Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rain Days

Rainy days and Mondays Snow Days always get me down.

I remember a time when it took something colossal to cancel school for an entire day.

This morning school was cancelled on account of a snow storm.  The problem is that we don't have a snow storm.  It is raining.  And there is not any snow predicted until later this evening, if at all.  I'm mystified.  This is Wisconsin, people!  We can handle the possibility of snow!

Normally I would love to have a free day from school to hang out with my kids, but snow days are much less fun when there is no snow.  Not only that but the kids had exciting stuff going on at school today.

Ben's class was getting a special treat for behaving so well and were celebrating with a pajama day and popcorn.  Tommy's class was doing their gift exchange and Christmas party.  And Grace, along with her classmates, was going to give her very first Christmas performance for the parents and then we were making gingerbread houses together.  She has been walking around the house singing, "Jingle bells all the way, HEY!  Jingle bells all the way, HEY!" for the last few weeks.  And she even had a fancy dress picked out.  Such a bummer.

The boys have a half day tomorrow but it is already jam packed with a nativity play (that Tommy is the narrator for), more Christmas parties, a talent show (that both Joey and Ben are in with their classmates), and a special luncheon with all the families.  I hope that school isn't cancelled again tomorrow when we actually might have a bit of snow.  


Tabor said...

Do they not follow the state or county weather decisions? It sounds like your kids are going to a private school...are the public schools closed? It does seem wasteful to not have the children at school because of heavy rain!

Kat said...

Tabor- Our kids go to a parochial school and they follow whatever the school district is doing. So, if the whole school district is closed then so is our school. So silly. Still just raining here.
Oh well. We are making the most of it. Lots of baking. :)

Bijoux said...

I have noticed in the last five years the same thing....early cancellations, based on the possibility of bad weather. While I appreciate their concern for safety, it backfires when you wind up having to mak up days in the summer, because you've gone over the 5 day limit. That's a huge bummer to miss out on the Christmas celebrations. But I do hope the rain doesn't turn into snow. It's pouring here, too.

That corgi :) said...

That was the one nice thing I liked about living in Montana in the winter months (actually I loved living in Montana for the eight years we lived there, just didn't care for the snow and cold weather :), but they NEVER closed the schools no matter what. The school secretary just laughed when after we moved there, I asked what number we called to see if school was cancelled (having lived in Santa Fe New Mexico where they closed the school at a hint of snow). She said in her 18 years of working for the schools, they only closed twice, once for -20 degree weather and once after Mount St. Helen exploded with the volcano and there was lots of ash in the air. But it was so easy to just wake up and know the kids were going to school; though my son always wanted to have a snow day.

But this close to the holidays with so much fun activities, I agree, it would be a bit of a "bummer" to miss all that fun! Stay dry!


Kat said...

Bijoux- Not only that, I imagine the parents that both work are might put out that one of them has to call into work to stay home with the kids on a day like this. I am lucky that I am at home anyway, but what a huge inconvenience for parents who both work.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Such a bummer the kids had to miss all of those activities for such little snow. Our area seemed like one of the only little pockets where the kids did have school. Everyone around us had off and schools are even cancelling already for tomorrow. It's crazy! Although ice may be much more of a problem tomorrow. Hope your kids get to go have fun and enjoy the festivities! I know Sam is excited for their Christmas party and gift exchange. By the way, I can't even believe what you got done did you do it?!??! You must feel a huge sigh of relief going into the weekend so prepared. Have fun and have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!!!

Dawn said...

That happens here too, just for the threat of snow! It drives me crazy, because those days have to be made up, and it cuts into their summer. Of course, now that we're homeschooling it doesn't really matter. ;p

Hilary said...

I've noticed that here, from time to time.. though admittedly, I'm out of the school closure loop.

I tend to suspect that they have X number of days that can be taken for snow days each trimester and if they're reaching the end of one and haven't had a snow day, they'll leap at the prospect of simple bad weather.

I might be making that up. ;) But then again, you never know.

Kat said...

Hilary- We do have a certain amount of snow days to use for the entire year but our problem is normally it is not enough and then we have to make up the days in summer. Just another reason using these snow days on days with NO SNOW is silly.
BUT, the kids have school today (which is funny because last night we got snow). WOOHOO!!!! Party time! It is only a half a day so they will have a lot to cram into that small amount of time considering they also have a nativity play and a talent show. Should be a fun day! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My boys didn't have school today, but the public school had a half day scheduled--and it got canceled. Everyone is MAD about it, too.

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