Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Morning After

 The morning after Halloween is always an interesting experience. Any holiday, actually. It usually involves crankiness, tiredness, whining, and maybe even some tears. Me. Not the kids.  (I jest- kind of) But it certainly doesn't help that I still haven't kicked this cold (or whatever it is) and now I have a horrible cough. I have also had an awful stiff neck for 5 days in a row now. Each night I go to bed thinking that I will wake up and it will be better but it just keeps getting worse. I may have been tempted to cry a little bit this morning at one point.

Yesterday started out a bit rough too but luckily it ended well. I received a phone call from school yesterday afternoon saying that Grace wasn't feeling good and wanted to come home. I was out running errands when I got the call (trying to find last minute costume pieces) and ran over to school to get Grace. She came home, had some medicine, took a long nap, and then woke up feeling great. I was relieved. I didn't want her to miss out on the Halloween fun.
The boys came home from school and quickly changed into their costumes. It was cold and windy so I had the kids dress in three layers. They looked pretty cute. Even with all the layers. 
This was one of the first years that Todd couldn't get out of work and come trick or treating with us. By the time he got out of work I knew Grace would be getting tired soon so I just told him to stay put.

The kids and I hit up our neighborhood first and then drove back to our old neighborhood (and my mom's house) where the houses are closer together.  It is always a bit melancholy taking my kids trick or treating to the same houses I used to trick or treat at. Wow. Time flies.
Grace hung in there for a while and then decided she'd had enough. I know the boys try to hide it but they really look forward to trick or treating by themselves. Every once in a while they will say, "Grace, are you tired yet? Do you want mom to take you home?" It cracks me up. Grace and I don't take it personally. I'm surprised they are still willing to let me come along at all. I'm just glad that I could convince Joey to come trick or treating with us again. He has been wary ever since a lady made a comment about him being too old (he was 11 at the time) for trick or treating. I'm glad he could shake that off and have some good old fashioned innocent fun. I want my kids to have that feeling as long as possible. And I'm glad that all of the grown ups were accepting and fun this year and Joey had a good time.

Grace and I went home halfway through trick or treating and the boys went off on their own. When Grace and I got home Todd had a fire going in the fireplace and a pizza in the oven. A little over an hour later and the boys were home too. It was a nice night. We didn't get to bed too late and we didn't have TOO much candy.

Yet this morning was still rough. Happens every time. And this morning was a busy one. I was running around trying to get everybody motivated and moving, getting school projects into the car, and getting ready for mass. It is a holy day today and Joey had a very large reading. Somehow we managed to get everyone to school on time and when I finally sat down in the pew at church I felt like I could finally take a breath. 

It was kind of an emotional moment watching Joey read the first reading at mass. In my mind I was looking at Joey as a two year old and yet he is so tall now and his voice is so low. It was surreal. Another moment that makes me realize how fleeting this time with my kids really is.

They are still so much my babies but they are growing up so quickly. Getting more independent all the time. Stepping out on their own. 
Honestly, I'm just grateful they let me tag along.


betty said...

Good looking bunch! I wondered how it would be today after the festivities of Halloween for so many parents and children today (and teachers of course too). Will take everyone all week to catch up I think! Here at our place we had a rush of trick or treaters up until about 7:30 and then it sort of died out. In fact I thought we were done for the night, but between 8;30 and 8;45 we got 3 door bell ringings. The first was a family of 5 kids with the mom holding 2 (twins?) in her arms. I had to admire the fact that after a busy day she would have the energy to take them trick or treating that late. Most of the young ones came earlier in the evening. I heard one mom say to her little girl (around 7:15 p.m.) "ready to do home?"

There is something fun about trick or treating "alone" but it is also fun to go with a parent. I liked the parents that dressed up alongside their kids who came to the door.

We hadn't had trick or treaters for the past 3-4 years so it was fun to interact with them :) We only had about 50 and I dumped the candy on them so I wouldn't be stuck with it and we still had leftovers (I really didn't know what to expect, our first year here).

It is amazing how fast time goes. You know that. The wee one is almost a year old, how can that be? (Actually close to 9 months old, but 1 year is just around the corner).

Appreciate and enjoy each day with your brood (I know that you do!!!)


Tabor said...

Many of my friends were so disappointed that no one came to their houses for candy. I live out in the woods so did not see any costumes at all!! Stiff neck is NOT something to ignore. I would see a doctor as this may be something more serious than just a cold.

Bijoux said...

Your kids look great! So much fun! Middle Child is the only one here now, but she dresses up every year and hands out all our candy, so it's still some fun for us. We spend time decorating the front porch with ghosts and Jack-o-lanterns to make it spooky.

Feel better!!

Kat said...

Yes! I love it when the parents dress up. The dogs too. It seems the dogs enjoy being a part of it all. And I love dressing up. This year we had a bunch of trick or treaters. More than usual. We actually ran out of candy by 6 (it goes until 7). Do you not have set hours in your neighborhood? I'm surprised someone came to your door so late. And yes, that woman sounds like a trooper!

Kat said...

Good advice. I never go to the doctor. I will go to my chiropractor and see if he can loosen my neck up. It does feel better today, however. As far as the "cold" goes it is really going around here. Same thing I have. I was doing much better last week but then the last few days it seems to have gotten me again. If it stays I will take your advice and go to the doctor.

Kat said...

Even when my kids are out of the house I will probably be one of those people who dress up and sit on the front porch handing out candy. I love Halloween.

Love that you even decorated the porch. Those houses are always fun to go to.

Riahli said...

Awwww, they are getting so grown!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fun year. I brought one boy, who ran ahead and returned within a half hour. Done. Probably forever until he brings his own children out one day.

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