Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six year ago today...

I was on my way to work when the DJ on the radio interrupted the song being played to announce that a plane had hit the one of the Twin Towers. The rest of the day was a blur. I think we might have had a total of 20 customers at the bank that day as everyone was glued to their tvs and radios. I suppose everyone remembers exactly where they were when they heard of the terrorist attacks. I know it is burned in my memory.

I had never even thought much about terrorism before that day. I never thought it would happen on US soil. As a matter of fact, when I heard about the first plane hitting the Twin Towers I actually thought it was probably a horrible accident. So naive. Not anymore. Now when there is an accident the first question on everyone's mind is, "was it a terrorist?"

As I was leaving work that night I remember feeling that if this could happen on US soil, anything could happen. I almost felt like the world was ending. It was like I was Chicken Little and the sky was falling. I never felt so unsafe.

And yet, good comes from tragedy. We as a nation had never been so bonded. Everyone was kinder, braver, and more generous. Have we lost a bit of that now? I certainly hope not.

On this sad anniversary, lets keep the victims, the soldiers, and our country in our prayers. Pray for a better world for our kids. Pray for peace.

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Jenifer said...

It is important to remember and I certainly remember the day vividly. I was sitting at my desk with the radio on as usual and they broke in with the news story. I actually thought it was a story at first.

Starting a blog is fun...I have been blogging for nearly a year and started after finding Catherine's blog and clicking on some great blogs and was hooked.

It can be addictive though! I spend far too much time on my laptop, but it is good thing too. Check out Bub & Pie from my sidebar she was the first blogger I read and she is incredibly smart and funny.

Good luck with your blog, your boys are adorable.

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