Monday, June 18, 2012

Making It Better

This past week has been all about trying to make Gracie feel better.  Even though she was feeling a smidge better, and was able to sit up without too much pain, she was still a sad little pickle.  

I decided to test a theory I have. I dressed Grace in a new sundress I had just purchased.  I brushed her hair and put it in a ponytail.  I got out her stroller, brought her out on the back patio with me while the boys played, and painted her finger nails and toe nails.  When I was all done fancying her up she was like a brand new girl.  Her mood had lightened.  My theory worked.  Sometimes pampering yourself, and fixing yourself up, makes you feel so much better.  

Grace was even brave enough to try her swing.  She was so happy to be out of the house, off the couch, playing with her brothers again. 
And it didn't even hurt her leg!  She went higher and higher on her swing, enjoying the breeze through her hair.

When the excitement of the swing wore off we decided to take a walk.  We put Grace in her stroller (I am so thankful we hadn't given it away yet, like we had planned), put on the new hat that she got from grandma, and away we went.

We walked to one of our favorite spots, the cemetery, and enjoyed going up and down the big hills and watching Molly run and play.  We told fun stories about grandpa as we watered his flowers (and my sister's flowers too), and then walked to great grandma's and great grandpa's graves to water their flowers as well.
We had a lovely time at our beautiful cemetery.  It turned out to be a much longer walk than we had planned and we were all kind of pooped out by the time we got home.
Still, it was a turning point for Grace.  Since then she has been happier knowing that there are still some things she can do and enjoy.  We were even able to get out on Saturday and take the kids to a movie.  Good times.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day, as I'm sure most of you would expect.  While the kids were well behaved at church, and we had a lovely time at Todd's folks' house, there was an underlying sadness for me.  I really missed my dad yesterday.  More than I anticipated.  And there were other things too.  The fact that Todd's dad is rapidly declining, for one, and many other little sadnesses that I won't get into.  Bittersweet.

This morning at 5 a.m. I woke up to booming thunder and pounding rain.  Though I love my sleep I was content to lie awake listening to the storm.  Listen as it soothed the dry grass.  Listen and it slapped against the roof.  Listen as it shook the windows.  Listen as it made everything clean.  Made everything better.

Now the storm is gone.  The sun is shining.  The windows are open.  Warm winds drift through the house.  And in my head I think of plans to make today better.


Elaine A. said...

You are such a good Mommy to find ways to cheer her up! And the shot of her on the sofa with the hat over her face is just too good!

I know yesterday was hard for you. Thinking of you, my friend...

ROBIN said...

So glad she is feeling better. Looks like she had a great time with her brothers and Molly of course. Sorry for your sadness you felt. Hope today was a good day for you.

April said...

Oh poor Grace! I need to catch up and see what happend to the peanut. It looked like Mommy still managed to create a super fun day!

Tonya said...

I'm glad you were able to make the day enjoyable for Grace. I'm sorry you felt sad yesterday.

Mom24 said...

Aww, I hope that ends up being a turning point for her. So sad, but good for you for turning it around.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Big, big hugs to you all.

Hilary said...

Oh that last photo is just adorable. I'm glad that Grace has managed to find things to enjoy.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Thank God for waterproof casts these days! She would be so hot if she couldn't get it wet...

I am sorry that Father's Day was so bittersweet for you. I hope that next year brings only happy memories and that your father-in-law isn't in any pain...

Take care, hon. This summer WILL still be grand! said...

i cant believe she is almost what 3 now in August? its amazing. I am glad you found a way to cheer her up. its not easy having a broken foot or let. I know from exp.

Karen Deborah said...

I take a month off and look at all that has happened in your life! CRAP! BUT you have got great instincts and your a good nurse. My daughter did this for me and it really does help! Giving some tylenol or pain meds before activity will help too. I am so gald you got a waterproof cast! They really make a difference. Good night nurse.
I also love your post my mothers daughter and my fathers girl.
We have a lot in common.
love you sorry I wasn't here sooner! Will pray for all of this!

lime said...

sorry i am so terribly late getting here and so very sorry to hear of grace's broken leg. i am glad her brothers are being sweet to her and she is finding that mommy's suggestions do make life look a bit brighter even in frustrating times. here's to quick healing.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Such smart thinking! Glad it helped her feel better and she was able to enjoy being outside with her brothers.

Riahli said...

Great idea, a little pampering can always fix things up and makes us feel better. So sweet! I love a good rainstorm for those very reasons you just described. :)

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