Thursday, March 19, 2009

It Was A Lucky Day

We had the luck of the Irish on our side on St. Patrick's Day even though I am only slightly Irish. It was definitely not like the St. Patrick's Days of the past, drinking green beer with friends at a local Irish bar, but it was definitely one of the nicest St. Patty's Days I can remember.

The morning started out perfectly with my mom bringing over bakery (yeah, baby!) and spending some time with Ben and I while Joey and Tommy were in school. When she left Ben and I hustled to start the laundry and get to the store before picking up Tommy from school. As I went to drop off the groceries at home I pulled up to the house and noticed a little pink outfit hanging on my door. Our first little lady outfit had arrived by a mysterious donor. I drooled over it for only a few minutes and then rushed out the door to get Joey from school.

We had record breaking weather with temperatures close to 70. The boys and I spent every single moment we could outside, playing on the playground at school for an hour, zooming truck on the grass, swinging sticks in the puddles, and running around like lunatics. We quickly ate lunch and the boys took short little naps and were back outside in no time. I sat on the porch with my lemonade and my camera while the boys played in little boy heaven. It was perfect.

(Though Ben managed to get yet another owwie in the exact spot the last owwie just healed, it did not slow him down at all. Still, now we will have to wait another couple weeks to take his two year pictures.)

And. AND! When the hubby came home he told me how he had settled a massive case at work that he had been working on for the past three years. Oh happy day!

We finished up the day with peanuts and fruit snacks on the floor, barbecue for dinner, and snuggling on the couch afterwards.
(Yes, my shirt says "Green Beer Taste Tester" but I promise I didn't test any this year.) ;)
Yes. It was a lucky day.


Jaimie Kylene said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the nice weather we've been having (I think it reached 75 here yesterday!)

Your boys are very cute!
Do you think your little girl will be a blondy too?

Mom24 said...

What a truly wonderful day. I'm very happy for you.

Brittany said...

Hasn't the warmth been divine!?!?

I love the shirt! LOVE it! Please tell me you wore it out and about?!

Debby said...

What darling little leprechaun smiles your boys have!

Cassie said...

They look so cute in their matching green!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. We had great weather too and a cookout at my parents to celebrate my dad's last day of radiation so it was a great day here too.

Megan said...

Working on a case for 3 years?!? Whew!! Glad that's over! Love the pictures! Your boys are so handsome!

Emily said...

So cute! I love their matching green and those beautiful eyes!

Hattie said...

Cute pics of the boys!!! btw-congrats on the baby girl!!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

What a great day! Your boys are absolutely precious!

Dawn said...

Your boys are adorable...yes you are a lucky Mama. :) Wow...temps in the 70's!

Catwoman said...

A little girl!!!! CONGRATS!!!! She is going to be spoiled rotten and I feel bad for any boy who tries to show up at your house when she's a teenager, when she'll have THREE older brothers and a dad for him to contend with, yikes!!! :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Perfect day! I don't want to make you sad... I kept looking at Ben, he's not a baby anymore is he? I guess I should've expected that since my toddler seems to be nearing teenage years all of sudden.

Happy belated St Patty's Day!

Tammy said...

What a great day! We hit 74 degrees. It was terrific. Looks like you all had fun too.

Riahli said...

Now that sounds like an awesome day! Your boys are absolutely adorable. I was missing the green beer too this year, ah well. Wish I could say we were having 70 degree weather around here! I live in rainy NW Washington though and we are lucky to hit 70 mid summer. ;)

Elaine A. said...

Glad y'all were able to get outside! The boys are so cute in their green and Ben's hair is darling!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

They are so cute! You had me at bakery, though. ;-)

A FiveOh4 Uplifting said...

Your babies are adorable. :)

Jeni said...

Soooo cute, those boys are! And how much cuter yet it will be to see the three of them around a beautiful little sister too! Ain't life grand though?

Kat said...

Brittany- Thank you! I DID wear it out and abuot (even to pick the boys up from school-hehe). And I have a little belly now too, so people either thought I drank too much beer or that I was a pregnant lady to drinks. Nice. ;)

imbeingheldhostage- I KNOW! Ben is such a big boy now. I'm sure when baby arrives he'll look HUGE! *sniff, sniff*

Cheri- It was seriously the best bakery I've had in a while. It was a fresh long john with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!!!!! ACK!!!!

Jeni- Yep. Life is goooooood. :)

Sofea said...

oh gosh !!!!ur boys are soooooo cute !!!!!

CC said...

wow! I am sooooo jealous right now that your mom lives near-by. My mom is closest to us and she is 500 miles away!!!!! Boo hoo! Feel sorry for me please.

And the green beer shirts... awesome! ;)

Lance said...

What adorable children you have, Kat!

Loukia said...

OMG, how cute are your boys! They're simply adorable!

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