Thursday, November 29, 2007

You're Gonna Read It, And Like It!

I was tagged again. Hahaha!!! I know you are probably all very sick of reading the meme's I have written, but they are fun, so I'm doing another one. If you are up for some cruel and unusual punishment you can read my other meme's here, here, and here.

This tag is the "7 interesting things" meme and comes from GirlyMom at The Red Door. I find her fun and entertaining, so go check her out.

1- I still keep a written journal. You know, the kind you write in with an actual pen on actual paper? I have kept a journal since I was in third grade and will most likely continue to do so until I die.

2- I have two completely unreasonable fears. The first one is clowns. I don't like not being able to see some one's face. It really freaks me out. I suppose watching the movie "IT" didn't help either. When I worked at a bank a woman there worked as a clown on the side. One night she changed into her clown outfit before she left work and came in my office. I crawled under my desk and was very close to peeing my pants.
The second one is sharks. It may not sound like an unreasonable fear, but give me a minute. I am always afraid to swim in the ocean (not so unreasonable) and had a VERY frightening experience snorkeling on my honeymoon in Mexico. I'll save that story for another time. The unreasonable part comes when I tell you that when I swim laps at the YMCA I am constantly thinking about a shark attacking me and which way would be the fastest way out of the pool. ??? In a pool! With chlorine! Inside of a building! With other people swimming with me! Crazy, right? Yeah, I know. I'm a freak.

3- I married a man who is almost exactly like my Dad. So strange. Both are renaissance men, can fix anything, were very good football players, sing, are hunters, have quick tempers, are big jokers, hard-working, reliable, intelligent, quick-witted, are very out-going, can make friends anywhere, are the go-to-guy in any situation, are very compassionate, kind, and have big, delicate egos. My mom and I (who are very much alike as well) laugh about it all the time. Freud would love me.

4- I hate being cold. I am always cold. I am cold right now. My house is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and I am wearing a tee shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and slippers, and I am freezing. I hate being cold.

5- I have a tattoo and I am thinking of getting another one. My bro is a tattoo artist and does amazing work. It is a slippery slope, getting another tattoo. It becomes addicting, and I don't want to be the "Amazing Tattoo Lady" with them all over my body. Maybe I'll just stick with one. Hmmm.

6- I have super duper long toes. I mean long. I could probably learn to play piano with my toes. I used to be self-conscious about my toes, and would never wear sandals. Now I don't really care. At least I have toes, right? And, maybe that is why I have such good balance. ;)

7- I would love to be a doula or midwife someday. I am completely fascinated and amazed by the whole birth process. I think it would be amazing to watch a new little soul enter the world for a living.
So, there ya go. Some more facts about me. Are ya sick of me yet? I am.


Family Adventure said...

Another good meme. Amazing how many facts we can dig out when we must, eh?!

Being a midwife must be one of the most rewarding jobs of all. I totally agree :)


Maddy said...

I think training to be a doula is an admirable ambition - just make sure you train your fingers not your toes!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I agree with the idea of baby delivery. And, I hate cold, too, but I live in a place that sees little? You not liking cold? That seems problematic? Maybe you should think about moving here?

Kellan said...

I am always cold too - I take a sweater with me everywhere and tie it around my waist or shoulders.

the dragonfly said...

I keep a real journal too. I'll admit I've written less than usual since the Little Mister was born...but I like the whole pen on paper thing. :)

painted maypole said...

i love sharks, but still must hear your shark story.

My hubby is lots like my dad, too. Share the same profession. Yup,i should probably have therapy or something. I just blog, instead. ;)

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