Friday, May 10, 2013


This is going to be a busy weekend. Lovely, but busy. We have so much we want to get done around the house and the yard in between a bunch of big events going on as well.

Not only do I have a major concert (Brahms, baby! And it is gonna be GOOD) to sing for tomorrow night (and dress rehearsal tonight) but it is also Mother's Day on Sunday (obviously) and also Todd and my 12th anniversary.  Twelve years on the twelfth.  That makes it a golden anniversary or something, doesn't it?  Not that we have anything really special planned since we are kinda busy already, but that's okay.

It reminds me of a conversation Todd had with his father many years back.  Todd's parent's anniversary was approaching and Todd asked his dad if they were going to renew their vows to celebrate.  Todd's dad looked at him and said, "Son, I renew my vows to your mother every morning when I get out of bed.  Each day I renew my vows.  I don't need a special ceremony to do that."

That stuck with me.  And I think Todd and I both try to live that way too.

So, while I could be posting a lovely anniversary story on Sunday (maybe like this one or this one), or telling you again about how wonderful my husband is (like I did here), or even letting you in on The Story of Us, I will instead be celebrating the wonderful mothers we are fortunate to have.  And I feel blessed to be able to do so.

If you want to get a jump start on Mother's Day weekend please go to Elaine's blog and read her beautiful post.  It is such a gorgeous tribute to mothers and I am honored she allowed me to be a part of it.  Thanks, Elaine!  And well done!

Good music, celebrating mothers, celebrating love.  It is going to be a lovely weekend.  I hope you all have a perfectly lovely Mother's Day weekend as well!

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Kit said...

Congratulations to you both for Sunday! I know that when someone's age corresponds to the date of their birthday (e.g. they turn 8 on the 8th of the month) then it's known as their champagne birthday, so perhaps that makes this your champagne wedding anniversary :)

Bijoux said...

Happy Mother's Day and hope your anniversary is a sweet one.

Marty Hadding said...

Followed your link from photo story goodness you do have a busy weekend! Have a wonderful time at your concert and I hope you have a love Mother's Day and anniversary. Every seven years our anniversary falls on Mother's Day too :-)

Kat said...

Kit- Oooo. I like the sound of a "champagne" anniversary. Love it! :)

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the photo from your wedding.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy Mother's Day and anniversary!

Elaine Alguire said...

YOU are lovely. I always love your take on things in life, Kat. Truly I do. I hope you have a completely wonderful weekend, celebrating your family, motherhood and your marriage.

And thanks for contributing to and mentioning the post. :) said...

happy mothers day my friend. i have to work all weekend. but hubby bought me flowers today with the girls. it was a great suprise to come home and find them on the table.

Mom24 said...

Congratulations! and Happy Mother's Day. Hope it was a wonderful and full weekend.

Cyndy Newsome said...

Happy Anniversary too!

lime said...

well happy belated anniversary as well!

Karen Deborah said...

I love your wedding picture!!!! such a beautiful couple inside and out!

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