Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thinking Warm Thoughts

I am struggling this morning.  Too many late nights, too many activities, too much junk food, and too much running around.  I'm beginning to wear out.  Wear down. My body does not want to go, go, go anymore.  My body wants to sit, stay, and not move.

We are in full "Christmas rush" mode around here.  This week has been a blur of activity. 

Joey's basketball tournament took up every spare moment this past Friday and Saturday but luckily the kids had some time on Sunday to just enjoy being kids. I used the downtime to be grouchy and crabby and yell at everyone every chance I got.  Yeah me.  Luckily, the kids were able to escape to the great outdoors.

Much to the kids' delight snow finally made a stop at our house on Sunday morning. By the time we got out of church there was enough snow to play in, and play they did.  The snow was falling faster and faster and the kids had a blast outside despite the very chilly temps.  
I couldn't believe how tough my kids were in the 10 degree weather.  They stayed out there for hours upon hours. I'm telling myself that the kids stayed out there because it was fun and not because they were avoiding me. Not sure how accurate that is.

But they were troopers. As if the cold weather wasn't enough to chill them to the bone they laid around in the snow eating icicles.   Ah, to be young again.
That night the kids went to bed easily and slept solidly.  And luckily for everyone in my household I woke up in a much better state of mind on Monday and was able to pull myself out of my foul mood and start the week fresh again.

As for me, I have been trying my best to stay warm. This week has been the coldest we've had in some time. The constant running here and there, in and out of the cold, has left me a frigid mess. It seems that no matter how many layers I dress myself in I still find myself shuddering and shaking, my fingertips nearly numb. Even now as I type I am wearing two layers of everything and a scarf as well and I still can't stop my body from shaking. And I'm INSIDE! It is cold, people.

I wrap my hands around my coffee and try to absorb the heat into my body.  Must think warm thoughts.

My mind wanders back to last night.  The kids had their annual school Christmas concert held at church.  It was so much fun watching my kiddos sing their hearts out.  Joey and Tommy took the job very seriously, Ben wore an impish smile the entire time, and Grace was a little charmer singing her heart out and adding in all the gestures to the music.  It was such a fun night and it put me in the Christmas mood until Todd pointed out that it was the first Christmas concert that we didn't have a little one sitting in the pew with us.
Still, it was a lovely night and I was so proud of my littles.

Now it is back to the grind again.  Tonight Joey has another basketball game.  Tomorrow I have rehearsal and then a concert on Saturday.  Next week is the typical school madness that comes with the last few days before Christmas break.  But then! Then we are home free!

Until then I will be attempting to think warm and lovely thoughts.

What are your warm, lovely thoughts this holiday?


Hilary said...

Your kidlets just keep getting cuter and cuter, Kat. In the collage image at the bottom, Joey looks SO mature. And Gracie.. holy smokes.. how did she get from wee toddler to this little lady so quickly? The younger ones always seem to grow faster than their older siblings.. and of course, so do someone else's kids but still. Your family is just beautiful.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I hate being cold like that, it makes me SO miserable. This is why I can never move away from Florida!
It still blows my mind that I've been reading your blog since before you were pregnant with Grace, and now look how big she is! And beautiful!

Verna Lantz said...

Such cuties!! I do so love Christmas! But renovating at Christmas time has it's disadvantages. So, I will live vicariously through your winter snow and pretties. Merry Christmas!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It HAS to get MUST!
Your kids look adorable--how is it possible that they are ALL in the concert now?

Tabor said...

My thoughts are all about you and the many families with too much to do and too little time. YOu have such precious lovely children, I know you are so very proud. My thoughts are also with those for whom Christmas is an agony to get through. May they find some peace.

Bijoux said...

It was terribly cold here this week, around 19 degrees every day. BLAH! The photos of your kids are so precious at the concert.

Husband and I are going out tonight to wrap up the last of the shopping. And I'm still making cookies! Merry Christmas!

Elaine Alguire said...

I found some gingerbread tea and I making at least one WARM cup of that day, it's SO good. Those pictures of your cuties at church make me fell warm & fuzzy too! :)

Glad you are feeling better. And I cannot believe how cold it is already, even here! BRRRR!!

betty said...

Cute pictures of the kids playing in the snow and in the Christmas program. It is hard not to have a day or a time when we "let it all go" and "bless" others with our "less than ideal days". Kids are always forgiving though I found.

I do sympathize with you and the cold. I totally get it too. I would heat up a cup of just regular water so I could wrap my hands around it and get warm for a bit that way. It was silly too what I would wear to bed just to try to get warm in it. I do hope it warms up a bit for you, it sounds just miserable and nothing worse than being cold I think.

Don't have much to get ready for the holiday, but am keeping warm with our weather which I will not tell you how warm it may be this weekend.

I hope the weekend is a kind one!


Anita said...

It's cold in central Virginia, too! We are in the low 30s which is cold for us.

In addition to the cold making you shiver, is it possible that your nerves are a little shot, too?

Life as a mother of young children is full on a normal day. Throw in Christmas and that other time of year in the spring when recitals, school closing parties, etc. are going on - it's a wonder that we are able to do what we do. It's work on top of work; joyous as it's supposed to be.

I am torn between thinking that there is too much activity for children nowadays and thinking that activity and choices are good for children. It's like that line in the baseball movie, "If you build it, they will come." And we flock to it.

So many opportunities are presented to our families and children. Everyone else is taking advantage, so we do the same. And as a result, it wears us out!

Has every mother of every generation had her relative frustration, or is it worse as time goes on? I don't know.

I'm writing all of this because I know of what you speak. Now that my girls are teens, I'm gradually feeling less frazzled. Or, is it because I'm in my fifties and have lost my "gotta do it" attitude? :)

Sooo... I don't know if this will continue for you as a rite of passage, or if you can change your life to lessen the difficult times. One, two, or three months of each year is a lot of time to be stressed; a lot of your life.

I hope you don't mind my amateur counseling. As a mother of "three," I know how it is! And you have 4! :)

So as for my lovely thoughts: It felt so good sitting at the computer today ordering the last of my gifts "online;" not being at a mall or a kids' activity.

As Tabor said, "peace" is what I wish for you, me, and everyone.

Mom24 said...

I hate when I get in those moods and, for me, it's so hard to snap out of them even when I really want to. Hope things are better now. Good luck with your concert tonight.

Your kids' outfits are absolutely adorable. Love them!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I will join you in the craziness. We've had something to do like everyday this month and it won't stop! I need a nap.

And, the concert pictures? So stinking cute!

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