Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is A Sign That I May Be Losing My Mind

Do you see what I did? Do you see this? On Friday I up and decided that I needed fish. Apparently I was looking for another way to complicate my life. I HAD to have some fish. So, I got a fish tank, all the extras, and then I had the boys help me pick out a bunch of fish. Very exciting.

Unfortunately, three of the fish have already died. Great. When I told Tommy that another one of the fish died he said, "Oh great! Stupid fish. We should have just gotten a dog!" Little does he know that while at the pet store picking out the fish tank his mumma fell in love with a rescue puppy that is up for adoption. Oh yes. We may be getting a dog too (more on that subject at a later date). I guess a 7 year old, a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 7 month old don't keep me busy enough. Now I want to throw a 4 month old puppy in the mix too.

Yep. I may have officially lost it.


Kelly said...

We've always had bad luck with fish, I don't know why. But we seem to do okay with the 2 cats, 2 gerbils, and 2 frogs in the house. Throw in the 3 boys and it's like we have our own little zoo. LOL

Good luck if you get a puppy. I don't envy you. :)

Riahli said...

Ha! I needed a laugh...I got a little pug puppy soon after Ira was born so I had three littles under three years old and a puppy...I guess we just like to torture our selves. Makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only crazy one. ;) Your boys really will love having a dog though...I can't say that I'm into it any more, but my boys really love their dog. Now I've been thinking about getting a rabbit, I don't what that is about having a baby and then thinking it would be a great idea to get another pet.

Good luck!

Robyn said...

Good luck.

Linda said...

My grandsons got hermit crabs. They just need a little feed, and bigger shells once in a while. The perfect pet! Your aquarium would be perfect for a couple of crabs.

painted maypole said...

must. not. let. husband. see. this. post.

he'd start badgering me. "why can't we have fish? AND a dog?"

ewe are here said...

I can't even imagine bringing a puppy into the chaos we call home here ... not to mention fish!

You are very brave.

Rima said...

I can't vouch for the puppy, but the fish won't give you any trouble. I try to avoid high maintenance - or really any maintenance - pets, but my daughter has a fish tank and so far it hasn't complicated my life at all. Except for when the first fish kicked it and i had to explain about life and death.

Mom24 said...

Ideally, the tank should have cycled for a week or two before you added fish. That's most likely why they're dying. Hang in there, they get easier.

I have no advice about the dog. I'd say run like crazy, but then I impulsively bought a dog and she is great. :)

Midwest Mom said...

Oh, Kat. We are doing the fish thing, too.

But you don't know how luck you are... our 'first batch' died within 12 hours. Fortunately, we got a little hardier fish the 2nd time around, and the ones in the tank now look like they'll make it. (Whew!)

Nothing like introducing the kids to life and death drama up close and personal...

Good luck!!
- Julia at Midwest Moms

Hattie said...

You sound just like me! Ha! Don't do it. Don't get a puppy. Take it from me you'll regret it later. We got one from Justin's mother for Christmas and who takes care of Who feeds it, cleans up it's messes, and bathes Whatever you do DO NOT get a puppy!!!

Hope you read this before you go get that puppy! Ha!

Elaine A. said...

So you may be a little certifiable. No big deal, we all are. Can't wait to meet the puppy! :)

Kat said...

Linda- My girlfriend and I were just talking about hermit crabs and how cool they are. Don't tempt me or I may just get some of those TOO. ;)

Rima- It is just all the cleaning of the tank and the stress of making sure the water is just so so that I don't get anymore casualties. I'm sure it won't be too bad. I hope.

Mom24- The folks at the pet store told us to get the tank set up for 2 or 3 days and then test the water, then add the fish. Which I did. Still, a few didn't make it. :( So far the other fish are doing well. We'll see. :)

Hattie- I fully intend to be the one who takes care of the dog. I have no delusions about that. Once I fully explain the story you may not be so opposed to this pup. ;)

Elaine- Hehe. Thanks, Laney! :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Uh-oh, I think some of my Dysfunction has rubbed off on you! We are planning on getting fish when we get moved in to the new house. I'm so excited for you about the puppy! I hope the rest of the fish live.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Could be worse. You could've gotten a little over excited in the fish store and purchased some cute little crabs and tiny little frogs only to discover later as you were adding the cute little frogs to the tank the cute little crabs were snagging them on the way down...

Think of all of the new blog posts you'll have after you've added a puppy to the mix :-)

Krystyn said...

Kat, holy hell...what are you thinking? You are right...certifiable.

Hope they are at least buying you some quiet time with the boys watching them.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Every time I feel weakened by the dog argument, I think of how mad I'll be stepping in it's poop since no one else will clean up after it. Then? I am good again.
Good luck to you! I can barely manage a CAT!

Karen Deborah said...

No puppies are great, just research how you are going to raise him. Potty training and all that good stuff. I need help voting for Grace. I can't find her.

Dawn said...

Yes, puppies are a ton of work! I'm guessing that with little ones though, you're at home often, which will actually be a big plus during the training stages. I highly recommend crate training. I thought it sounded mean at first, but it actually becomes a security thing for the dog and they like it- if they're used to it from the beginning.

Hilary said...

You have more guts than I do. I might have been up for a pet rock..

Tonya said...

I always get that way with dogs, that I want one and then it get cold outside and I realize that my 9 year old isn't going to walk that dog in the quickly changes my mind!

Fire Hunt said...

You can do it I have 4 kids and 4 pets and one of them are a dog.

Kat said...

Dysfunctional- I knew you would approve. :)

Jeri- Oh no! Poor little, cute froggies. :(

Krystyn- Yep. Certifiable. :)

Green Girl- I know. Dog poop. Gross. But then again, I wipe butts all day long anyway. ;)

Dawn- That is exactly what I was thinking. We are at a stage in our life where we are kind of tied to the house because of the young kids and baby anyway, so maybe now is the time to get a dog. And yes, we crate train. It works great! :)

Hilary- My boys actually have a TON of pet rocks. ;)

Tonya- Luckily we have a HUGE fenced in back yard. No grass right now. But hopefully we can plant some soon. :)

Fire Hunt- WOW! You are even crazier than I am. ;)

Nishant said...

I can't even imagine bringing a puppy into the chaos we call home here ... not to mention fish!
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Stephanie said...

Sounds like you love chaos. But at least it's in the way of a fish :) They are easy come, easy go. We have fish - but they live outside in the pond Tim made :)

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