrow the kids won't even be able to walk in it! But we'll have to try the tunnel...actually it will be me making it I'm sure, but the kids would love it:) Let's see what we get tomorrow! Fun pics!

Annmarie Pipa said...

we are predicted to get 10 inches Wednesday...

Kat said...

WI Girl- Yes! More snow predicted tonight and tomorrow. About another 5 inches. Good grief!
Be careful with the snow tunnels! Don't make them under too much snow do it more towards the top of a pile. Kids have been known to get accidentally buried under the snow when the top collapses on them.
Good grief, being a parent has made me a worry wart! I never even thought of such things as a kid. Surprised I made it out alive! ;)

Riahli said...

Yikes! That sure would make my kiddos happy. :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

All of that snow sure looks pretty and your yard! I know my girls would love it...but it's just soooo cold.

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