Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Hangover

I have such a hangover today, which is strange because I really didn't have anything to drink yesterday (well okay, I had one drink that I nursed all day long in between serving food and being a hostess and watching the game and wiping butts-my kids' butts that is-and eating too much food and feeding my kids and and and).  But I feel like I've been run over by a truck, none the less.  However, since the Packers WON the SUPERBOWL yesterday my aches and pains and sore throat and tired body just don't matter.  It was a GREAT day.  And a fabulous party.

We had such a great group of people cheering our team on.  We ended up with about 35 people in our house for the night.
Everyone was feeling so festive!
Green and gold was everywhere.
The kids had a blast playing with all the party favors.
Tommy loved cheering on his favorite player, #52, Clay Matthews.
Gracie even cheered and danced for the Packers.
Joey was crazy and hopped up on too many sweets and lots of other fun kids to play and chase around with.
Todd was calm and happy for the first half, and a little less calm (that's putting it mildly) for the second half.
I was happy that I could actually get my kids to sit still for a few seconds to get a picture of all of us.
And then the Packers pulled off a victory!!!!!!!  And the crowd went wild! This shot was actually taken a few minutes after they won.  I was too busy screaming and jumping up and down to take any pictures right away.
Then we all danced around like a bunch of goons.  It was awesome.
After the party crowd dispersed it got really crazy at our house.  It was the latest we had ever let the kids stay up past their strict 8:00 bedtime.   They were so exhausted they began bawling over the smallest and weirdest things.  After we were done cleaning up the food and the mess we attempted to get the kids to bed.  Joey was bawling and crying so hard he could hardly get his jammies on.  Tommy began freaking out and then suddenly threw up all over his bed and the floor.  Then he ran to the bathroom and threw up two more times.  Once we cleaned up the vomit and got everyone to bed the boys fell asleep in two seconds.  Gracie, however, continued to talk in her bed until close to midnight.  I'm sure she was going over all the fabulous plays the Packers had and was just too wound up to sleep.

Finally, Todd and I headed off to bed a little after midnight (once we knew Grace was finally asleep).  About a half an hour later as I was falling asleep Ben began screaming for us.  We ran to his room and he yelled at us, "I have to POOP SO BAD!!!!!!"   We raced him to the bathroom, sat him on the toilet and then he proceeded to cough so hard he almost threw up.  That went on for a half an hour.  We gave the kiddo a little more medicine, put some Vicks on the chest, and carted him off to bed once again.  Tommy and Joe slept through the whole incident (even though Tommy and Ben share a room) and at last the night was quiet.

We got about 4 hours of sleep before Joe woke us up.  We are tired this morning.  Tired and happy with many wonderful memories to last us a lifetime.

I am so happy for my Packers.  Such a great group of guys.  After such a year of struggle and injuries and craziness they pulled it off.  No one expected the Packers to do anything this year.  Most teams wouldn't even make it to the playoffs with the injuries the Packers had.  No one would have dreamed.  But they did it.  They brought the trophy home!  Congratulations, Packers!!!!!!!


imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, what a great night-- poop, vomit, coughing-- you poor thing! I have a couple that do the same thing after too much excitement (and Kyleigh stays up all hours talking as well.
I'm glad you had an exciting game, I woke up this morning and checked first thing (the Super Bowl is a midnight tv viewing here, so I skipped it) and was so happy for you!

Kat said...

Thanks, Jeri! You are so supportive, I love it! :) Even with the vomit and everything it was a great night. Tommy stayed home from school today, just in case he has a little bug I wouldn't want him to pass it on to anyone, and Joey went to school like a trooper. It was a big night. We are a happy bunch! :)

Mom24 said...

Yay! Congrats.

You sure did pay though, didn't you? Vomiting, coughing, falling apart...sometimes it's just worth it though to let them have those moments of craziness.

Anonymous said...

Feeling pretty weary here, too--but so so so happy about this huge win. ANd they're a young team--the start of a dynasty, right?
I hear you on tired kids--it's tough to keep them up late but this was historic.

tweetey30 said...

We went down town last night to see the fireworks they shot off and the crowd down town was amazing. I had to come see what you posted on them because I havent done so yet today.. I might later on after I come home from the College and the temp agency I work for if they can help me because I have no work right now. Talk soon.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Looks like a great evening! Yaye, Packers! :) How fun! :)

Adin B

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I was thinking about you during the game. So glad the Packers won (I don't say that too often!).

The activity in your house after the game makes the football field look tame.

Scrappy said...

Haha!! Such great pictures!! I'm so happy for you that your team won! Sorry the rest of your night was so crazy!

I am not a big sports fan, but the celebration of a win like that is always fun to watch.

I hope you all recover soon. :)

MamaB said...

You and your family were my first thought after the Packers won! I was the only one rooting for them at the Super Bowl party we were at. So happy they won! Sorry the rest of the night was not as spectacular. Hopefully everyone will be in bed early or on time tonight.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said... idea how I got so far behind.

The ski trips looks like a great time.

And your party? Awesome. Even better that your team won.

My kids are the same, stay up late, get whiny, throw up, ick. Normal bedtimes for us, too.

Tonya said...

First of all Grace looks so stinkin cute in all the pictures you took of her. Love the pigtails. Secondly I LOVE the last picture and you are SO skinny!

Unknown said...

So glad your team pulled it off. You all look so cute in all your Packer gear! :) Hope everyone is feeling better and getting much needed rest after such a fantastic party!

Suldog said...

Congratulations, you cheesehead! Love the photos, especially the last on with the devil horns salute (or maybe it's "I love you" in Hawaiian. I always get those two mixed up, which is probably why half the Hawaiians I meet punch me in the nose and half the heavy metal concerts I attend end up with me face down on the stadium floor being stepped on by bikers. However, I digress.)

painted maypole said...

i was thinking of you Sunday night! :) have a picture of MQ with a hunk of cheese on her head. ;)

Kat said...

Suldog- Ha! That's funny. I didn't really know what I was doing at that point, I was so wound up. I think I was trying to do a "rock on!" type of a thing. I don't know. ;)

Allison said...

Yeah!!!! Even though we are in TX, we were rooting for them, too!

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