Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ben is 9 months old already. I can hardly keep up with all the milestones he has been reaching. Here are just a few of the things my little Benny Bear can do now that he wasn't doing just last month:

- He can wave. So cute. I just love it. He even knows when to use it. Daddy comes in the door and immediately he starts frantically waving.
- He can clap. He loves clapping for his brothers.
- He can go from lying down to sitting up by himself. An extremely useful tool, unless he does it accidentally when he is sleeping, and then wakes himself up, confused as to where he is.
- He can pull himself up to a standing position using me as the ladder.
- He can now crawl over to the boys, sit himself up, and proceed to play cars with them. This thrills him to no end. You can tell he feels like such a big boy.
- He drinks out of a sippy cup, and ends each sip with an "Ahhhhhh". Such a funny little poopsie.
- And my personal fav, he gives kissies. So cute too because he seems to think that kisses are super funny and laughs every time he gives a kiss making them even sweeter. So precious.
My little baby bear is growing up too fast. They all are, really. Now I know why that cliche is so popular.

I'm off to give the boys haircuts. I would appreciate it if you could all keep your fingers crossed for me. It is only my second or third time doing this, and I really have to struggle to make sure they don't end up looking like Alfalfa

or Porky Pig.


painted maypole said...

you must have been blogging while I was reading/commenting! :) Wishing you good haircut luck!

Beck said...

My son looks like Alfalfa all the time, poor little boy.

4littlemen said...

He is SO CUTE! Don't you just love this age? I can hardly believe Ozzie is almost 11 months old. I'm really not ready... the 1st year needs to last so much longer. I love little babies.

Good luck with the haircut... I'm no good at it... that's why the hubby does it. :)


Family Adventure said...

I was momentarily distracted by this object of immense cuteness! He is adorable. And what a clever boy, too. So many firsts in just one month!

Good luck on those haircuts!


Kellan said...

So cute - that little Ben. Alphalpha pictures always make me laugh -good luck. See ya.

Sandy (Momisodes) said...

Oh what a cutie!

Any child haircut that ends without any bloodshed or tears (from mom) is success.

Symmetry is just an added bonus.

Best of luck in all areas!

So glad I stopped by here :)

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