Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- The Beautiful and Great Lake Michigan


4littlemen said...

Now that looks peaceful! Beautiful picture.

Brittany said...

Oh so stunning!

Beck said...

That is beautiful!

Kellan said...

Isn't our world simply magnificent - what a great picture! See ya.

theflyingmum said...

I lived in Chicago for 5 years and I was always amazed at how BIG that lake is. I swear I could imagine that it was the ocean (minus the briny smell). I especially loved the end of winter when the big blocks of ice at the shore would start breaking up. The sound of them rubbing together with the swells was almost deafening! Thanks for bringing back some great memories.
Also, good for you for sharing your cookie-baking genius with us!

Kathryn said...

Flying Mum-
I am IN LOVE with Lake Michigan. Every time we have someone visiting from out of state they are always shocked at the size and beauty of the lake. Growing up I lived less than a mile from the lake and took it for granted. Then I moved away for a while, and now that I am back I am OBSESSED with it. We live about a half mile from the lake and I run along the beach all the time. Almost every time I go out on an errand I have to drive alone the lakeshore. I just love it. Thanks for the comment on your shared enthusiam for the lake. :)

painted maypole said...

Oh how I miss Lake Michigan! (I grew up in MI... worked at a camp near the lake, and went to school at Northwestern - right ON the lake!!!)

Christine said...

I'm in NorCal now, but moved to Michigan while in high school and left in my mid-30's. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of what that gorgeous lake has to offer.

Makes me want to go to Chicago.

the dragonfly said...

Oh, this almost brings tears to my eyes. I grew up in Michigan, and practically lived at the beach in the summer. (either Holland or Grand Haven) I cannot wait to take the Little Mister to see my summer beaches!!

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