Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Still There

It's still there after all these years. During my 4 years at North High School I don't think a week passed that I didn't walk by that picture and announce to all of my friends, "That's my dad!" Eventually, when my friends and I would walk by they would quickly say, "We know. It's your dad."

I can remember my mom and dad coming to high school to watch me in some play or show or game and I took them down the hallway where dad's picture was hanging. He got such a kick out of seeing his football pictures and his track picture. He doesn't remember ever seeing the hurdle picture before and seeing it up on the "wall of fame" was quite a treat. I'm so glad he had a chance to see his picture. And I was always so glad to walk down that hallway feeling a little of my dad there with me. Now, especially, that he is no longer physically with us.

Joe will be starting at North in 2 weeks and the rest of my kids will follow all too soon. I have a feeling their friends will eventually be saying, "We know. It's your grandpa." And I can't help but feel dad will be smiling down at his grandkids, watching over them, and enjoying every minute of it.


betty said...

Its good the school has kept the pictures up and not replaced them with something else. A good walk of fame and glad your dad is among them!


Bijoux said...

That's awesome and so special!

Kat said...

Betty- It really is amazing that the pic is still there. The school underwent a massive renovation ten years ago and the fact that the pictures remained makes me so happy. :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Great photo. And, your first going to high school. Bittersweet. Plus wonder at how can that be? He was just born. Cheers to the busyness of the school year. Hope your summer brought great rest.

Tabor said...

Your roots are planted deeply.

Anonymous said...

So cool your kids walk past the shadow of their grandpa that way.

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