Wednesday, December 12, 2012


See what happens? See what happens when I am ambitious and prepared and ahead of the game?  Backfire!

Each and every year I try and jam all of my Christmas shopping into the last few days before Christmas.  I drive myself crazy running around trying to figure out what to get my nutty children.   I don't want to get too much.  I don't want to get too little.  We don't go for big ticket items.  We don't do too many "trendy" toys.  I try and find the perfect balance between getting them some of the things that they have asked for and also the toys I know they will play with and enjoy.  I always want to find gifts that are just right and apparently I like to wait until the very last moment so I can put my anxiety levels at maximum capacity.

Not this year!  This year I am on the ball.  With the help of online shopping, and huge deals at local stores, I completed all of my Christmas shopping within the first few days of December.  Hallelujah!  Rejoice!  I am awesome.  This year I will not be running from store to store like a maniac three days before Christmas.  Yay, me!

I managed to find the very items that my kids have been begging me for these last few months.  Angry Birds, Pokemon, Ninjago, books, and Barbies, all at discount prices.  Plus I found deals on needed items (like clothes) and stuff they didn't ask for but will love (like bean bag chairs and remote control toys).  I was so pleased with myself.

Until last night.

As I was rushing to finish addressing my Christmas cards before dinner Joey came into the library and began talking about Christmas.

"Mom, I love Scraggy and Pidove from Pokemon.  I really want one for Christmas." Joey informed me.

"What?  You told me that you don't even like Pokemon.  You like Ninjago."  I gently reminded him.

"Not any more.  I can't stand Ninjago.  It's dumb." said the boys who begged for months and months and months for anything and everything Ninjago.  Ninjago books, Ninjago LEGOS, Ninjago tv shows.

"WHAT?  You've been telling me for months that the one and ONLY thing you want for Christmas is Ninjago!"  I practically screamed.

"I like Pokemon now." Joey told me again, this time in a whisper.

"Well, ya know what Joey?  I suspect that you'll get what you get and you won't mind a bit.  RIGHT?" I prodded.

"Uh.  I guess." the very wise child said.


Good thing I take my kids' requests with a grain of salt and only purchased one or two smaller Ninjago items (which he will still receive and be THANKFUL for- dammit).  THIS is why every year I only go along with a couple of the wish list items and then Santa brings them stuff that they never knew they always wanted.  It all works out in the end.  I hope.

Besides, there is still time for him to change his mind a few (hundred) more times.


Bijoux said...

Oh boy, I think that happened a few times here, over the years. Today, my middle one said to me that she didn't know TSO came out with a new CD this year or she would have put that on her list. I flat out said, "I'm done shopping, honey!"

Tabor said...

Yes, that sounds a bit familiar. But look at it as a life lesson. It was not your fault for being efficient and it was his fault for being fickle.

Jessa said...

We have HUNDREDS of Pokemon cards, just in time for the child to be old enough to go and play at the game store in town on his own AND decide he no longer wants to play the game. Le sigh.

Lynn said...

That is too funny, and just like kids, right? My 16 year old did the same thing to me! First, he told me of a phone cover he wanted, so I immediately ordered it. Then when asked if he wanted money to get what he wanted (since he couldn't think of much else) he said "NO" and began naming some things, which I purchased. Now, he tells me he doesnt' want THAT phone cover because it doesn't cover the front of his phone and YES, he would rather have money! go figure!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to kids to keep you on your toes! And you are right - he has plenty of time to change his mind most likely will land on wanting what you already got him come Christmas.

lime said...

i wish i could say it gets all but grown kids will be changing requests down to the wire...tough luck. lol. i'm such a scrooge.

dawn klinge said...

Ha! That sound familiar. :)

Lora said...

A couple of years ago two nights before Christmas our daughter who was then 3 let us know "Santa's bringing me FISH for Christmas!" I was all like "Uhm....WHAT?!?!? No, he's definitely NOT, it's too late to ask for more stuff!" But my husband had an old ten gallon tank in storage and we managed to get the fish the day before Christmas and keep them hidden, set the tank up Christmas Eve with a big red bow, and she was all like "See Mama?? I TOLD YOU Santa was bringing fish!"


Kat said...

Lora- That is awesome! See, and that is my problem. I want to make it all very magical for them so I don't want to disappoint.
Luckily, Joey is old enough that he doesn't believe in Santa anymore, so I'm not ruining anything for him. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh, yes, I have been there.
I always ask them what they want and sometimes they do it get. But, mostly they get what "Santa " made for them. And they always love it!
I am sure yours will, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Been there too many times than I care to recall. UGH. Last minute is never cool!

momto8 said...

yep...I hear what you are saying...

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

The switcheroo is terrifying for "Santa." I took their letters and took pictures of them just in case they get huffy...I'll be like look, you asked Santa to bring it. And, then some little things that are always winners!

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