Monday, April 14, 2008

Fabulous Mom

I have so much I want to write about. I want to write about the fact that Todd and I finally got around to cleaning out the entire basement. I want to tell you how pretty it looks now, how we magically acquired 3 more usable play/work/tv/exercise/storage rooms just by cleaning out all the construction dirt and boxes, and donating a bunch of items we never use anymore. Makes me so happy.

I also want to write about our three wonderful nights of cuddling in blankets and having popcorn picnics on the floor while watching the Star Wars Trilogy that was on television. I want to write about how the boys would protest as I flipped the channel during the scary parts and how so much of this weekend reminded me of my own childhood.
I want to write about Tommy's wonderful achievement of peeing in the toilet ALL BY HIMSELF. I wanted to mention that he can successfully pull down his pants, put the toilet seat up, pee in the toilet, wipe off any and all pee drops on the toilet (what a boy!!!) with toilet paper, pull up his underwear and pants, put the toilet seat down, and flush the toilet all without getting any pee on the floor, the wall, his clothes or his hands! Though he has been potty trained for over a year it really is a much anticipated milestone.

I want to write about all of those things, but I won't. Instead I will tell you what a fabulous mother I am. I am so fabulous, in fact, that I gave my dear, sweet, youngest boy a big, fat lip. With my butt. Yep. My butt.

I am always worried about the boys rough housin' down in the basement because of the hard floor. It has carpeting, and probably the thinnest padding underneath it, but under that is cement. Obviously. The floor is so hard that I'm always concerned someone is gonna take a digger and knock some teeth out or something.
I had to do a crazy amount of laundry this morning so the boys came downstairs to play in the nice, clean basement while I got started on the massive piles of clothes. With one hand on the laundry basket handle, and one hand on top of the overflowing heap of towering clothes I began to drag the basket from the laundry room to the basement's "family room". I was walking backward tugging and pulling on the basket and noticed Ben was coming up behind me.

"Watch out, honey! Go back by Tommy!" I warned him.

He turned on his heels and started to walk back toward Tommy. He was moving quickly, but obviously not quickly enough to escape the wrath of my big 'ole K-Lo bootie. I must have miscalculated his speed and as I geared up again and started walking backward I plowed into the poor little man with me bum ,and he tipped forward and landed on his face. There was crying. And there was blood. I felt horrible. Poor little sweetie. He just wanted to be by his mum, and what does he get for it? A big ghetto bootie blaster knocking him on his face! Sheesh.

I ran up upstairs, put a cool, wet washcloth on his mouth, and gave him some ice water to drink. He calmed down pretty quickly, but he still wasn't happy. See?

I know. I am so mean for taking his picture when he just got an boo-boo. He wasn't happy about it either. He didn't even want to look at me and usually he is a complete ham.

Fortunately, he really likes his mommy and all was soon forgotten. His lip is still slightly swollen, but he ate his lunch really well, and has been giving nonstop kissies so it can't be too bad.

Yep. I am a fabulous, fabulous mom.


david mcmahon said...

Hope his swelling's gone down and that you are smiling again!

Unknown said...

Whoopsie!! I am sure you felt bad, but he's fine...

You know I accidentally hit Ben in the mouth with a grocery sack that had a bottle of wine it in (oy!) when he was a little older than this and he STILL talks about me "bonking" him.

Great job on the potty training - love that picture! ;0

lime said...

if it makes you feel any better i could tell you how i accidentally pinned my firstborn's hip with a diaper pin in the middle of the night. i think i cried almost as hard as she did when i realized what i did. you're still a good mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm so glad he's recovering from your Tushy Touncing!

Craver Vii said...

Wiping off the porcelain was not something I learned until I was 21. Way to go, Tommy!

Ashley said...

lol aww you are a great momma...and hey, it could be guys coulda been at the top of a landing of stairs...gotta look at the bright side, right? ;)

just jamie said...

Look at all the fun and accomplishments your family had (that you didn't tell us about).

I've done the tooshie bumping thing too. They're at the exact right bum-bumping height I guess.

dawn klinge said...

I've done things like that to my kids also. You are a fabulous mom (with no sarcasm ;)

Tonya said...

Well at least you got some cute pictures out of the deal!

krissy said...

Well first and foremost...ouchie...but it looks like he has forgoting the ordeal.

Secondly, what a kid to actually wipe up the pee that he dribbles. Can he please come teach my hubby that trick???

Sorry I've been missing....Darn job is taken away from bloggie time. What the "H" is up with that?

Kellan said...

Oh, poor baby. The rest of the weekend sounded so wonderful and I love the picture of daddy with his boys enjoying TV time together - how sweet.

Take care and I'll see you soon - Kellan

Julie Pippert said...

Sorry about the swollen lip. I will not give that any more attention because when it's gone, it's over. The rest of it though...that the good mom stuff that lasts forever. The photo of all your boys is fabulous.


Poor twinkie, he looks so sad!
Star Wars was on over here too!

Chrissy said...

That baby is too pitiful. I'm sure he won't remember it. Yesterday, I was helping my 7 year old ride a bike, and when I tried to grab the back of her sweatshirt to save her from wiping out, I pinched a huge chunk of skin by accident and left a huge welt.

Oh yeah, she will remember that.

I love the Star Wars pictures. SO cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the potty training. And, if he's doling out kisses, I'm sure he's fine. I gave mine a serious shiner at that age. He doesn't remember it. LOVE the Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not as bad as when my hugely obese MIL got on the trampoline (yeah!) and fell on my teeny, tiny, stick-legged daughter. Toots was so angry she started yelling, "Fat people should not be on the twampowine!"

Momisodes said...

Aww, poor thing. Hope his lip heals in no time. It's so hard when they're that height. They're little heads meet perfectly with our own tooshes!

Love that pic of all the sweet!

Lisa said...

I'm a super mom too. I gave Lulu this horrible nasty scratch on her cheek today when I was putting her in her carseat. Yeah - I felt like crap!!!

His lip looks cute all pouty & swollen like that :)

dianna said...

Can't I join the fabulous Mommy Club too? I snapped my 2yr old's chin in her car seat straps today...yep, fun times.

Hopefully both our sweeties will forget all about their mishaps today.

On to tomorrow...;)

Family Adventure said...

K-Lo! I love it!!

You are a wonderful mother...mishaps notwithstanding!

What a great Star Wars session (or 3) you had with your boys. The picture is just precious!

Happy Tuesday, Kathryn.


imbeingheldhostage said...

This is a perfect example of why exercising is bad bad bad! If your bum wasn't so rock hard from running, you may not have hurt the little guy. You need to sit more and eat more so that you can have the soft, non-lethal bum like some U.K. blog friends you know...

Mom24 said...

Don't those moments just feel the worst! I'm sure you are a fabulous mom. Hope today is easier!

Great job with the potty--would you like to come teach my 7 year old to aim? LOL.

Kelly said...

Go back to focusing on all the other wonderful parts of the weekend!! (way to go with the potty too!!). Those silly accidents happen and it's always harder on us mom's than the little ones.

Jenny said...

Awwww...I hate baby tears. Sounds like he was back to his normal, happy self quick, though. (Funny story now that it's over!)

Homegrown Tribe said...

Glad to be back and catching up.

Love the pictures of all your boys... too cute!

poor little man with a busted lip... what a mom you are! ha! :)

talk to you later, Brittany

Melissa said...

love that picture of all the boys and the hubby! Super cute! What a beautiful family you have!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

WHAT a sweetie! That shot instantly brought out my lower lip. What a cutie you fabulous Mom!

Kristen said...

You ARE a fabulous mom.

Didn't I just read about this wonderful family time you had?

And, didn't I just read that your 3year old has been potty trained for a year?

And while doing all of this family time, you got your house organized?

I think you totally fit my defintion of organized!

Kathryn is a fabulous mom, say it outloud with me......"Kathryn is a Fabulous Mom!"
There....don't you feel better??

OHmommy said...

... and a funny mom too.

I love that you took a picture!

Bren said...

What a cutie pie, fat lip and all!

And I love that shot of all your boys!

Brittany said...

AW! You are not a bad mommy!!

I once butted Adam down stairs... He's still alive and talks to me! hahaha. :)

(Congrats on getting all that work done and on having family time!)

Laski said...

You know, that steely butt is from all that running you've been doing. Cut that out!

BTW--gorgeous family . . .

María said...

I'm sure your husband loves your ass. :p

painted maypole said...

oh, poor baby.

and the boys all look so cozy on the floor!

suchsimplepleasures said...

love the pics!!
poor little feller...hope his mouth is all better...mean mommy!!;)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

You are a fabulous mom! And your popcorn movie parties sound great, we haven't done that in forever.

girlymom said...

You are a fabulous mom, you have sweet little boys who love you crazy! Congrats to you and your new found basement space...that has got to feel good!

Nissa said...

Wow! Yay, Tommy! My now 12 year old still hasn't got that one down. In fact I hear him peeing right now & can tell from the urgent sound that he's getting pee all over the floor & back of the seat! ugh!

Rose said...

Glad I'm not the only one taking pictures of the boo-boos! Harrison as been through that, too.

And there was great dancing and rejoicing in our household last weekend as well with Star Wars on TV.

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