Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Rejuvenation

Life has not gotten any less busy around here regardless of the fact that we have just wrapped up a big time commitment with the school musical. We are still running from one meeting to the next, still busy with school commitments, and still dealing with a few very big changes for our family (which I will eventually get to revealing here, when the time is right). Life has been hectic.

Easter came at the perfect time. We definitely needed that renewal. Both emotionally and spiritually.

It was an added bonus that we actually had some lovely weather on Easter. Something that doesn't often happen in Wisconsin.

Easter mass was beautiful. And packed. Even though we arrived 20 minutes early the church was nearly full and we had to sit in the overflow seats up on the side of the altar. It was really where the kids had wanted to sit anyway so it all worked out. You really can't beat the view from those seats. The music was beautiful and the sermon was moving and motivating. It was a great way to begin our Easter.

Immediately after mass we met my side of the family at a golf course for a brunch buffet. Though it was a beautiful day it was also very windy. I definitely wore the wrong dress for such a windy day and I accidentally flashed a number of people throughout the day (even right out in front of church). I walked around with my hands and purse wrapped around my dress but it wasn't helping much. Good thing I had a slip on.  

We still managed to get a few nice family photos. And I didn't flash the camera, so that's good.

After brunch we went home and changed, the kids gorged themselves on more candy from their Easter baskets, and then we headed over to Todd's mom's house for more food. It was a food kind of day. I'm full just thinking about it

To try and wear off the affects of the food we all went outside for a game of catch.

Catch quickly turned into dodgeball.  And it got pretty aggressive and competitive.

And of course, my brother in law ended up on the ground. I swear that guy ends up on the ground at every family gathering. Don't worry. He was fine.

It was a wonderful rejuvenating Easter spent with family. It was just what we needed. And luckily, the kids had off of school the next day. It was a wonderful extended Easter weekend.


betty said...

All great family pictures!! It does sound like a fun Easter Day!


Bijoux said...

Wasn't the weather fabulous? And it does look windy in that photo!

We moved into our new church building over the weekend. It was wonderful to celebrate our Risen Saviour in our new church home.

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A new day that you have never lived before.
Twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours to use usefully and profitably.
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Finish every day and be done with it.
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