Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Broken Hearted

It is the end of an era. Brett Favre will not return to the Packers this year. And hearts are breaking. For the last 16 years Brett Favre WAS the Packers. He had become a symbol of our state, a part of us. I know it sounds silly. But it is true.
Before Favre I would tell someone I was from Wisconsin and I would hear, "Do you own any cows?" After Favre it was always, "I love the Packers!" He brought pride to our little state. He symbolized all we hold dear. Hard work, determination, toughness, loyalty, fortitude, family, charity, teamwork, responsibility, and so much more. He was more than a football player. He was someone your kids could look up to.
There were many opportunities for Brett to leave the Packers and make two or three times the amount of money somewhere else. But he never did. He stuck with us and we stuck with him. Through 277 consecutive games. Through drug addiction, a broken thumb, the death of his father, and his wife's breast cancer, he still played on. Loving the game. Playing for the sport, the fans, the team. And we are grateful.
Thank you, Brett Favre.


MamaGeek said...


Like I said in my e-mail. HEARTBROKEN. Beautiful tribute, I loved it K!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the comment Mamageek! I never have two posts in one day, muchless two VIDEO posts in one day. When I heard the retirement news, I just couldn't resist.
I love this video. Brings tears to my eyes.

Kristen said...

Sorry to hear the news. I am sure it must be really hard. Being also from the midwest, I know how much Green Bay Packers fans are die hard!!

Great tribute.

Lisa said...

I'm a Vikings fan, and even I liked Brett Farve. I mean, who wouldn't like him?? Plus, he's hot.

Sorry for your loss :)

Bren said...

I'm a Cowboys fan but LOVE Brett. It won't be the same without him!

The Immoral Matriarch said...

17 seasons! He definitely deserves a rest! He'll be in the history books!

just jamie said...

Awww. Sweet tribute.

Elaine A. said...

He's a legend, that's for sure. Somehow you'll make it through... can I offer you some chocolate to ease the pain? : )

Sandy C. said...

What a lovely tribute post, and what a touching clip! He'll be sorely missed for sure.

Anonymous said...

I knew how much this would kill you & MamaGeek. Maybe a little alcohol? I feel for you.

I saw the show last night. Only the rerun tho, as the satellite went out when the snow hit.

krissy said...

You know how I feel girl! Bye-Bye to a man with a gigantic heart full of love! He loved the Packers and he loves his family!

It's not too often you see QB that play for the game, not the money. His heart was shaped as a football!

And his wife is equally as special!! Even though I want to be his wife and I am jealous of her!!!

I'll be a Packer fan forever but it will be hard to watch the first game without Farve leading the team!!!

Mary Beth said...

My dad is from Tomah, WI and loves the Packers. And my brother is equally attached to them. I don't know what they're going to do now - sigh!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Two videos in one week...
I'm sorry for your loss. Sending you a hug since you already wiped out the samosas...

Amy said...

That game he played after his father died was PHENOMENAL!! I am a football fan, I love all the teams. But I have to say the way he has always played the sport, like a boy in love with the game, has been a joy to watch!! And this last season, I think, was the best one to watch! Don't worry girl. I'm sure he is getting swooped up by some network to do commentary and we can all still join in his love of the game.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

That was sooo sweet....please don't judge me that I was getting teary eyed during that :)

Jen Fos - Top Banana said...

Okay, not to renew hope or anything, but did you see this?

Hope it lifts your spirits a little more. And spring is practically a done deal.

Jen Fos

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