Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make Me Laugh

Snow is falling outside my window and I am trying desperately not to spiral into an early seasonal depression. 

I really shouldn't complain.  It is merely a dusting.  Nothing like the dousing the northeast coast received  before Halloween.  Still, it affects my mood.  I'm really just trying to keep my sense of humor in lieu of this bleak weather.  Luckily, my kiddos have been giving me plenty of laughs recently.

Joey came home from school and told me that when he gets married he is going to stay home and watch the kids while his wife works.  I asked him what made him want to stay home and he said, "Because then I won't have to work." 

"I work just as much as daddy does, Joe, but I just don't get paid for it."  I responded, trying to keep my calm.

"Well that stinks."  Joey said. 


Not sure if that added to my foul mood or improved it, but it did make me laugh. 

Just like when Tommy told me, "Mom, when I get married I'm gonna love you guys much more than my wife."

Then he quickly added, "But don't tell my wife that or she'd be really mad!"

That made me laugh out loud. 

And just this morning Ben told me that he wanted to have five kids and he was going to name the first kid "Crotch".

Shocked, I said, "What?  You are gonna name your kid Crotch?  You can't do that!  I don't even like you to say that word.  It's nasty!"

"Okay, fine, then forget it.  I'm not gonna have ANY kids."  Ben announced sadly.

"Why, because you can't name one of them Crotch?"  I asked.

"Yep."  Ben said determined. 

Well alright then.  Where these kids come up with this stuff I'll never know, but it definitely makes my rotten mood more bearable.

I think the best one came yesterday when Grace and I were at her swimming lesson.  Just recently she has become nervous in the water and clings to me like a little monkey.  Trying to have some fun with her I took her by the hands and zoomed her through the water making motor boat noises. 

Grace furrowed her brow to show her displeasure, looked at me and said, "Are you c'azy????"

I laughed so hard I got the hiccups. 

These kids are full of laughs and I'll take all of them I can get. 

So tell me, what gets you out of a foul mood?


Tabor said...

Your post and the joy you have with your children certainly ups my mood! Check out a tropical film and pretend you are there for a few hours.

Riahli said...

Oh my goodness... still laughing!

ROBIN said...

That's great! Kids say the darndest things....and makes us wonder where they get it. I have one still at home. He's 15 and he makes me laugh all the time. Gotta love 'em!
sorry for your weather mood. The cold dreariness gets to me sometimes too.
as for my mood? a hot bath and soothing music. Love it!

Rima said...

Kids are hilarious! Those stories made me laugh out loud.

I had a similar conversation with my daughter recently, about a mother's work. I don't think there's a kid on the planet who doesn't think their moms stay home and chill out all day!

Last year during the winter I used a blue light for 20 minutes in the morning and I think it actually sort of improved my mood. Maybe. We get about three sunny winter days in Cleveland per year, so I understand!

Mel said...

Dang...I wish I would've thought to name one of my girls "Crotch"!

Hug those little sanity stealers close and thanks, as always for sharing!

Oh, and it appears I have the same patio set you do. Lowe's? ")

Tonya said...

Taking one step at a time and looking forward to the next fun thing that is going to Thanksgiving. :) And once Christmas hits the days will start getting longer again!

Kat said...

Mel- Yes! Lowe's! Love that place. ;)

Suldog said...

I've personally found that a viewing of The Three Stooges never fails to make me smile at some point, but that may just be a guy thing :-)

I would love to know why he thought "Crotch" was a cool name!

Kat said...

Suldog- Because he is a boy. I bet he wanted to name his other kids poop and fart too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Like you, I have my kids to thank for making me laugh almost every day.

Jeni said...

Sometimes just reading your posts and the things your kids say can alleviate a bad mood for me or, it can also come from some goofy thing one or both of my grandkids here have said or done too! Anyway you cut it, most frequently kids -whether my family or those of friends -are the best remedy ever for days when the weather tends to make a person a tad on the crabby or edgy side! Loved the line from Grace especially though! Too doggone funny!

Kelli @ writing the waves said... :) And SO SORRY about the snow. What in the world is going on????

Mom24 said...

Those are very funny and no wonder you don't want to go up North. No snow yet!!

I have no advice how to get out of a bad mood/funk. Sometimes counting my blessings works, sometimes it just doesn't. Often, getting sleep helps, with me if I'm sleep deprived I'm more apt to get down.

Hang in there, hope it passes.

Krystyn said...

Thank goodness for the silly things kids say and them gibing you the giggles! hiccups and all!

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