Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

And just like that Christmas is over.  

All the preparations.  All the planning.  All the plotting and secret keeping. And blink! All done. 

Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house. Food was eaten, games were played, laughs were had.  It was a lovely night. It was fun just sitting around spending time with family.
When we got home that night the kids quickly changed into their jammies and went off to bed so that Santa could make a swift delivery.  Later that night, as the kids lay sleeping in their beds, Santa did indeed make his visit.
The next day was your typical Christmas morning madness with just a little more craziness thrown in. The snowstorm that brought yet another few inches of snow made our morning more hectic.  And then Joey fainted at church (he hadn't been feeling good for a few days prior- stomach bug). That was a smidge stressful.

After a little rest at home we managed to make it over to Todd's mom's house for more food, more games, and more laughter.
Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas. Nevermind the snowstorm, the fainting Joey (or the puking Joey for that matter- the kid was a trooper).

The next day we all just sat around trying to recoup from all of the holiday craziness. Joey continued to recover from the stomach bug he had all week and the kids played with all their Christmas loot.

We had planned on going up north and going skiing for a few days but I just didn't think I had the energy for it and Joey was still regaining his strength.  Instead Todd went up north to attempt another go at getting a deer (this is the only year I can remember that Todd didn't get a deer) and the kids and I stayed home and relaxed.

As Joey got stronger the kids and I ventured out to the local sledding hill and took advantage of the warm weather.  The kids even got to spend some of their Christmas money at their favorite store and purchased a few more LEGO sets for their collection. We ended up having a really nice time together.

When the kids went to bed that night I really got into relaxation mode. I pulled out my Christmas gift (an extra large bean bag), started a fire, made myself a drink, and kicked my feet up.

It was just what I needed to unwind and reflect on our busy but blessed Christmas.

I hope your Christmas, busy and/or imperfect as it may have been, was filled with warm memories, love, and happiness.


Tabor said...

What a busy, crazy, rewarding, lovely and romantic holiday you head.

Dawn said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas, all except for poor Joey being sick. I'm glad that it went well and that you are now relaxing. I wish you all the best in this new year. :)

Bijoux said...

Always a bummer when one of the kids is sick (and then worrying that everyone will get it!)

Stay warm....more snow is on the way! Hugs!

Hilary said...

Nearly perfect. And perfectly lovely. I hope Joey is tip-top by tomorrow... and that the rest of you stay healthy.

betty said...

Poor Joey to be sick for Christmas! I hope the rest don't get the germs! Sounds like a great Christmas though, time spent with family always is good!

Happy New Year!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Looks like you were surrounded by lots of loving people--that's the best part!

lime said...

none of the hunters here scored a deer either, empty freezer for us....

and my oldest had food poisoning so she and joey could have commiserated on the puking thing. so sorry to hear he was sick. the feet up part though....sounds good to me!

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