Wednesday, May 27, 2015

She's A Biker Chic

Another major milestone. 

Another last first

Grace has learned to ride her bike. No more training wheels. No more being left in the dust by her big brothers. 

This past weekend Grace picked out a big girl bike, complete with tassels and a basket, and decided she was going to learn to ride.
The first day was iffy. We didn't have much time to practice (rain) and there was definitely a fear of falling and getting hurt, but progress was made.

This morning I ran out and got Grace some elbow and knee pads with matching biking gloves hoping that would give her the extra courage she needed. I picked Grace up from school, she ate her lunch quickly, and we went outside for our second biking lesson. This time it was a breeze. Grace had a brave, positive "can do" attitude and in no time she was riding on her own. I definitely got a good work out following after her. Grace got up a pretty good speed and I was no longer jogging next to her but sprinting. I guess I have a new buddy who can accompany me on my runs.
And she can already push off by herself and turn around in the culdesac without stopping which makes my job a whole lot easier. Success!

Grace was very excited to greet the boys on her bike when they got off the bus. She rode happily down the driveway and watched as their mouths dropped when she passed by them. They were so surprised at how quickly Grace took to her new bike.
As soon as the boys were done with their homework they were out the door to ready to ride with Grace.
The sunny 74 degree weather was an added bonus, of course.
Way to go, Gracie! I am so proud of your hard work, determination, and positive attitude.

Bravo, my little biker chic!


betty said...

WTG Grace!! She looks great on the bike (and you did well keeping up with her; you are right, I'm sure you did burn off lots of calories :)

Glad she accomplished this with minimal effort and no injury!


Bijoux said...

So exciting to have that feeling of freedom and success. Love the picture of the boys' surprise!

Mom24 said...

Yay Grace! and Yay! Mom! Such an important milestone.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Way to go, Grace! And mom! Such a bittersweet moment (maybe that's just for me talking). I love the shot of all of them together...your little biker gang!

Kat said...

Krystyn- It really is kind of sad. I was too excited for her to think about it much but later on looking at the pictures it kind of choked me up.
*sniff, sniff*

Wisconsin Girl said...

Great photos! Love the flower petal bike cute! Both my girls are riding now too and it's so fun to take bike rides with ALL of the kids!

Stephanie Faris said...

Aww, yay, Grace! I still remember when my mom taught me to ride a bike. That moment will stick in her mind forever.

Riahli said...

Awwww! Atty just now finally learned how to ride his bike! Which with his neurological stuff is a big accomplishment. :) Leiella is next.

I love the picture of the shocked and awed brothers seeing their sister riding for the first time, adorable!

Elaine Alguire said...

That last photo is so adorable! And such great big brothers, love this so much. <3

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