Monday, June 4, 2012

Me Time

It's 10:15 when Todd decides he can't keep his eyes open anymore and he heads off to bed.  I kiss him goodnight and tell him I'll be up in a few minutes after I finish this chapter.

The chapter comes to an end and keeps me so on edge that I go on to the next chapter.  And then the next chapter after that.  And then a few more.  I pause for the first time to glance up at the clock and notice that it is now 12:50.  Oh crap.  Three late nights in a row.  Why did I do that?

I reluctantly put my book down and head to the bathroom to wash up.  I blow out the candles, pick up a few pairs of shoes, straighten out the blankets, make the coffee for the next day, turn out the lights, and check the locks on the doors.  I make my way up the stairs into my bedroom and slip into bed next to my sleeping husband.

The next thing I know I am being woken up.

"Honey.  It's 7:20 and the boys say it is crazy hair day today.  If you are gonna do their hair you'd better get going." Todd says gently.

"Oh shoot. That's right.  I promised I would make them look crazy."  I can barely squeak out.

I lug myself out of bed, grab the tiny rubber bands, the hairspray, my comb, and some gel and make my way downstairs.

"Mom!  Is it crazy hair day today?"  the boys ask me anxiously.  I assure them that it is and before I even have my cup of coffee I ask them to sit down so that I can get started.

I go at them with everything I've got and when I think they are finished I get out the kool aid.  This is always their favorite part.  I dye the tips of their little pony tails red and add some goofy makeup to their faces for good measure.

"You're SURE that it's crazy hair and make up day, right mom?"  Tommy asks me again.

"Yes.  I'll check again just to be sure."  I reassure him.

"I would feel really stupid if we went to school like this and it wasn't crazy hair day, mom." Tommy says laughing.

I check the "last week of school" schedule again and show them that it really is crazy hair and make up day.  They are relieved.

The boys excitedly grab their backpacks and head for the door with their daddy.  As soon as they are gone I remember that I forgot to take pictures.  Poo.  Well, I have to be at school in 45 minutes to watch Tommy read to his class anyway, I'll take pictures then.

I get Gracie up, dress her, and feed her.  I quickly get dressed, throw my hair back, and get my purse.  Out the door we go to watch Tommy.  I take pictures of Tommy and then search the school for Joey and get a picture of him too.

I usher Ben and Grace back to the car and go home.  I start in on the 6 loads of laundry and then get my running clothes on.  I give the kiddos a snack and they come down in the basement to play while I run on the treadmill.  Forty minutes later we are back upstairs.  I change out the laundry and then take a quick shower.  I come back downstairs, my hair still dripping wet, and make lunch.  I start folding load number one as the kids munch on their sandwiches.

Shortly after they are done eating it is nap time.  I usher them off to bed and then quickly dry my hair before I make myself a little something to eat.  I eat quickly and then run back downstairs to fold load number 2.  I wash up all the dishes and head outside to water all the plants.  By the time I come back in it is time to fold load number 3.  A few more minutes and the boys will be coming home from school and Ben and Grace will be getting up from their naps.

A few minutes.  Just for myself.  I grab my first cup of coffee of the day, put my feet up, and grab my book.  Ahh.  Me time.

Just as I'm opening my book the dog comes over, rests her head on my lap and lets out a little whine.  She has to go out.

I slowly drag myself off of the chair and walk over to the door to let her out.  As I wait for her by the door I remind myself that I really should get that card out in the mail today.  And I have to call and schedule that doctor appointment too.  And the bathroom looks so dirty I might as well clean it now.  

I guess the book will wait.


Tabor said...

I remember those days. It bothers me that we can't have a balance in our lives. Now I have very little time with those little ones I love and lots of time to read!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh, girl. I know days like those. But love the hair!

Kelly said...

I've had quite a few nights lately where I've stayed up way too late reading. It feels so good when I do it, but then I regret it the next day.

Loved those hairdos!! :)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Oh, this is exactly my life right now. I have no energy to do anything after I put the kids to bed and most days I even nap when they nap. I am just so TIRED and am getting no me time. But, in a few years I'll probably have more me time than I can handle:) After all, we are blessed with these amazing kids of ours, aren't we:) BTW, I'm on load 1 of about 8 loads of laundry I need to do today too!

Allison said...

Sounds very familiar!!!! However, I did get some much needed ME time....see my most recent blog post...

Lora said...

Yep. What's a book? ;)

CC said...

they. look. adorable.!!!!

lime said...

dearie, that schedule right there is why you've had three late you can get some me time. ;)

and the crazy hair is very cute. said...

That is part of being a stay at home mom. Things would be worse if you were working.. But keep it up and you will get your me time. That is what the 3 late nights are saying. Hope all is well.

Lindsay Y. said...

Haha!! I love reading play by plays of another busy mom's day....makes me feel normal, especially when 90% of the mom blogs out there make their days look like unicorns and glitter, thus making everyone else feel like pathetic losers! Thanks for the reality - such is life right now, right?!

Riahli said...

Now this I can very well relate to, it's as if almost every day ends up like this, but it happens with out fail when I have a great book I want to read. ;)

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