Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Year

Bright blueberry eyes always smiling.
So slow to anger,
So quick to forgive.
A happy boy.
A loving boy.

I remember your sweaty, little head resting against my shoulder.
Your soft curls would tickle my cheek.
You wrapped your arms around my neck and 
Rested your round belly against mine.
I can still feel you there.
Warm breath in my ear. 
I wanted to hold you like that forever.

And now another year has past. 
No longer a chubby little baby
But a boy, long and lean.
So slow to anger,
So quick to forgive.
A happy boy.
A loving boy.
With bright blueberry eyes always smiling. 
Happy Birthday, my dear Benny boy.  I love you so.


Hilary said...

Aww what a sweetie. Happy Birthday to your darling boy.

Karen Deborah said...

Kat I think I started coming to your blog when Ben was a baby. I remember his sweet smile and his amazing ability to eat in his high chair and not make a mess. I can't believe he is so big already. He is such a beautiful child. Not just the outward appearance. He is a beautiful child because of the way you and your husband are raising him. It really makes a difference to have a full time mother. A mother like you that loves and treasures being a mother.
Gracie is growing up way to fast too. Time flies during these precious years. If anybody ever should take their blog and make a book out of it, it should be you. Your family will love reading these precious words of your mommie heart. You love your family so much. It's so beautiful. Your love is so contagious, it makes me love you and all of your family.

Unknown said...

Okay, first of all, the comment above mine may be one of the sweetest things I've ever read! :)

Happy Birthday to your Ben! I do remember when he was but a wee lad. How did he get so big so fast? He's adorable and sweet. Hope he had a great one. :)

Mom24 said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful boy. I can not believe how much he's grown.

dawn klinge said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Ben! He has grown so much since I started reading your blog! Your writing is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns to your boy! Love those blue eyes--they are so bright!

Jeni said...

Such a cute little boy -and those eyes!!! In years to come, those big blue eyes are gonna make him into one heck of a ladykiller!

Scrappy said...

Oh my goodness!! He was a gorgeous baby!!! He is now such a handsome boy! Happy Birthday, Ben!!

Cyndy Bush said...

I literally gasped at the difference in the two pics! How do they grow SO fast??
Happy Birthday to him! xoxo

Rima said...

Oh, this is just the most beautiful thing ever! I love it so much!

Happy birthday to your sweet beautiful boy (and congrats on the SuperBowl win :)

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness he is looking so grown up!!!

Happy Birthday to your adorable blueberry eyed little boy!

They just grow up too fast don't you think?

Lora said...

Absolutely beautiful! Happy birthday to your not so little anymore boy.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Very sweet--the photos and the words. Happy Birthday to your Ben.

tweetey30 said...

oh wow another b-day.. Where has the year went?? Well anyway Happy belated b-day sweet boy.. They grow up way to fast.

Mostlygrocery said...

cute baby! Blue eyes and smiling... so blessed!



lime said...

blueberry eyes, what a wonderful description!

happy belated birthday to your sweet boy. :)

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A new day that you have never lived before.
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