Monday, September 17, 2012


Last week I was stressin'.  I was stressin' over the fact that Grace was having such a hard time going to school in the morning.  The crying, the begging, the pleading.  Stress.

I was stressing over the fact that coming from a different school last year (that taught him nothing) Ben was trailing a bit behind most of his classmates (except the other kids that came from Ben's same school he was in last year) and his teacher suggested maybe I put him in full day kindergarten.  NOOOOOoooooo!

I was stressin' when I found out that our school will no longer even be offering a half day kindergarten program anymore as we were the last school in the whole area to do so.  NOOOOOoooooo!!!!!

I was stressing over Tommy adjusting to the amount of homework he has now that he is in second grade.

I was stressing over getting Joey and Tommy's homework done in a timely manner so that we could get them to their football practices and games three nights a week.

I was stressing over getting all the lunches packed in the morning, the kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair combed, backpacks packed, myself dressed and presentable(ish) in time for school without waking everyone up at the crack of dawn.

I was stressing over life.  Especially the tiny stuff.  I had nothing big and scary stressing me out.  Just a lot of little tiny stressers clogging up my mind.

The weekend couldn't have come at a better time.

Todd and I had two weddings to go to this weekend, one on Friday and one on Saturday.  I love me some weddings.  And I was even more thrilled that for my cousin's wedding on Saturday we would be SPENDING THE NIGHT IN A HOTEL without our kids.  Todd and I have not had one night away from our kids in over 4 years.  That is a long time, people.  We were excited.  See?

Okay, well, I look excited.  Todd just wanted to get the picture over with and get on the road (I thought the wedding started at 5, but I noticed at the last minute it was at 3:30 and we only had a half an hour to get ready-oops!-little stressful but we made it).  But trust me he was excited too (although it may have had something to do with the fact that he was picking up a new hunting bow on the way to the wedding, but I digress).  I had been waiting months to wear this dress and I was SO EXCITED to finally get to put it on.  And a wedding!  And dancing!  And cake! And family! And a night away!  So exciting!

The wedding was just gorgeous.  I had so much fun.  The whole night was fabulous.  It was just what I needed to de-stress and forget about all the little garbage that was getting me down.

One of the great things about being gone from the kids for one night is how much we miss them.  Both Todd and I woke up at our usual time (so much for sleeping in) and decided to get home right away to take the kids to church.  I couldn't believe all the hugs and love I received when we got home.  You'd think we'd been gone a month.  It is nice to see that they do appreciate their mama (or maybe they just liked the candy packages I brought back from the wedding).

After church Todd went to visit his dad and then went bow hunting for the first time this season while the kids and I all lie down for naps (they stayed up kinda late when we were gone).  When we got up we took a nice long walk through the woods and came back home to a yummy dinner and warm showers.  It was a great way to end a stress free weekend.

As for my worries about Ben?  Well, I worked with him a ton this weekend on the alphabet and I am no longer concerned.  The kid is a sponge.  We made up some great games and he actually asks to practice all the time because it is so much fun.  Not only does he know the alphabet inside and out but he is pretty good at all the sounds the letters make too.

Joey and Tommy have actually been super good about their homework so far (it is early) this year, so I really shouldn't even stress about that either.

I have always been a half day kindergarten advocate, but there is really nothing I can do about the full day option anymore, so I may as well start getting used to the idea now.  Such is life.  Kindergarten is the new first grade, I guess.  Sniff, sniff.

AND, this morning when I took all the kids to school Grace walked right into her classroom without so much as a whimper.  So proud of her.  My big (little) girl.  

It is a great way to start of the week after such a great weekend.


Cyndy Bush said...

What a GORGEOUS couple! So glad you got away, and were able to de-stress.

Unknown said...

I'm SO glad things are getting better.

And you know? I've never known anything BUT all day Kindergarten so... ;)

You look beautiful, as always!

Allison said...

I love weekends like that! So glad you got de-stressed and were fresh to start the week out great! I hope it continues!

Lynn said...

We all need a de-stresser sometimes. Glad you found yours in a couple of weddings and a night away just for grown ups. Love the picture, and by the way, I don't think I ever told you that I love your haircut!

lime said...

glad to hear you got some time away to have fun and push your personal reset button. sounds like everyone is settling in well in spite of the initial worries. here's to a great year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got away--sounds like it helped you clear your head!

Rima said...

You look gorgeous! That dress is awesome. And weekends away are even better . . . said...

Kat....You and your hubby look beautiful, blessed and happy! I'm so glad you finally had time away from the kids. I remember those same feelings when my boys were little. As for the too much homework in 2nd grade? I was livid to read that, as I taught 2nd grade for eeons, and all that homework is unnecessary. I'd go in and talk with her about it. Parents do deserve to voice their opinions. Good luck, Kat! You're an amazing mama bird!!! xoxoxo

Karen Deborah said...

Your both so good looking I didn't know who to look at!!!! Geez girl!

Jeni said...

Looking super good there Kiddo!
As to the worries about the all-day kindergarten -our school switched over to that the year that Maya entered kindergarten and she did fine and dandy with it. She'd been in a special needs pre-school program for two years prior to that so she was definitely ready for the change. Kurtis had his first year of all-day schooling too last year and he also did very well. Surprised their Mother and me equally there! I do worry a lot about how well the kids are really progressing in school because frequently, the answers they give at home are very, very vague but then, in talking to their teachers, we find they are doing much more -and sailing through it too-than we hear about at home. Probably the only things they are a bit silent about I think!

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