Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Preparation

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  I'm sure many of us are thankful that we get an extended weekend away from work and school, but what does it really mean to us?

I logged on to Facebook this morning and got a briefing on Memorial Day etiquette from a friend.  I am so thankful for his post that I asked to repost it on my blog.  You may remember him from a post I did a while back.  If you missed it (or even if you read it) I suggest you read it here.

This is what Nels has to say about Memorial Day:
"Memorial Day was set aside to honor the dead and decorate their graves. It is a day with special meaning to veterans. It's a free country, everybody doesn't need to mark the day in somber fashion. But here are some points of etiquette from a vets point of view:
1) memorial day is 'observed' as opposed to 'celebrated'
2) don't thank vets for their service- Veteran's day is Nov 11- my service was far less costly than my honored comrades
3) don't say 'happy Memorial Day'
Once in your life, go to the ceremony at the end of the parade. They'll explain the history of Memorial Day, read the Gettysburg Address and render funeral honors. I organized a firing detail in theatre and will never have dry eyes at Taps again.

Repost or share, if you'd like. The hardest part of coming home has been the disconnect with folks that haven't gone over. Memorial Day, at least for me, is where that disconnect is most apparent."

While I understand Nels' request for no "thank you"s on Memorial Day, because he wants the focus to be on the vets who have lost their lives serving, I can't help but take every opportunity to thank a vet any chance I get.  They may not have lost their lives serving our country, but they were willing to.  We owe all we have in this great country to our service men and women.

I hope you all have a wonderful extended weekend, and no matter what you do on Monday I hope you find time to honor the veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Mary Ellen said...

I agree completely and just shared this on my facebook wall as well.

Mom24 said...

Beautiful Kat. I'll be extra proud this year as Jacob marches in the Memorial Day parade--the largest in Ohio.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very clarifying--thanks, Kat.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Perfect Kat, thank you for posting this!

Elaine A. said...

I get what he is saying but I agree with you, those still living were willing to die for their country.

Enjoy your long weekend! (I know you will, Kat!) :)

lime said...

a good reminder. i was really sad to see there was no parade in our town this year and they changed the date of the remembrance ceremony so we missed it all. we've taken the kids to the ceremony every year. said...

you hit that one right on the head. so many have lost there lives but there are the ones that lived to tell about it. anyway hope you enjoyed the day with the family and remembered those that keep us free of everything in our some what safe world..

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