Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Full Circle

Summer has, once again, flown by way too quickly.  And this time it comes as somewhat of a surprise. The last few summers we traveled and jammed our summer full so it made sense that the time sped by. However, this summer has been fairly relaxing with no major travels or trips. And yet still, here we are, the last day of summer already.

It truly has been a summer of growth. The kids have not only grown physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  This summer the kids learned and honed a few new skills. Not only have they been helping me cut my mom's grass every week but they have also been a big help in maintaining our yard and garden. I am very comfortable asking the boys to cut the grass and know that it will be done well.

The kids have also expressed an interest in cooking this past summer. Ben has been especially obsessed with making his own food. Omelets have become his specialty. It has been fun watching the kids become more comfortable in the kitchen and more self sufficient. Now if I could only get them to clean everything up when they are done.

This summer the boys enjoyed a bit more freedom from me as well. The three boys hop on their bikes and take off for a couple of hours on their own adventures. It does make me a bit nervous but knowing the three boys are together makes me feel better.  

Recently, we were on our way home from running some errands when the boys begged me to stop at the lake by our house so that they could show me what they have been up to on their biking adventures all summer. I parked the car, walked across the field, and followed the kids down the path to the lake. It was a spot I was very familiar with. Not only had I been taking the kids here since they were tiny but I also came to this spot when I was a kid.
The kids led me to the fort that they had built in the trees. Little rocks were gathered around a "fireplace". They even had a spot to put their bikes.
It was a pretty amazing thing to see my boys had discovered the very same spot that I used to play in as a child. The same gathering of trees, though much better built up than when I was a kid, was now their shelter.
We walked on, winding through a path in the woods to another outcropping of rocks.  The kids were kind enough to oblige me with a few pictures. On our way back to the fort Joey found a little buddy.
Back on the beach side of the lake we decided to search for rocks like we used to do when they were little. Grace and I were very successful and soon our pockets were full of smooth colorful rocks.
The boys found smooth, flat rocks and skipped them into the water.
Clearly they spent a lot of time doing this during their biking adventures. They had gotten good! I couldn't help but join in. It had been a while since I'd last skipped stones but it didn't take long to remember the skill.
We stayed far longer than I'd planned but it was hard to leave.  It was so nice to be back at this beautiful spot. It was the perfect way to round out our summer.
Yes, this summer has flown by quickly.  Again. But we will have plenty of warm memories to carry with us as we start another school year.


Tabor said...

I do not know how you have done it, but I am happy to see them enjoy the outdoors in the summer rather than attached to an Ipad or Iphone or whatever. They have resourcefulness, teamwork, loyalty and will be good friends to others in school. I have enjoyed watching these children grow vicariously.

Kat said...

I think it helps that we have always been an outdoorsey family and until recently the kids didn't even have any video games. Even now they get limited time on their Kindles a few times a week. But they do love their video games too. ;)

Bijoux said...

That's so cool that your kids found your spot!!! I love when kids use their imagination outdoors like that!

Kat said...

Oh yes. They definitely have active imaginations. You should hear some of the bizarre games they come up with. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts about how you and your family cherish your time together. You are such a committed and fun mom!

ANNA said...

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