Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Then This Happened...

Last night, right after Todd set up the sprinkler to water the grass in the front yard, Joey and Grace collided while Joey was on his bike.  The result is two broken bones in Grace's leg.  It is heartbreaking.  I was trying to keep my expectations low for this summer, but still, I was aiming higher than this.

And we had been having such a lovely day.  The kids played nicely together all day long.  Then when Todd came home exhausted from a long, crazy day at work everything started falling apart.  First Tommy smashed his face on the playset and his tooth went through part of his lip.  While Todd was washing him off and I was grabbing an ice pack for his lip, the kids collided and Grace got a broken leg.  Now I have two injured kiddos and one very devastated older brother.  What a way to start our summer.

Gracie is lying on the couch trying to get some rest now.  It was a rough night with not much sleep but she was still such a trooper.  She even wanted to smile for the picture when I got my camera out.  Poor little peach.  As soon as the doctor calls we will be on our way out to get Grace's cast put on.  Considering she cries every time I have to lift her to take her to the bathroom, I don't expect it to be much fun.

There is nothing worse in this world than seeing your child in pain.


Just got back from the orthopedic and Grace is now outfitted with her very own PINK cast.  It was not a pleasant experience.  Looking at the x-ray is was very clear where the breaks were, even to an untrained eye.  She screamed and cried the whole time, and even worse when the doctor began to manipulate the bones a bit.  I think I sweat off a few pounds holding her on my lap knowing she was in such pain.

But, there is good news!  The cast only has to be on for 4 weeks.  I was told yesterday it would be more like 8 weeks.  But because Grace is so young her bones heal very quickly and 4 weeks is all it will take.  And, the cast is waterproof so she will be able to take bathes, run (hobble) through the sprinkler, and wade in the lake.  Very exciting news.

I was actually able to capture a big smile with her new PINK cast.


Jessa said...

((hugs)) Rough day! Poor kiddos!

Kristen said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear all of it. Here's to summer only going up from here. :)

MamaB said...

I am so sorry! I'm sure Joey is devastated!! I sure hope this doesn't ruin the summer for Grace or you! I am sending my prayers for healing hands. Boy does Grace have the ultimate you owe me card.

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, Kat, I'm SO sorry this happened! Keep your chin up though, kids heal fast. Poor baby girl though... xoxo

Tabor said...

Have you considered adding on a padded room extension?

Mom24 said...

I am so so sorry for all of you. I'm glad she can still be in water, how awful would that be? Poor Joey! Hope the pain is gone in a day or two.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, poor Kat, and Grace and Joey!

So glad she could do waterproof (we couldn't do that when Natalie broke her with a 12 month old, yeah, she didn't have a bath for three weeks!).

So glad it won't be long and I hope the pain subsides quickly for her.

Hilary said...

Poor little love. And Joey.. and you and your hubby. I'm sorry she's hurting. I'm sending healing thoughts her way. Hugs to you.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Just seeing the picture of Grace reminds me of when I fell down the stairs and had a big cast on when I was about 2. That whole evening had to be scarey and exhausting for all of you. Prayers for Grace to heal quickly. Summer will still hold lots of great memories! And she'll get lots of attention with her big pink cast:) Wishing you all well! said...

You want memories for them but not these kinds of memories but hopefully they will keep them in a safe place and wont get hostile towards each other as they get older.

Jill said...

Oh the little munchkin!! Poor Grace!!!! Hope she feels better soon. Thank goodness she can at least hobble around on her cutie BIG cast and get it wet. Goodness knows what you would have had to do had she been told to keep it dry. Yikes!

Suldog said...

Oh, the poor thing! Good news about the four weeks, though. Awful tough for a kiddo to lose a whole summer in a cast, so less time is great and glorious news.

ewe are here said...

Oh no!! Poor Grace!

And poor Joey -- he must feel terrible about it, even though accidents happen.

I hope she heals quickly, poor girl.

Cyndy Bush said...

OMGoodness, poor kids and poor Mama! I hope she heals very quickly.

Jeni said...

OUCH and Oh, My Goodness, Gracie! What a way to spend the summer, huh?I apologize for being so late in getting around to clearing my reader but sure am glad the sweet little girl only has to wear that contraption for 4 weeks! Been there, done that -three times in my old life now. Broke my left arm way back when I was 12, then about 23 years ago, I broke a bone in my foot and 12 years ago, broke my right wrist then! An accident waiting to happen or so it seemed for a while! Hopefully for both Gracie and for myself, we will have gotten the broken bones over and done with. And a pink cast though -now that has to make the whole episode more bearable. My right wrist was the only colorful case I had and it was a mint green.

Riahli said...

Oh Kat! I was cringing through this post, I am so scared of one of my kiddos breaking a bone, I sort of feel like with four of them the chances are good that at least one of them will at some point, and I'm not sure how well I will handle that! Your girl is amazingly strong!! Poor older brother, so sad. I hope he doesn't feel bad for too long, being as it was an accident and all. I've had those days were it seems as if every time I turn around one of the kids is getting hurt, so stressful! At church yesterday I went into the girls bathroom with Leiella and sent the boys into their bathroom {right next to the girls bathroom} for the first time on their own, because they are starting to hate being dragged into the girls bathroom with me. Of course before I even have my pants back up I hear a hair raising scream, I franticly get my pants back on and rush out to find Atty clutching his hand and just falling apart. Apparently he got his finger seriously smashed in the door {I was afraid he broke a bone, but he did not thankfully}. It was mostly just super embarrassing as everyone in the crowded hallway was standing around staring at him and asking where his mom was, egads! Looks like he will be going into the girls bathroom for a while longer after all, whether he likes it or not!

Lisa said...

Oh My! I can't imagine!!! Hope she's doing well with this - and she's 3 weeks in now, right? It is a really cute cast!!! My brother broke his leg wen he was 4 & my mom kept the cast & still has it!

Allison said...

OMG....just catching up! So sorry. Poor little sweetie. I can't imagine having to hold my baby while they manipulate a broken bone with them totally coherent! God bless you.

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