Saturday, October 13, 2007

Life with boys

Things that are currently hilarious in my house:

Farts. Hilarious! Is there anything funnier than smelly gases noisily being emitted from one's bootie? My boys think not. They have been enjoying farts from very little on. When Tommy was not even two years old he would fart and say, "fard. scooz me." and then laugh and laugh. It is getting more difficult to get them to say "excuse me", what with all the insane laughter, but they still manage to squeak it out.

Burping. Joey has learned (where he learned it I will never know) how to make himself burp. Loudly. Tommy thinks this is way funny and spends all of his time copying Joey by making fake burping noises. Not nearly as funny, but Joey laughs anyway.

Poop. Not necessarily the act of pooping. Just the word. Poop. Very funny. "You like poop! I smell POOP! You're gonna eat poop!" See how funny that is?

Vomit. Again, not so much when they actually vomit, which of course they don't like, but fake vomiting. "I'm going to vomit on you! Blaaahhhh" HA HA HA

Silly faces. Apparently I am awesome at this. Especially when I cross my eyes, and stick out my tongue and say, "I knnnnoooooww!"  It gets them every time. And I do it pretty much nonstop to keep them from talking about farting, burping, pooping, and vomiting.

So far this behavior has been saved for our house only, thank heavens. I can only pray (and of course the usual nagging and scolding sometimes helps) that they do not think to behave like this at other peoples' homes, at school, or at church.

Life with boys. What's a mother to do?


bubandpie said...

When Bub was maybe eight months old, I read a book that contained the word "poop" and he giggled. So I said it again: "poop." Giggle, giggle. There's no way he understood what the word meant unless there is some kind of male collective unconscious that creates a reflex response to words like poop and fart.

Beck said...

I grew up with two brothers. It was DISGUSTING.
And now I also have a disgusting little boy and is there anything funnier than pooping and farting? I don't THINK so.

DaniGirl said...

Ugh, so true! And my third boy isn't even HERE yet!! Some days I long for pink frillies, but mostly I'm good with the poop and fart humour.

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