Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm not even sure I believed in soul mates before you came along.

The more I watch you, the more I learn about you, the more I'm convinced we have known each other before. 

Our souls have always been connected.  Soul mates.
You, my daughter.
My ray of light.
My little angel.
Lover of:
All things girlie (pink, princesses, fairies, dresses, babies, shoes)
Playing outside
Finding sticks and rocks
Your big brothers
Strong willed

Today you are two.  Very few traces of your babyhood remain.  There are no more diapers.  Your crib is gone.  Bottles and baby food have long been gone.  You can tell me exactly what is on your mind and what you need. 

Still.  You are my baby.  You will always be my baby.  I will not mourn your babyhood.  I am too busy soaking up the wonderfulness of you as you are right now.  And I look forward to watching you grow and learning more about you each day.

Thank you, Grace, for being my daughter.  I am so honored to have you in my life.  I love you, my sweet girl. 

Happy Birthday!


Linda said...

Wow, 2 years have passes so fast! What a sweet girl you have!

Jeni said...

A big Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl! Although I would never want to return to the days when my sweet little granddaughter was a snippet of two years (too many meltdowns, all kinds of communication issues and other issues) but there are occasional moments when I miss the innocence she held in her back then. Today, she's nearing the 8-year mark, gonna be in 2nd grade this year and there is little she doesn't think she knows and because of that, she's even more headstrong than ever before. But under all that, she's always going to be my baby girl just as her little brother is always gonna retain that spot as my little baby boy -unless or until my son maybe comes through and has some offspring of his own to change the grandchildren dynamics around here. My older grandson will be 14 come this Friday. He's now taller than me, also taller now than his mother too, just as beautiful -should probably say "Handsome" now, shouldn't I, as the day he came into my world and the status of being a grandparent totally blew me away! Aren't we all just completely blessed though to be so fortunate to have these children in our lives to watch, to love, nurture and then, turn 'em loose on society on a wing and a prayer that we've done right, taught them well?
Enjoy every moment you can with her, now and always. Soul mates are pretty darned hard to come by at times.

Unknown said...

She is precious and I can see why you say you are soul mates because she is your "mini me"! :)

Happy Birthday to your darling Grace!

(of course this means my girl is so close to 2 also and it's truly hard to believe!!)


Unknown said...

She is doing so many big girl things already! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Brittany said...

Oh, wow! Is she really 2? Happy Birthday, Miss Grace!

MamaB said...

It seems like yesterday I was following your blog as you were getting ready to have Grace and I was having is so amazing how much they have grown! Happy 2nd Birthday Grace you are one lucky girl!

lime said...

what adorable pictures. what loving celebration. what delight.

Mom24 said...

Beautiful Kat! I'm so glad you were blessed with Grace and your 3 wonderful boys.

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday to your Grace. That went fast, and holy cow potty trained too.

Cyndy Bush said...

I can't believe she's already two. It has flown by SO quickly.
I do believe in soul mates!

Kelly said...

Aww,you're making me cry! LOL

Happy Birthday to Grace, she is a beautiful, sweet girl, just like her mama!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

please tell me how she is two already? crazy.

happy birthday sweet grace...and happy birth day to you, kat!

Tonya said...

awe happy birthday Grace!

Hilary said...

Aww.. little sweet love. Happy Birthday, cutie pie! Lovely tribute to your baby girl, Kat.

Scrappy said...

My goodness, I have missed a lot of posts!
Grace is gorgeous. Why does this have to go by so quickly?!!!!
I wish we lived by one another so our kids could all play. I think they would have a blast!

Lisa said...

that was a quick two years! Happy Birthday to sweet Grace!

Cassie said...

How is it even possible that she is already 2?? Crazy! Happy birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

Ok, and now I'm crying. I was very emotional for Hunter turning two and this post strikes home! It's true, they are NO LONGER BABIES!!! :-0 She is such a little beauty!

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