Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump Day Hmm, An Award, And WW

Today's topic for Hump Day Hmm is pet peeves. It is sponsored by Julie at Using My Words, so head on over and take a look.

- I hate it when the toothpaste tube is squeezed in the middle. Drives me nuts. Can you say OCD?

- I get so mad when there are two cars right next to each other on the highway going exactly the same speed so that no one can pass.

- I think it is absolutely sick and wrong when media want to interview family members immediately after they just lost someone in a tragic accident, a natural disaster, or some other horrendous way. Have a little compassion, why don't ya? How do you THINK they feel? Leave them alone!

- I don't like it when athletes or actors thank God for their awards. I'm all for thanking God publicly, but I really don't think God cares who wins the Superbowl.

- It makes me really mad when people look at me with my three little boys and say, "You're crazy!", or "You poor thing!", or even, "Were you hoping for a girl?". How do you think that makes my precious boys feel? Why would I be crazy or need sympathy for having three wonderful, healthy, sweet, beautiful boys? Grrrrr!!!!

- It drives me nuts that every time I get in or out of my car in the winter I get a shock on the door handle. Is the air really THAT dry this time of year? Ouch!

- I hate the fact that when I get my hair done at the salon it looks fabulous, and then when I wash it and try to do the same thing it looks, well, not so fabulous. AH! This is why I need my hair long again. Throw it back in a ponytail, and go.

Ok. I think that is enough of that. I sound like a crazy, whiny person.

On a positive note, I got my first award. OHMommy from Classy Chaos gave me the I Less Than Three Your Blog Award.

Do you get it? It looks like a heart on it's side. So it is an, I Love Your Blog Award. Yeah! I'm so excited!
I am passing this award on to two other blogs ('cause it is less than three- I'm so tricky). I have a billion blogs that I like but I narrowed it down to Girlymom at The Red Door, and Heidi at Viking Conquest.
And last on the agenda today is Wordless Wednesday. Not so wordless anymore, but here is my pic, nonetheless.

Lunch time story with Daddy


Family Adventure said...

I heart your WW picture. The boys are adorable -- all four of them!!

I must say, we share many pet peeves...especially when two cars drive the same speed thus blocking the highway...argh...and the one about trying for a girl...I'm happy with my boys thankyouverymuch.

Congratulations on your first award. It is very well-deserved. I love checking in on your doings and seeing new pictures of your gorgeous children.

And, finally, thank you SO MUCH for passing on the joy. The explanation came in handy - what can I say, I've been working like crazy all day. :)

Have a good one! Heidi

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Congrats on your award. You so deserve it. I LOVE the picture of your men folk. And, who in their right mind would ask if you regretted not having a girl? Holy cow! God gave you three amazing boys. How could you look at any one of the three and think that? I also agree with the two people not allowing passing. Seems to happen on long car trips, too!

Wright said...

I let out a little laugh when I read your pet peeves. I'm right there with you on the two cars on the road and the media thing! Merry Christmas and a Happy Squeezed-From-The-Bottom-Toothpaste Day!!!


OHmommy said...

How sweet is that picture? I love it.

Kellan said...

Congatulations on your great award and I loved your petpeve list. Cute picture too. Take care. Kellan

Julie Pippert said...

Love the photo of your guys!

And Amen to your peeve list 1, 2, 3 and 5 (except I get it for girls).

I can't imagine dry air. What's that like? :)

Thanks for participating!

Using My Words

Julie Pippert said...

P.S. Also AMEN to the hair thing and CONGRATS on a great award. I love that little "trick" to it and love you for explaining it...I didn't get it LOL.

Using My Words

girlymom said...

Oh my gosh, I thought maybe it was the coat I wear..I'm not the only one that gets shocked getting out of the car!! I like to blame my hair static on that. :)
Thank you for your kind words today and for presenting me with an award. I sat there looking at it for a bit wondering what in the world I was being awarded. Then I saw your explanation- thanks, I'm a bit slow.
Priceless picture of your boys...all of them!

Chrissy said...

Why do people say anything to strangers about the genders of their kids? Really, just leave it alone.

And I'm with you on the media interview thing, too. So frustrating.

Brittany - 4 little MEN said...

Great post! I totally agree with you on the car thing... too funny!

And the boy comments.... oh my.... people just don't think. I was so annoyed when I was pregnant with #4. And now we get the "when is the next one coming" like since we have 4 we just aren't going to stop. I could go on and on... LOL

Have a great night!

Beck said...

WHat handsome men you have... (And I think it's so weird how freely I tell other women online that their husbands are handsome and would never ever THINK of telling someone that in person....)
Oh, the anti-child comments. My husband and I are constantly startled by them because having three kids is NOT that uncommon! I think my favorite comment ever was this past weekend, when someone asked my husband "Don't you guys have a TV?"l

Kathryn said...

Thanks for all the comments!
It is hard to imagine why people feel the need to comment on anyone's family. Since when is 3 kids considered a big family? We had 6 kids in my family, so I really don't even feel like I have a big family.
Anglophile Football Fan- The nurse at the hospital actually said to me THE DAY AFTER I gave birth to Ben, "Are you sad you didn't have a girl?" Nothing like trying to push someone into PPD. Man!
Beck- You should have said to the guy, "You caught us! All we do is sit around and have sex ALL THE TIME!" Maybe that would have shut him up.
I actually was getting so many crazy comments after Ben was born that it started to depress me. I got my FIRST positive response when Ben was 6 months old and we took the boys with us to a Mexican restaurant. A lady said, "What a lucky mom. You are gonna be well loved!". I almost started to cry. I actually thanked her and told her how much that meant. It was nice for a change.
Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. :)

Emily said...

I feel that way about people being interviewed after a tragedy, too.

painted maypole said...

thank you for explaing that award - I've seen it before and DID NOT get it.

and that picture with your husband and the boys? so sweet!

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