Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Happy List

Today is a good day.  It has been super busy, but I am feeling so content and happy with life at this very moment that I wanted to take time to make a happy list and savour all I can.  I want to remember exactly what is making me happy today so I can come back and read it again when I get grumpy.


- Seeing all my kiddos dressed up in their Halloween best.
- Watching the kiddos run from door to door, full of excitement.
- Watching my whole family dressed up walking, laughing, and having fun together.
- Being scary on Halloween.

- Waking up super tired, but so content.

- Having lots of chocolate in the house and not worrying about eating some of it if I want to.  I have weight to lose, but I'll lose it when I lose it. 

- Having a clean house even after our Halloween party last night.

- Looking over at my hubby in church and knowing I made such a good decision.

-  Joey getting student of the month.

- My three little ones sitting patiently and sweetly (without being asked) as they wait for big brother to receive his award.
- Tommy being excited to introduce Grace and Ben to his classmates.

- Joey and Tommy both wanting a kiss goodbye from me, in front of their whole school and everything!

-  Going to my annual exam and finally getting my thyroid tested to see what my problem is.  Also, finding out my resting heart rate is 48.  See how relaxed I am, people? 

-  Seeing brand new babies in the waiting room at my appointment, and being so thankful for having the four I've got.

- Trees still covered in leaves, blue skies, and blue water.
- Two little ones going down for their naps like little angels.

- A nice, stress-relieving run.

- No snow yet, and none in the forecast. 

- My sweet, furry kid. She is so happy and sweet and well behaved.  Not to mention cuddly and fuzzy.  Plus, when you throw the ball for her she bounces super high in the air like a bunny rabbit. 

So, that's my list so far.  What's on your thankful list today?


ROBIN said...

Great pics and an even greater Happy List.

Mom24 said...

Great list Kat. Congrats to Joey! I love the Halloween pics. I'm happy for you for all your blessings. Enjoy the chocolate. ;)

Tonya said...

You are blessed!

Mamarazzi said...

GREAT Happy List, love the Halloween goodness, YAY for awards and puppies!

thanks so much for linking up!!

Suldog said...

Spidey has the pose down pat! And your resting heart rate is 48? That's magnificent!

I'm thankful for folks like you who join in on the Thanksgiving Comes First campaign! Thanks again!

Burgh Baby said...

Your costume was pure awesomeness. LOVE IT.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your list made me happy. It is the little things, isn't it?
I hope the thyroid matter gets resolved quickly for you.

Riahli said...


Elaine A. said...

I want to do a list like this for sure - thank you for the inspiration!

And you have much to be thankful for, you are SO blessed. But a tad scary... ;-P

CC said...

Love your happy list!!!!!

Robyn said...

Great list!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You look fantastic!! Love all the happy.

Hilary said...

What a great list.. I'm glad all is right in your world.

Lindsay said...

What a fantastic idea - a Happy List! I must say, those things made me happy, too!

BTW, your rest HR sounds like mine...DH always asks if I'm still alive! :-)

lime said...

what a great list. so much to be thankful for.

i'm deeply, profoundly grateful that all my kids are healthy.

and today, i got a new dryer so i am thankful to be able to do laundry and not have the dryer take foreeeeeevr to dry clothes and sound like hwoling cats inside it.

nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

Being able to be mom and wife and everything in between.. Great post and the kiddos looked super cute in there costumes..

Krystyn said...

So very many good things on this list.

I hope that your thyroid isn't giving you any problems and it's just the craziness of this time of year.

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A new day that you have never lived before.
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