Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Last "First"

I am feeling rather melancholy as we experienced yet another last "first" in our house tonight.

Tonight Grace lost her first tooth. It is the last time we will have a child lose a first tooth in our house. It is a small thing, but life is made up on small things and so it feels like a big thing. And I tend to make big things out of small things, so there's that. 

The tooth had been loose for a week. I was relieved at the wiggling because Grace already had two big teeth coming in behind her baby teeth on the bottom. She had two rows of teeth! My little shark girl. It was time a few started to loosen. At first, the thought of losing a tooth terrified Grace. Then she remembered the Tooth Fairy and that helped a bit. But still, would it hurt? 

It turns out the tooth just popped out as she was wiggling it with her tongue. No pain whatsoever. Perfect! 
Grace was so excited and I was equally excited for her. The boys rallied around her and cheered and clapped for her first tooth, adding to her excitement.

Grace immediately went to work on her Tooth Fairy envelope. Yes, the Tooth Fairy is rather lazy around these parts and instead of leaving the tooth under a pillow it is put in and envelop on and hung on a door where the Tooth Fairy leaves the money. Genius. And lazy. Whatever.

Gracie decorated her envelope and was so excited to tape it to her door.
Before bed Gracie excitedly told me that she didn't think she'd be able to sleep tonight. She was so "cited"! She just knew she would see the Tooth Fairy's sparkly wings glowing beneath her door. "They sparkle, you know!" she said.

I hope the fairy can find some glitter to leave at the door so that Grace can see traces of the magic left behind.

Yes. Another last first. Our baby took yet another step away from babyhood. And meanwhile, I'm holding on for dear life.


Anonymous said...

How true is that - Life is made up of the small things. Loosing teeth seems to age them - so fast, but she sure looks ready! :)

Naqvee said...

Well, you made me remember my first but last too... It was like 21 years back :) I remember I was in school drinking water from the cooler when I realised I have got something in the water glass and to my surprise my front pair of teeth dropped in there :( It was so funny/weird/embarrassing because my teacher and classmates cheered me when I returned to my class :S
My cheeks turned scarlet!!
Keep it up with your life!!
Love Naqvee

Peruby said...

We'll still be reading here on your blog when your grandchildren start losing their teeth. Hang in there!

Tabor said...

That is such a cool idea...tooth fairy envelope. LOVE IT!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Smart tooth fairy! Beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing it.

betty said...

I love how you do the tooth fairy :)

How exciting for Grace!!

It is good you are writing events like this to remember; I can't remember now the details of when my kids lost their first teeth.


Bijoux said...

I remember those days of falling asleep and forgetting to play tooth fairy....or getting caught! LOL....I like your idea!

Hilary said...

Awww how sweet is that! I like your idea of the envelope. I got caught so many time (without my glitter, at that!) and there's only so often you can tell your kid that you're just making sure that the tooth hadn't fallen behind the bed.

Wisconsin Girl said...


lime said...

your tooth fairy may be lazy but ours was so forgetful she got a note about having forgotten to take a tooth for 3 nights in a row. yeah, it was that bad.

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