Thursday, December 5, 2013

For All The Animal Lovers

My family is filled with animal lovers.  Serious animal lovers. I swear I packed up more leftovers for my family to take back to their animals than I packed for themselves. We love our animals around here.

On Thanksgiving my brother just had to show me a few animal videos on YouTube that he thought were hilarious. Maybe you've seen them already but in case you haven't I'd love to show you a few of them.

This one is BY FAR my favorite:

The guy has done a few more of these videos.  This one is funny too:

This one I didn't think was that funny but apparently my family did.  What do you think?

This was the girl's eHarmony video.  My brother insists it is real, but I think she was acting.  Either that or this girl is in need of medication.

This one set to music was much funnier:

Funny, right?
My kids love the first two videos.  I can't tell you how many times they have watched them.  They go around the house reciting them, actually.  Kinda silly.

Hope it at least gave you a little laugh.


betty said...

I have to agree with you, that girl was a bit "off" with her video. Never saw someone have that type of reaction in their love of cats. What is interesting is that she would post that; I think I'd be tempted to have it deleted, know what I mean?

There are some cute videos on YouTube. We've seen several corgi ones that have had us in stitches with laughter :)


Charmaine said...

Hey Kat :) thanks for the laugh..

Bijoux said...

I had only seen the first one before. It is so cute!

That chick.....well, I have another blogger friend who did a post recently about women who do the baby talk thing. Gah!

Kat said...

Betty- Right? I think the girl might need medication or something. I don't find that one funny, it makes me concerned for her. And that was her eHarmony video! YIKES!!!!

The first two videos are precious, though. I LOVE them. I have watched them both dozens of times now and they always put me in a good mood. :)

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