Thursday, September 20, 2007


My camera is broken! Broken, I tell you! What do I do? I love taking pics and I have 3 kids who do amazingly cute things daily that NEED to be documented! WHAT DO I DO? I'm freaking out here.
We just got this stinking camera a year ago. A year ago, people??? Aren't they supposed to last longer than that? I mean, this camera was well researched by my husband as it was somewhat of a splurge for us. We have NO TIME to research another one. I need one NOW. NOW! I must have a camera. Help, help, HELP!

The whole camera seems to be working except for the shutter button. Isn't that the most important part? Does it really matter if I am able to set the date and time if I can't actually TAKE a picture? AH! Breath. Deep breaths. I just need to think...

Ok. That isn't working.


On another terrible note. Does anyone know if peanut butter kills mice?

We are trying to get rid of the family of mice that are happily residing in our garage. My husband bought some live traps and put peanut butter in them to lure the little stinkers. Every morning we have a dead mouse in our live traps and the peanut butter is completely gone. Do the mice have peanut allergies or are they just completely gluttonous and eating until they literally die? It has all been quite stressful to me. Poor little babies are happily munching on peanut butter thinking they struck it rich and suddenly... "huh, my stomach is feeling funny. Yeah, I'm not feeling good." Croak! My husband tries to appease me, telling me they looked peaceful, but I know that secretly he is pleased. He didn't want to use live traps in the first place, he only complied to stop my wails and screams of protest. He even said, "It's not a bad way to go, eating your favorite food until you die."  Um. I disagree. I really don't want to go that way. Watching my stomach expand, sudden extreme cramps, and then feeling my guts explode? I don't think so. I'll go in my sleep when I'm 90, thank you.


Alpha DogMa said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I have to toggle my digital camera on and off by jamming a safety pin into a hole that was once covered by a flimsy, fragile little button designed by the geniuses over at Hewlett Packard. I have missed so many childhood 'firsts' because of that safety pin. The camera was $300 and when we bought it was the top rated camera in Consumer Reports.

About the mice, I've no opinion. But I'm having flashbacks to that scary Brad Pitt movie Seven. Death by Gluttony. *shudders*

bubandpie said...

I think maybe mice just die quite easily. We went through a dead-mouse -finding phase for a bit. I suppose our cats might have been responsible, but there were no bite marks. It's possible that the mice were just scared to death (do you think they might have a peanut-butter PHOBIA?).

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