Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keeping On

Life continues to whiz by with not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Still, I am determined not to get overwhelmed or bogged down with duties. I WILL keep my sense of humor.

Even when I realized last week that I really hadn't even BEGUN (seriously. I hadn't even BEGUN, people!) the Christmas shopping I still remained calm.  Sure, I had less than two weeks to figure out what the kids wanted, try and find it, order it, and get it to the house. But big deal, right? Right.

I didn't even freak out when we figured out that the ONLY day Joey and his science partner could work on their Science Fair Project (don'tevengetmestartedonthis) just so happened to be sandwiched between after school on Wednesday and before their school Christmas concert that very same Wednesday night. Sure I had to run around all day editing and developing the pictures that were taken for the project. And yes, I had to run Grace to dance class, then race over to school to pick up the boys (including Joey's partner) and bring them back to the house to get started on the project ASAP. And sure, I had to leave the boys at home for a bit (hoping they were working on the project without me) while I ran back to pick up Grace from dance. And yes, it was a bit of a rush getting the entire project done, written out, and pasted onto the triboard, but we (yes, I said "WE") did it! And it may have been a little crazy trying to jam food down the kids' throats before getting them dressed up all pretty for their concert but we did that too. And yes, it was another late night but that is O-KAY. No big deal.

I knew it would all pay off when Joey and I dragged that Science Fair Project into school the next morning and finally would be rid of that responsibility. And maybe at first, at FIRST, I wasn't laughing when the teacher told us that the project wasn't due until January. At first I didn't find it funny when she said that only the questions were due. At first I was a little shocked as I walked the triboard back to my car and drove it back to our house.  But later, much later, I could see the humor in the situation. And I laughed. Later.

The rest of the week went much the same way. Rush, rush, rush. But that's how it goes, right? At least my crazy stories provided good fodder at Todd's Christmas party on Friday night.

Have you noticed I didn't include any pictures? Cause, yeah, who has time for pictures these days? Not me. I mean, I may have taken some of the kids at their concert, but who can say? I definitely didn't take any of Todd and I on Friday night even though we both looked pretty spiffed up. I will definitely have to take pictures at Grace's school's holiday concert on Thursday because it is in the middle of the day (actually twice- once at 9:30 and once at 2) and Todd will be in court all day and the boys are obviously in school. But I won't sweat it. It will be fine. Pictures and video. No big deal.

See how well I'm doing?

Perhaps I haven't made any cookies or treats or candies yet. There is still time! And sure, my Christmas cards JUST made it into the mail but as long as they get to their destinations before Christmas it's all good, right? And maybe I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas but it is the thought that counts. So, there's that.

Oh. And just this very second I forgot about the 40 small presents I get and wrap every year for our family's dice game we play at the grandmas' houses. I still have to get those. Oh, and the teacher's gifts. I kinda forgot about those too.

Maybe I should make a list.

I remember at the very start of December the kids were saying how excited they were for Christmas and they asked me if I was excited too. I told them that I was but that Christmas can be a lot of work. They couldn't fathom what I meant. I tried to explain a little but it just wasn't sinking in. And really, for the boys, it probably never will sink in. They will never really know the kind of work mommies put in to making holidays special. I guess it isn't worth explaining.

Funny enough, there was just a The Middle episode about the work of the holidays and how much the moms have to do. Frankie, the mom, decided not to do ANY of it and everyone freaked out. It was a pretty funny show and it illustrated my point perfectly. I think my kids understood what I was talking about a little better after watching it.

However, just yesterday Todd was commenting that he is just not in the Christmas mood. He is just tired of it all and wishes he could skip over the whole production of it just like on The Middle. I couldn't help but laugh out loud and say, "I'm sorry, but what exactly have you done in preparation for Christmas so far?" I think even he had to laugh when he thought about it.

The funny thing is that I really don't want to skip over it. Even if it makes me a bit crazy. This is the stuff kids live for. I want to make it special for them. How many more years do I have to really make Christmas magical? Four years? Five? These are memories in the making. Traditions. The warm, fuzzy, good stuff. I wouldn't skip over it if I could.

So instead, I am just gonna keep on keeping on. I'm maintaining my sense of humor and keeping a positive attitude. And when all else fails I take a good long run to get my stress out. And maybe have a glass of wine. Or two. Nevermind.

I hope you are all well, enjoying the season, and maintaining your sense of humor.


Bijoux said...

It's definitely a stressful time and honestly, the school stuff always makes it worse. I'm glad you are keeping your sense of humor. You will get done what you can and no one will notice what you never got to.

betty said...

Its so true there are only a few more years of magical Christmases. It really is so much more more fun with young kids around to enjoy all the hard word moms put in to make the day special :)

I'm thinking you'll manage to get it all together and do it well in the process!


chrissy said...

If it makes you feel any better, all of my kids' Christmas presents were delivered yesterday....to the porch of my vacant house across the country in Missouri. Apparently proofreading delivery addresses was not on my radar.

That science project thing would have put me right over the edge, though. Hope the rest of your month goes smoothly!

Tabor said...

At least you asked yourself if you want to do this craziness and you answered in the affirmative. (I have no sympathy ;-)) Carry on!!

Kat said...

Chrissy- Oh. My. Word!!!!! All the presents delivered to your old house?? That is crazy! I would definitely lose it. What happens now? That is nuts. I won't complain anymore. ;)

Kat said...

Tabor- I could really do without all the extra stuff on top of all the Christmas stuff. Like all the school projects and basketball tournaments/games/practices, and the Boy Scout meetings, and the school plays and skits and talent shows, and the school kris kringles, etc. I just don't understand why everyone schedules all this stuff at Christmas. What about in January when things are dull and boring anyway?

Kat said...

Also? WHY is Blogger forcing everyone to have captchas now? I have deleted that from my blog a million times and for some reason the stupid thing still shows up below when anyone wants to make a comment. It is making me furious. Anyone else having this problem?

Bijoux said...

I've noticed it on a few other blogs I followed, so it's not just yours.

Nitecruzr said...

Here's a test comment. See:


Unknown said...

Hey, at least the project it done!

And I got my card from you, so it's all good. ;-)

Also, I know what you mean, about ALL of this! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Mom24 said...

I agree and relate to everything you're saying. Now I'm living in fear that I'm going to get sick and none of it's going to get done. :/ I'm not sure Mark could tell you 25% of what we're giving the kids...

Riahli said...

I'm breaking out in a sweat just reading your post, hyperventilating!!! Ha ha! ;)

Warm, fuzzy, good stuff is the best. :)

I just finished my last little bit of stocking treat shopping tonight, and now I'm completely done. I'm sure my husband is relieved, he's always a bit shocked by how fast the money goes out during the holiday, ha ha!

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