Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's Not A Holiday Until Someone Vomits

Why do all holidays end in vomit?

Oh, yours don't? Just mine?


The day was humming along so well, too.

The day began (far too early, but alas, I couldn't get back to sleep) with happy children piling cards and clever homemade gifts upon me. Todd bought me a beautiful water fountain that I had had my eye on for the back patio. I drank my coffee and had a good long time to sit back and relax into the morning.

We took my mother to an early lunch and had a lovely time laughing and telling stories. After lunch we went over to Todd's mom's house for a cookout. More food and relaxing.

When evening came I went to my brother's tattoo shop to have an addition to my tattoo done. I had been wanting this addition for quite some time and I finally was getting it done. Twelve years ago I got a butterfly tattoo (typical, I know, but I loved it). When I had kids I wanted to add them on as butterflies coming from my main butterfly.

So, off I went to see my brother.
We plotted out the design together and then got to work. Soon, Todd and the kids stopped in to watch too.
Before I knew it the tattoo was done.

I love it. The kids love it. Job well done.

Then we all went home, the kids took showers, Todd made a fire, and we all sat down to relax for a little while before bed. The kids went to bed with minimal hassle and I went downstairs to sit in front of the fire.

Suddenly I hear Grace screaming my name. Back upstairs I go and find that she has vomited all over her bed. ALL. OVER. HER. BED. It was quite a bit. Did I mention we ate a TON of food today? Cuz, yeah, we did.

I'm not sure why every holiday in our house has to end up with someone vomiting. I'm not sure why I'm even surprised when it happens anymore.

I went about cleaning up Grace, remaking her bed, and cleaning up the dirty bedsheets.

Now I sit and listen. And wait. It is the waiting game now. Will it happen again? Was it a fluke? Is she really sick? I don't know. And I imagine I will spend most of the night waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I suppose it is rather fitting that Mother's Day ends with me cleaning up my child's vomit, right? It makes sense. That's what I do. That's what I'm here for.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


betty said...

I love the tattoo. I don't know why, but I never thought of you as a tattoo person (not that there's anything wrong with tattoos, love them myself especially if they are tastefully done). How cool too to have a brother who does tattoos!! So sorry about the sickness; so true you don't know, fluke or virus and then how many more will get it? Oh the joys of motherhood, but so many wonderful benefits of it too! Happy Mother's Day!


Tabor said...

I am so not into tattoos and cannot tell you how odd I find it that your brother is doing this....but I also just love that tattoo and a fascinated by this part of your life! AS for vomit...vomit happens and yes, it reassures you that your are a mother.

Bijoux said...

I've seen my share of vomit on holidays! LOL!

It was a sad day here, as we had to take my son back to college for summer session.

Kat said...

Betty- Most people that don't know me that well are surprised to hear that I have a tattoo. However, those who know me well know that I am artistic and I also have a bit of a rebellious streak. I always liked being a bit different too. I got a tattoo long before they became so mainstream and while I was working in a bank. I wanted to find a spot on me that I could still wear sundresses and such and the tattoo wouldn't be seen. I always liked messing with people's idea of me a bit. Although now I could kind of like to get another one on my ankle or inside of my wrist. I'm still not sure, though. PLUS, my brother has always been an amazing artist and if you have a tattoo artist in the family it seems a shame not to get a tattoo. My brother is really good at making tattoos flattering on a woman's shape. You can't tell with the pic I posted but it is very femininely placed.

I feel tattoos have to be carefully thought out. Especially on women. I think women are beautiful all on their own so it is a shame to muck it up. I don't like to see too many tattoos on women. Same with men, I guess (one or two is fine), but their bodies are more utilitarian so it doesn't bother me as much. Does that make any sense?
I guess I like to be classy with an edge. ;)

Kat said...

Tabor- It was very weird to my parents when my brother first started tattooing too. I'm really happy for him though. He has always been an amazing artist and he found a way to make a living doing what he loves. His art will live with people forever. That's pretty cool. And he also doesn't do pics out of a book or anything. All of his tattoos are originals. He will take people's ideas from images they give him but then he will make it different for each person. Very cool.

Bijoux- That is a sad Mother's Day. :(

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Great idea on the tattoo and the fact that your brother did it for you is pretty cool!

And, Grace's face in the picture is hilarious.

Sorry about the puke. That's no fun at all!

Riahli said...

Love the tattoo! I've been mulling over getting one since I was a teenagers, ha ha! I now have one drawn that my friend helped me create, and I think I just might make the jump… some day soon. ;) It's fairly small and I keep going back and forth on placement, have to make up my mind eventually! I don't know how obvious I want it to be. It's two birds sitting on a branch with four little birds flying around them in the sky. I'm just going to get it in black ink though, nice and simple. At this point I'm mostly stuck on trying to find a referral to an amazing tattoo artist, wish I could get one from your brother! Great artist!

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