Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review and Giveaway

I can't remember if she found me first or if I found her.  All I know is that I was immediately impressed.  A Packer loving, eco friendly, Wisconsin mother of three boys.  She is Melissa from Green Girl in Wisconsin.

The more I read her blog the more she inspires me.  She is such a wonderful mother.  Outdoorsy and fun, involved and strong.  I love reading about her wonderful boys and their adventures in the woods behind their house.  And I'm always awed at all of her efforts and ideas on how to save the world.  I have her to thank for getting me to buy my favorite reusable grocery bags.  Such a little step, yet I am grateful beyond belief.  She has me thinking about gardening and composting in ways that I never had before.  More, I can do that, rather than, that is cool for everyone else.  And for God's sake, she is a freaking 2nd degree black belt in karate.  A serious ass kicker.  Could I be more envious or impressed?  I love her.  And guess what else she did.  She wrote a book.

Of course when I heard that I wanted to be one of the first to read it.

Whipped, Not Beaten is such a fun, witty book.  I wish I would have saved it for my trip to Oklahoma.  It is the perfect book to read on a three hour layover in Chicago, but I just couldn't wait that long to crack it open.

Sadie Davis is craving change. Recently dumped and working for a boss she despises, she is determined to shake up her life as a single woman in the city of Madison. She takes a side job as a home party consultant selling kitchenware, hoping that it will be the spice that turns her life around. Through failed recipes and cold ovens, Sadie works to create something that’s a bit sweeter, a lot richer, and oh, so very delicious.

A book about a single woman living in Madison?   I can relate to that!  There were so many parts of the book that I just said "YES!" to, remembering my single days in Madison.  I love the mention of specific bars and places I went to and places I'd loved.  It made me feel I was in the story.

I am so proud of Melissa.  She is such an inspiration in so many ways.  Every time I read a book like this I think, "I should really write a book!"  It inspires me.  It drives me.  Then I realize I don't have a storyline.   Or anything to write about.  Or anything witty to say.  Or a writing degree.  Okay, forget it.  I won't write a book.  But it is still inspiring.

If you are looking for a fun, witty book to read pick up Whipped, Not Beaten.

And if you want a FREE, fun, witty book to read just comment on this post.  I have a copy of Whipped, Not Beaten that I am giving away.  And if you absolutely can not wait for me to get back from vacation to draw your name for the giveaway go to Whipped, Not Beaten  , and order your own copy.

Way to go, Melissa!!!!!


Karen Deborah said...

How cool! That is how I feel when I read anything about Santa Cruz or the bay area in Cali.
About writing, you are a writer and you don't need a degree. A book is made up of chapters and chapters are like papers. You just write them. Writing about your life is the best. Look at Pioneed Woman she even wrote a kids book about Charlie. You have a lot to say and your very fun. Don't toss the towel before you even start. Brain storm.
How about a story from Grace's perspective? Just think your pretty awesome and inspiriring yourself!

Jayne said...

Mel is awesome. And Whipped Not Beaten is awesome...I have my own copy, I don't need to be entered, but I just want to throw my support behind the book as well....One of the best books I've read ina while, and I'm not saying that just because she's my next door neighbor! everyone needs to read this book! :)

Maddy said...

Likewise although I'm ashamed to admit that I borrowed mine from a friend and your earlier commenter is correct - you should have a go yourself.

Mom24 said...

I'm always on the lookout for a fun book. Thanks for the chance.

Riahli said...

You should totally write a book, it would be awesome... and I for one would read it, haha! In fact you just writing about how you shouldn't write a book made me laugh and think about how you really should. :)

Have a wonderful, amazing, fantastic, trip!

Wendy said...

Oooh, a new book! I'll have to check out her blog.

I was a single girl in a small college town in Georgia, but I've got a good imagination. (I've *been* to big cities before. lol)

Hope you have a great trip! And yes, if writing a book is something you WANT to do, then go for it! I think you're a great writer.

Tonya said...

Sounds like a great book! And if you have a layover in Chicago maybe we could meet up? Email me :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thanks for the kind words AND the generous giveaway, Kat!

Kelly said...

How cool that she wrote a book! Have you guys met in real life yet? If not, you really should!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

very cool! i've never met melissa but i've been reading her blog for quite some time. of course, i want to enter the giveaway and hope the i'm the lucky winner!

Sarah said...

Whipped Not Beaten is a great book - Whoever wins the book will LOVE LOVE LOVE the read

Julia said...

I'm a long time Green Girl fan, and I can't wait to read Whipped, Not Beaten!

Anonymous said...

I love Green Girl! Curious about her new book. :)

Sally said...

I'm a fairly new follower of Green Girl, she gave me an awesome coffee recommendation, so I've popped over from there. Put me in the drawing. My folks still live close to Madison but I've moved south to Texas. I have in-laws in the Tulsa area. Hope you had a nice trip.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I did a giveaway, too, so don't put me in the drawing, but I wanted to say "hi!" to another Melissa fan.

painted maypole said...

ooh, ooh... I'll read it! pick me!

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