Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Tired

I'm wiped out.  Still.

As it turns out, giving blood was maybe not such a smart idea when I was already worn out and tired.  Also not very smart to give blood and then run around like a crazy woman the rest of the day packing everyone's bags, buying groceries, packing the cooler, and cleaning up the house.  Ah well.  Live and learn.

Our time up north was fun, but exhausting.  Or maybe I was just already too exhausted to begin with.

Because the kids had their cousins at the cabin with them there was even more excitement and madness than usual.  We decided not to go skiing (like I said, I was already exhausted) but there was plenty of outdoor play anyway.  Which means getting into long underwear, turtlenecks, snowpants, boots, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and extra socks.  Times four.  Then take it all off, throw it in the dryer, take them out of the dryer, and repeat the dressing process again (times four) a few times a day.  Whew.

(I had so much fun watching Ben and Grace go down the tiny hill onto the frozen lake.  Ben would drag the sled up, wait for Grace to get on and then take her down.  When they were done he pulled her back to the cabin.  Such a good brother.)

Yesterday we drove home in a snowstorm.  What usually takes us three hours ended up taking us seven hours.  The storm was not to blame, however.  That was our fault.  We made far too many stops and even drove an HOUR out of our way so that I could exchange a gift Todd got me for Christmas.

I had been telling Todd how I need a new purse but I also explained it wasn't something he could get me for Christmas because it is a very personal purchase. But, the guy is sneaky.  He saw my little advertisement on my sidebar for Coach purses and looked into it.  He got a great deal on a Coach purse online and it was a beautiful bag. However, it was super large and I am not a large purse girl. I am also not a girl that can spend an exorbitant amount of money on a purse. Seriously, I think my most expensive purse is maybe thirty dollars.  I am thrifty, people.  So, even the great deal Todd got on the purse made me feel guilty for spending that much money.

So anyway, on our way home from up north we stopped at the mall in Green Bay where I was supposed to be able to exchange my purse for something smaller (or just return my purse since I had such guilty feelings about the money) but was told that I could not exchange it there.  I had to go to Appleton to the Coach store or to Oshkosh to the Coach outlet store.  I was prepared to return the purse via the mail and just go home, but over lunch at Olive Garden Todd convinced me to just take a look in Oshkosh at the outlet store since those purses would most likely be much less expensive.

I was wary about going an hour out of our way home but Todd was determined. The man wanted me to have a Coach purse.  He kept telling me that I don't have expensive jewelry or shoes and that a purse that will last a long time and costs a bit more it not too much to ask.  He is a good man.

So, in the snowstorm we went.  The kids were not pleased.  Todd told them that they could play Angry Birds on his phone while I looked at purses and that seemed to help.

I walked into the Coach outlet store and WOAH, people.  There was 50% off pretty much everything in the store.  And then the saleswoman handed me a coupon for an additional 30% off and 10% off of that.  HELLO!!!  That brought the prices of the purses down to a very reasonable range.  I couldn't believe it. I was floored. The husband even ran into the store to help me pick them out, told me to get three purses, and then ran back out to the truck to watch the kids.  All the ladies in the store thought he was dreamy. He is.

Anywho, after exchanging my purse for TWO other smaller purses I was able to get money back. HAHA!  Eureka!  I must say it was worth the extra hour (in a snowstorm).  I'm not sure the kids thought so, but they were good sports about it.

I have never been a labels girl, but these purses are gorgeous.  Seriously.  So pretty.
Two bags for less than half of the price of one.  If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Oshkosh you must get thee to the outlet stores.  I always knew they were supposed to have great deals but I never actually shopped there before.  Now that I know the huge deals I think I should steer clear of Oshkosh.

So, that is my very long story (sorry) of "The purse and the good husband".  I still feel strange having a Coach purse (or two).  I feel as though I should go around explaining "I got a HUGE deal on this!" to everyone.  It makes me sweaty just thinking about it.

I think I am finally getting a little bit of strength back today.  And since we got at least a few more inches of snow here I might even take the littles out sledding to our favorite hill.  That will definitely wear me out.  And we have friends coming in tonight for a Pre New Years Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant.  Life is just party, party, party around here.  After today and tonight I think I'll be good and exhausted again.  But sometimes the exhaustion is worth it.  I'll sleep when I'm dead.  ;)


Bijoux said...

Oh man, do I love a good deal like that. I own one Coach purse, that was a gift from my inlaws. I have had it for 15 years and it is THE best. Brown leather messenger style. I hope it never goes out of style. I wrote a post about helping a girl I was chaperoning get a Coach purse in Chinatown. I believe it was April 2011 if you have time to read it.

Hope you get some energy for New Years Eve!

Tabor said...

I have never owned any article of clothing that is really expensive unless you count my leather coat. But you deserve it and clearly it is going to make your husband very happy!

Riahli said...

Haha, you make me giggle! I'm the same way about stuff and have such a HARD time spending money on myself {or letting my husband spend money on me}. I would have been SO excited about the deal, and to get money back! That is awesome, makes the whole thing even better right!?! And the purses are super cute. Your hubby is so sweet! :)
I would feel like I had to explain as well, so I understand where you are coming from... even if it is silly. :) I think I got it from my mom, she really drove the whole waste not, want not thing into my head. :) But it's good to get spoiled every once and a while! :) I hope you know that!!!! You deserve it, hard working mommy!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You TOTALLY deserve a treat!
I am not a purse or label girl either so I feel ya.
Your husband is awesome!!

That corgi :) said...

Liked the purses!! Great deal too! Where we used to live there were outlet stores, one being Coach. It was always interesting to go shopping and see the line of people waiting to get into the store (before it opened). They do have good deals if you watch for them indeed!

Sounds like a busy fun time of memories being made!! You are right; time to sleep will come later so just enjoy the best you can now!

Happy New Year!


Dawn said...

I'm still tired from Christmas too. I loved the story about the purses. Your husband is such a sweetie, and you totally deserve a great purse- or two.

lime said...

ok, so now you and i know both yoga classes and excessive activity just doing holiday stuff are OUT after blood donations ;)

very sweet of todd to insist on you having something nice. i'm not a brand girl either. my coach story is i saw my bff had a wristlet. i hate any kind of purse so i just liked that it was such a tiny little thing with a wrist strap so as to not lose it. for my birthday she gave me one and said she made sure it wasn't one with a big obvious brand design. she had to explain to me that coach was a designer brand. i literally had no idea. lol

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Good job giving blood. I heard there's been a shortage lately.

And what a yucky drive, but glad you made it...and with two awesome purses and money back. Woo hoo!

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