Monday, December 15, 2008

My Hot Date

After a crazy weekend with Todd bow hunting on Friday, all of us traveling a total of four hours to a very worth-it birthday party on Saturday afternoon, Todd hanging with his bud on Saturday night, and a hurried trip to church on Sunday morning I decided I need to go on a hot date. The kind of date I hadn't had in years. The kind of date that I always treasured but have not treated myself to since before I was married. I felt like a guilty, cheating wife but I knew I needed it. I asked Todd if he would stay home with the kids so I could go on a hot date. With myself.
I used to love going to movies by myself. I always felt it was so liberating. Not like the humiliation of going to dinner by yourself when you know people are looking at you with pity in their eyes. Going to the movies by yourself is a luxury.
Todd told me over and over again that he would go with me to see Twilight, but I didn't want him there. He hadn't read the book (I can't even PICTURE him picking that book up, HAHAHA) and I knew the movie just wouldn't do it for him. I wanted to be able to watch the movie with unabashed teenager lust without feeling Todd rolling his eyes in the seat next to me.
Todd and I threw the boys in bed for their naps and I took off a little early so that I could do some shopping, drive past the lake, and make it to the theater with plenty of time. As it turns out I shopped a bit too long and made it to the theater in just enough time to take yet another bathroom break (doggone pregnancy hormones!), grab some popcorn and soda, and find the perfect seat just as the previews started.
I was a fabulous hot (doggone pregnancy hot flashes!) date. I thoroughly enjoyed having that time to myself. I don't know if I have felt that young in a long time. And of course I came home happy and refreshed just as the boys were waking from their naps. When Todd asked me if I was lonely I tried not to laugh too hard.
It is my recommendation that you DO NOT go to see Twilight if you have not already read the book. So much has been cut out of the movie that many of the scenes or character reactions would not even make sense if you didn't first read the book. Please hold off on the movie until you finish the book.
That being said, if you like the book you will like the movie. The casting was perfect. I wasn't sure that Robert Pattinson was good looking enough to pull off the role of Edward but the first glimpse of him in the cafeteria changed all that for me. He carried it perfectly. There were a few over-acting moments from him, but easily forgivable in my mind. I do wish that they would have shaved his chest because his few straggly hairs were kind of distracting in some scenes. I think a bare chest would have given him a more "cold, stone" feel. And then also in some scenes the hair seemed to disappear. Maybe I'm just too observant. Other than that he was perfection.

(By hvyilnr on Flickr)

Kristen Stewart was a perfect Bella. She is a pretty girl without being unrelateable. She could very easily be your typical high school teenager. I was disappointed that they made her a bit more serious in the movie than in the book. In the book Bella has a great sarcastic wit, and it is seriously lacking in the movie. So much so that without it you wonder why Edward fell for Bella in the first place.

The only casting that I thought they got wrong were the two boys that were supposed to be crushing on Bella. First off, they made Eric appear to be gay and then the next thing you know he is sparing with Mike over Bella. Huh? And Mike? Isn't he supposed to be a hunky jock? He looked super nerdy to me. Mike is supposed to be good looking and cool enough that he gives Edward little pangs of jealousy and then amusement when Bella turns Mike down flat when he asks her to the dance. Neither Eric nor Mike seemed to fit for me. I thought they were either poorly cast, or poorly directed.
The movie did a fair, but not great, job of staying close to the book. I realize there is a time crunch in turning this book into a two hour movie, but I didn't like how they changed the timeline of certain things around and how they changed scenes altogether. It kind of made me sad. One example is when Bella and Edward are having dinner in Port Angeles right after he rescues her for the umpteenth time. This scene is supposed to be a pivotal moment of Bella asking a million questions and Edward actually answering them for the first time. This scene was cut so short and then replaced with the scene in the woods at school the next day. I didn't like the change. You miss the whole building of the relationship between Edward and Bella this way.
There were saving scenes though, too. Bella meeting Edward's family was fabulous. Loved it. The first time Bella sees Edward was awesome. LOVED the baseball scene. But I think one of my favorite scenes (though it is a small one) was again in Port Angeles when Bella was cornered by the group of guys and Edward comes speeding to her rescue. I think that was just about the sexiest scene in the whole movie. I think that was the first time I saw Edward as a SEXY, manly, hero (although the first rescue was pretty hot too). Whew. Makes me sweat just thinking about it (doggone pregnancy hormones!).
Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie because it made the book come to life for me. It was so close to how I had imagined it in my head. And that is always a compliment for a movie. The only parts I didn't like were the ones that strayed from the book a bit. And I wish they would have showed the development of Edward and Bella's relationship a little more. I don't think there are any Twilight fans that would have been bothered if the movie was another half an hour longer but was able to go more in depth by doing so. It would have helped the story line tremendously. Was it a fabulous movie? No. Did I love it? Yes. And if you loved the book you'll love the movie, too.


Cassie said...

I liked it too, though I agree that it wasn't a fabulous movie. I could not get over Jasper's facial expressions though. I mean, I know what he was supposed to be portraying but he just looked so weird and uncomfortable the whole time. I laughed every time he came on the screen.

Kat said...

Me too! I thought he did a very poor job of showing his internal struggle on his face. The only scenes I liked him in were the baseball scenes. Just goofy.

Laura said...

Thanks for the recomendation! I am about to start reading it, and will wait to complete thebook before seeing the movie.

Brittany said...

He was constipated girls! Jasper was constipated. That's what I decided! :)

Cassie said...

I definitely agree with the constipated comment. In fact Edward looked a little constipated himself a few times. ha!

Oh also, I have an award for you over at my place :)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I haven't read the book so I won't see the movie until I do, but the scraggly chest hair? Ack. [Gagging]. Maybe I won't see the movie at all and just read the book.

Kat said...

Cassie & Brittany- Constipated! Hahaha!! I just thought he looked too meak. Not at all like a vampire should, even if he is struggling not to eat someone.

Not Your Aunt Bea- SEE THE MOVIE. Seriously. Let me just tell you, Edward is SEXY! SEXY! I didn't think he would be, but he pulls it off. The looks he gives Bella are priceless. And he does have this charm to him. Nice. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've heard similarly mixed reviews...but more importantly, I'm SO glad you took yourself on a date! I hope you do it again soon!

Amy said...

I went totally expecting it to suck (based on reviews I had read)but I was pleasantly surprised. The music got to me sometimes and Jasper's hair? Blech. I couldn't convince my hubby to stay home and I worried a lot but he actually liked it. Big surprise especially considering he has never read the book and kept calling it a chick flick. I would have to agree with just about every observation you made, overall it was better then it could have been. Now I am worried how they will do the next one.

Dawn said...

Oh all right...I'll read the book! I'm curious now...particularly because my husband grew up in Forks. I like the idea of going on a "date" by yourself. I wouldn't be lonely either, I would just enjoy that time to myself. My husband rolls his eyes at most of the movies I like. ;)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Good for you for taking yourself out! We all need to do this once in a while!

I am looking forward to reading that book--I want to see what all the excitement is about. Maybe after that I'll see the movie.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

well good for you- that you had a date with yourself (does that sound too weird)

Stephanie said...

In my humble opinion, I think you are totally a hot date!

I'm glad you liked the movie and had some time to yourself. We ALL need days like those.

Momisodes said...

What a fabulous date! I agree that heading to the movies alone is quite liberating. Especially not needing to share any popcorn!

Thanks for the review and tips. I definitely need to read the books.

Tonya said...

I've never gone to the movies by myself I'll have to give it a try! Glad you had fun on your hot date ;)

imbeingheldhostage said...

AAAAAGH spoilers!!! I just kept my hand over my eyes for your review, sorry. My night is Friday!!! (finally)

Laura McIntyre said...

I have not been to the movies by myself in years, glad to know im not the only one who loves doing that.

Im dying to read Twilight to see what all the fuss is about, Santa is bringing me a copy for Christmas and cannot wait

krissy said...

Perfect review for the movie. I agree. I loved the movie yet if you were not a twilight reader then you would be bored to tears. Edward made me wet my pants. So scrumptious. Bella, yep, too serious for the movie. More humor would have been tolerable and more personality. She is very drab. Cannot wait for New Moon.

I also think the movie did it for me because I read all the books before seeing the movie. It made more sense to me too.

Hot flashes suck, eh????

Megan said...

Yay for "hot dates" with yourself!! I like going out by myself as well.. I didn't realize you were pregnant again, and then I noticed the picture on the sidebar..this is recent news right!?! Congrats!!!

Danielle said...

I've read the book and can't wait to see the movie!!! I think I'm feeling a hot day coming my way!!! Thanks for the review!

Kristin said...

LOL! Glad you throughly enjoyed your date night!

Krystyn said...

This mommy might have to have a date night with herself, too!

I still have to go see Twilight. I liked your review better than some others. said...

Hmmm. I now wonder if Krystyn means mine?! Did you read Midnight Sun before you saw it? I think that was just as important. And, I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't a huge fan of Stewart as Bella, but I was a convert on Pattinson. I'm really worried about all the bad things I keep hearing about New Moon.

Kristen said...

YEA for you!!! So glad to hear that you got some YOU time. Seriously there is no price to high for a little Mama on her own time!!

Hope you get to do it again real soon!!

Elizabeth Bonds said...

This is a great post and great review. I have no seen the movie, but am in the middle of reading all of Stephenie Meyer's books. I usually wait to see movies until after I've read the book, if there is one, but I have been really wanting to see this movie. So much so I was going to even though I haven't finished the book. I won't now.

I am not a Mom so I don't really understand about wanting to go to the movies alone, but it was fun to read about.

Kathryn said...

If I take a good book as my date, I never feel lonely at a dinner by myself...I LOVE it! A movie by myself is awesome too, glad you got that hot date!

Elaine A. said...

Glad you has some ME time, we all need that every once and a while. I love seeing movies by myself sometimes too!

Kelly said...

I agree that the movie would be more enjoyable if you had read the book. I loved it so much that I went to see it twice. Now I'm dying for them to do the rest of the movies. Book 3 is my favorite so I'm really anxious to see that in a movie.

I've seen a lot of interviews with the guy that plays Edward and he's not that attractive in real life, too rumpled and scruffy. But in the movie, yummy!!!

Robyn said...

I'm glad you got a hot date it. I haven't succumbed to the books yet.

The Griper said...

ohhh criminy, this is one of those posts i dare not say what i am thinking. you're mean, kat. lol

Kat said...

The Griper- Say what now?

Lisa said...

I was supposed to go with a bunch of girlfriends tonight. Instead we're having a snow storm. Damn winter anyway!!! Loved the book though :)

maggie's mind said...

Tom and I have been reading Twilight aloud to each other since the big move road trip. So far, so good. I look forward to the movie, and I loved your review of it and also glad that you got some time to yourself to just enjoy.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I came back--- to see what I missed when I had my hands over my eyes... you and I think very much alike I think!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I totally agree with your review (although I didn't notice the chest hair, LOL). And, I wouldn't have minded if the movie had been about 3 hours longer, but hey, that's just me.

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